Cavu Cafe, King County Int'l Airport

7277 Perimeter Rd S, Seattle
(206) 762-1243

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Jasmine C.

Poor customer service. I arrived no one was there. I waited for about 3-4 mins (not too long) but still no apology for the wait. when she came back I asked if she had bagels and she said yes - I asked for breakfast sandwich on bagel and she said "no" . She said in English muffin- I don't want a English muffin she said no. So I left. What would be the reason not to use a bagel instead when it's prepared there? I do not recommend

Panda Magic

Good food and the owner is very nice

Dakota G.

Little shop run by two nice ladies. Very good coffee and a great selection of sandwiches along with various sides. Reasonably priced too. A great airport cafe for sure.

Jeromie Hunter

Good spot to grab a coffee and to use the facilities

Leslie T.

The worst service I've ever experienced anywhere. I've never had a "restaurant" snack bar tell me that they had too many orders. Basically it is too much of a hassle for them to prepare items on the menu. I had 35 minutes for them to prepare something but 1 customer with an egg muffin which was done 5 minutes into my waiting 35 minutes for the opportunity to place an order. Then the "worker" wandered around behind the counter not making any food or having any customers. The excuses were amazingly dismissive & ineffective. I'm truly surprised this place stays in business. Just say up front "we don't care, we don't have to".

Stevan B

This place makes the BEST sandwich I have ever ate in all my life. This place is a MUST for any kind of sandwich. Easy to get to, easy to park, very close to your car, a pleasant environment. It's the kind of place for food you RETURN to.

Zac Kopp

Good food for an airport terminal. Staff is very friendly.

Jason Lee Moore

Love this Cafe!

Ahmed Kilas

This place is great, I often stop by before work and grab something to eat. I love it. friendly staff, order is fast, parking is available. Over all⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Edward Shi

Very quiet not much going on. Just a quick ran in/out. So not not sure.

Linda Gonzalez

I can't gush enough about this place. The change in owners really upped the service and food choices here. Kay and Gina really go out of their way to accommodate their customers. They are a joy to have at the Airport. The food is amazing. I think I've had everything on the menu. Everything is fresh and made to order. I can't get enough of this place. I think I eat here almost everyday! If I have to pick my favorites....burgers, the French dip and the BLTA wrap are all amazing!

Trish D.

Very disappointed. Do not go if you have any food allergies. I was optimistic about the new owners however although they smiled to my face, the same practice of not selling items on the menu returned. I am allergic to dairy and 99.9% of the items I cannot eat however I decided to order fries which were advertised on the menu! I was told I had to order something else with the fries because they don't just sell fries so "have a burger and shake". When I stated I am allergic to dairy and the menu clearly said $2.99 for fries and fries with a burger were $2.00, they only nodded and repeated they would not sell me fries. Upset, I went upstairs and then decided to go back downstairs and explain to them it was not very customer service oriented to refuse to sell something and they only nodded and then changed their story to their fryer doesn't work. If that were true, why ask me to get a burger and a shake with my fries and then they would sell it to me? So as my health and not going into shock and using my epipen is a priority, I will NOT be going here ever again. The customer wants to actually LIVE and if my dairy allergy is a joke to you, I am sorry but you will not get my money.

Isaac Mackzum

Great local cafe. Owner is kind and welcoming. Limited options for breakfast food, but good food.

Eric B. Turner

I eat a breakfast sandwich there every morning, Monday-Friday, as well as work on my drawings at the table, while waiting for time to work at UPS next door. My favorite is the bacon sandwich, but I like the ham and sausage, too. My friends love their coffee. (I don't like coffee.)

Cale S.

Max, the owner, is awesome and works super hard as a one man show. His sandwiches are more of a home style sandwich. His coffee is pretty good. Nice guy and he seems to be very proud of his establishment and his service.

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Cavu Cafe, King County Int'l Airport

7277 Perimeter Rd S, Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 762-1243