Betsutenjin Ramen

954 E Union St #102, Seattle
(206) 485-7367

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Isabel J.

Ummmm really confused as to why this place is only rated 4 stars?? I've been coming to this spot for 2 years and their hakata ramen is amazing! It's a specialty ramen shop so the menu is limited. However, the ramen is sooo delicious! I've been to the popular ramen places in Seattle such as kizuki and ramen Danbo but this place has the best ramen by far. The set up of the shop reminds of the ramen places I've visited in Tokyo. Try the hakata ramen if you love a creamy garlicy ramen base. It's a tad bit pricey but it's worth every cent. COVID-19 friendly seating and each table is closed off by a curtain.

Travis K.

Personally I think this may be the best ramen spot in Seattle. The hakata ramen is one of the best ramen broths I have ever tasted and is comparable to ramen in Japan. No hate on kizuki but if you are a ramen connoisseur, you need to try this place for yourself!

Shaneika L.

Can't beat it. Nothing like any ramen shop in Seattle--and I love hunting for the best bowl of ramen. Please don't shut down because of COVID! People, order takeout/delivery and keep this place going!

Sophia Johnson

Very speedy takeout (20 min), large portions. Comes already prepared, so just have to add broth to noodles. Very large portions, could not finish a full bowl. Parking can be tough (unrelated to restaurant). Difficult to spot from street.

Taylor Blair

Although it's deceivingly simple, the two choices on the menu are by far the best bowls of ramen in Seattle. If you manage to find the place, you're in for a real treat. You can't go wrong with either the shrimp and pork or the pork ramen.


80% sure we got food poisoning from here. The ramen broth and lobster salad both did not taste fresh. The egg also tasted sour; not sure if it was just a different style of soft boiled egg I hadn't tried before. Felt sick that night/early morning .

Hannah Parker

This is a pretty legit ramen spot. The broth is very creamy, and the interior transports you to Japan. Perfect for a cold day. Definitely looking forward to going back soon.

Carmen Foca

Partner and I come here every chance we get. Fav Ramen place in Seattle. Great food and service every time. ? Looking forward to our next visit.

Kevin N.

Another ramen spot in Seattle, serving up a ramen version I've never had before - Hakata style. Yummmm. I came here late on a Saturday with a couple friends, and we waited around 10 minutes before getting seated. The waiter service was super quick, giving us our waters and taking our beverage orders swiftly. I then ordered the Hakata Style ramen, as it intrigued me. I also ordered takoyaki, because why not right? After about 10 minutes of ordering, the ramen came out. At first glance, the ramen looks pretty standard, just the broth being a little paler than your tonkatsu or shoyu ramen's. But the uniqueness comes from the texture - the broth was THICK. It was very satisfying just to slurp the broth, which I don't normally do. The other ramen components were pretty standard, but delicious nontheless. I'm a sucker for ramen, so my ramen reviews may be a little biased. But no doubt that the ramen here is delicious an satisfying. I think the pricing is comparable to other ramen joints across Seattle, maybe just a smidge higher than normal. But I think given the rarity of Hakata style, it's justified. The interior is small, there may be 3-4 tables, each for 4 people, in total. There's also a bar that can fit between 10-15 people, so wouldn't recommend coming in a big group. Being in Cap Hill, street parking is in abundance. It's free after a certain time (9 pm I think?), so whenever I go to Cap Hill, I try to come late. Definitely a nice ramen spot that maybe doesn't get a lot of attention compared to other spots, but it holds its own. I'd come back.

Andy T.

It was okay, would come back to try something else. Went here and there was no line on a Saturday evening. I ordered the Hakata ramen, lobster salad, and gyozas. I liked the lobster salad and the gyozas were crispy and soft, which was perfect on a cold day. I was disappointed in the Hakata ramen because it was bland and I had to add tons of soy sauce and chili pepper to taste anything. The ramen noodles were softer in texture than what I'd like as well. My friend ordered the prawn miso ramen and I tried some of his broth. This was really bomb and I would go back to try that one next time.

Melissa Slabaugh

Small place, but so worth it. There may be a wait because of limited seating. Definitely a hole-in-the-wall type place but the ramen is so good and they have K-pop playing on the TV inside. Great price too.

Michael Vallejo

Hands down the best Ramen in town with 100% authentic look and feel. Makes me feel like I'm back in Tokyo every time I visit!

Vanessa S.

I was recommended this place for ramen and I was so disappointed. I ordered the Hakata Ramen and my boyfriend ordered the other type they serve and we were both so sad with the ramen. The presentation of the ramen was bland and then when we tasted the broth we were so let down. The broth had no flavor or consistency. We added some of their special soy sauce and garlic to see if we could add something to the broth but nope. The noodles were to al dente for my liking. I will not be coming back here. The service was terrible. I really wanted to like this place but sadly it is not a good ramen place in my opinion.

Junella T.

uh holy soup base! Honestly the presentation is meh but I could swan dive into a vat of this soup base and never return to anything else. It's very rare for me to find a soup base that reminds me of something I would eat in Japan. It's a pure broth with not much additives. It's creamy, rich, and not over powering. YOU NEED TO DRINK THIS NOW. We came in on a rainy Friday. Parking was a pain. It's street parking but good luck trying to find a spot. Even in the rain, we circled for 20 mins. Also the meters run till 8pm.The seating was pretty limited. They offer counter seating and a few tables against the walls. I think if you are larger than 4 people, it would be hard to find a seat. I ordered the Hakata style Ramen Set with Gyoza. The do the thin noodles here. I'm not a huge fan, but they were cooked perfectly. Chewy without being too soft. The soft boiled egg was marinated perfectly! It had great flavor and didn't overcook in the broth. It was still liquid when it was in the bowl. The soup base, I can't rave enough about it. Creamy, not overly salty, and light. The gyoza came last and it was the small ones. It was nicely seasoned and crispy on the bottom.

Katrina L.

I rarely write reviews but this is the best ramen I have ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Please try the prawn miso!

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