Capuli Club - Sips & Treats

600 Pine St #342, Seattle
(425) 445-8949

Recent Reviews

Barbara Obena

I think I've tried every flavor and love them all! I also have the tea pot, which is great for tea time with pals :)

Alexandra Lopez Asimbaya

Is absolutely delicious and very helpful now in my recovering from the Coronavirus thanks so much I will order again

Holly Webster

I purchased some Capuli tea for my mother for Christmas and she LOVED it! We enjoyed some together when I visited recently and I was reminded of how wonderful it is. The flavor is so good - not bitter - and the fruit makes it such a unique experience. I highly recommend it! Buying some for myself :)

Lindsay P

I love this tea! For one it’s beautiful in a clear mug. It’s also a great after dinner drink/dessert when I’m wanting something light and sweet. It’s so satisfying to eat the hydrated fruit

Deborah Gates

This is my favorite tea, ever! And you get to enjoy the fruit as well. A full five stars here!

Rittwika Rudra

Serve warm or hot I enjoy there concoctions every season of the year. The hibiscus and ginger are my absolute favorites.

chara c.

A local business offering yummy no-sugar-added tea made of natural fruit infusions. Lots of options, love the variety! A bit expensive and I would prefer less plastic packaging and maybe use of paper/foil bags instead, but at least they use imperfect fruits so there's less waste.

Glendha M. Robinson

Great gifts!!!Love the Capuli Tasting boxes! They are a great way to sample these yummy products and are well presented to give as gifts if you're looking to share something Washington made with friends, family, co-workers when traveling.

Ana Elisa Sartori Gianizella

Amazing products but hibiscus is my favorite

Çiğdem Michalski

I love Capuli teas. They're all so delicious and full of flavor. I cherish every sip

Makenzie Davies

Love the flavor of Capuli and have always had such a great experience with this brand! Definitely worth trying all the flavors!

Patrick Leahy

The Capuli infusions are delicious and beautiful. For me, they are the perfect companion for those lazy afternoons when I'm curled up with a book on my comfy couch. :) I've also shared Capuli drinks with my family and they love the tea kettle and the candle. The way that the candle lights up the colorful infused water and fruit is especially beautiful. 5 out of 5 stars! Highly recommended!!

Kelly Sandoval

Making myself a cup of Velvet Hibiscus or Ginger Unwind is like giving myself a miniature vacation. Everything about the experience is beautiful. The tea and fruit swirling in the cup, the smell of it steeping, and the warm, revitalizing flavor. I find so much comfort in Capuli Club's drinks, and they make the perfect gift.

Noe Khalfa

My mind was first blown by the fact that they make delicious tea with totally edible fruits and ingredients (which they call an infusion). I also appreciate the mission and dedication of the mother-daughter team running this business. They bring so much heart and attention to detail. Thank you team Capuli Club!

Wendy Kato

First heard about Capuli through an Instagramer that I follow. He meet the owners and loved what they were doing anyone who commented on a post was able to get a free packet to try. That's all it took! I was hooked. Hibiscus Velvet is my favorite flavor, I like the little bit of tartness from the hibiscus. I've had them hot and iced. I think I like the infusions iced best but you really can't go wrong either way or whichever flavor you select to try. I love that you eat the fruit, nothing is going to waste. All the flavor and sweetness comes from natural ingredients like fruit ans spices. Looking forward to trying some of mixes in cocktails

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