Cherry Street Coffee House

509 Olive Way, Seattle
(206) 623-3005

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Scott Tofflemire

Basic bagel breakfast sandwiches to go. If you order Asiago cheese bagel you are charged .50 cents upchange. They don't tell you about it ether. I would not go back because of this.

Rachel Rose

Great stop for breakfast and coffee

Nick Low

Very nice small hide-out for nice coffee and smoked salmon cream cheese bagel. Tried both of those items and they were perfect to kick-start a good morning! Absolutely recommended! Place might get busy in the morning.

Raya S.

This place is awesome! I stop by every Saturday while my oldest daughter is in her acting workshop. The worker "Sundy" is amazing and such a sweetheart. She makes my daughters day Everytime she gets out of class and knows what "The usual" means. My daughter's whipped cream drink is always the best and leaves her excited and always looking forward to the next Saturday. Thank you for your wonderful customer service and a beautiful smile #Always (:

Lydia L.

Stopped by for afternoon caffeine. Got a small iced latte with oatmilk. To my surprise their smallest size for iced latte is 16oz... Because of the size limit, it wasn't cheap at all - $6 after tax ($0.7 for alt milk). The coffee was alright. I prefer stronger flavor of the espresso. There was too much ice (almost half cup) which overly watered down the coffee.

Chris Klaczynski

Their blended coffee in drip form tastes like char. Single origins are acceptable.

andy luley

The staff is wonderfully friendly, and the coffee and food are delicious! I reccommend the Milky Way to drink, and to eat, the Tomato, Basil, Egg, and Cheese on a pita, and add bacon! The soups and lunch options are also really good, and there is an assortment of grab-and-go items that's varied and all high-quality

Isobel P.

Love this Cherry Street! It's right near my dentist so very convenient for me. I love their tomato, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches and always get them on the pesto bagel. There is usually a long line (partly due to their app, I think) but it moves fast. Milk alternatives are abundant. Baristas are friendly. And open nice and early!

Dasha W.

Just had lunch here was pretty excited that there wasn't really a line since this place is usually pretty packed. Ordered a falafel salad and tomato soup. Took more than 15 mins for my order to show up and when I actually opened the package it had a falafel SANDWICH not salad and carrot soup not tomato. Also the soup said it comes with a piece of bread which was not in the bag. The food was fine but completely entirely not what I ordered. Because it took so long to come out I just ate the wrong order and had to head back to work. If you're wondering if I just had someone else's I confirmed my name at the counter twice.

Caitlin Hamilton

Excellent Americano & breakfast sandwich. The staff is very friendly.

Kayla D.

Can here literally at the last second. Happened upon the quaint but tasteful coffee house filled with friendly staff, delightful aromas, and boisterous menu! Ordered the vanilla latte with soy, went down super smooth with a side of smile I was on my merry way! I happily will come back to this coffee dream! 5 STARS FOR THE ROCK STAR STAFF 5 STARS FOR THE AMAZING COFFEE

Kevin Moses

Their americanos are strong, just as they should be. And they price extra shots by the double unlike some other places which is greatly appreciated. The food is really tasty as well.

Goldie M.

When someone writes a review, it's because they really like the joint or they had a negative experience; well for me it's the latter. I've worked in downtown for the last two & a half years and for me I've never had a more bitter drip coffee than Cherry Street; that's my first experience with this coffee shop and why I avoid it; and the prices are crazy high (but whatever, it's DT Seattle). My coworkers like to order from here the speciality coffee's and some of the foods because of how close it is to us; and for me I like the sausage & peppers pita sandwich. But my main problem with these guys is the time; They are extremely inefficient with their food process and they take FOREVERRR. Today, I just wanted to get a bagel, one bagel. The Starbucks line was too long; Barnes & Nobles line was too long. Last option is Cherry street. To my avail, no line so I'm stoked. I look at the prices and the bagel is a cool price ($2.00) so I order an everything bagel. This is where they lost me; they wanted an additional $2.25 to spread regular cream cheese onto the bagel and I just was like "nah B; I'm good, I'll go next door and buy a single use cream cheese for .49¢". She says fine, rings me up and now I wait; it's 10:58 am. I run next door and grab my cream cheese from Bartells for .49¢ and it's a 5 minute wait cuz this elderly couple had some items to return but it's all good. Mind you, I only ordered one bagel and requested it to be toasted. So when I get back I look at the section where food and drinks are taken when an order is complete and I don't see my bagel there. I asked the lady who is at the coffee machine "have you guys called out a name for a bagel" she says "no it's still being worked on." Now I'm confused because I only ordered one plain bagel. The guy in the back who's working on the food who doesn't have a hairnet but his hair is long is putting together sandwiches at an extremely slow pace. Now I'm waiting for another three more minutes with patience just taking my time not being irritated but I can't help get a little perplexed to why he can't just drop a bagel inside the toaster and let it pop out on the other end. Clearly he doesn't have the aptitude in a food line to make things more efficient and this is what my problem is because if I was the business owner my goal is to get people out the door and not have people waiting around. My shift began at 11 so at 11:12 I asked the cashier for a receipt to look at time of my order. So when it said order at 10:58, I just asked for a refund and left. We are in the heart of downtown Seattle where 95% of your customers are on the clock so it's either a 15 min break, 30 min lunch, or a quik stop by to grab a bite. Why it takes longer than 10 minutes to put a bagel into a toaster is beyond me. That is my reason for this review. Recommendations: Mandate a hairnet, be aware of what ppl order and prioritize orders based on how long to make the order (don't take more than 8 minutes to drop a bagel in a toaster) and lower the price to spread cream cheese from $2.25 to at least $1.00. (I let my coworker read my post, she went to Starbucks and orders two bagels and a coffee and came back in 8 minutes.). (She also stated if Starbucks has you waiting too long then they'll give you your drink for FREE).

Keith Tyree

Enjoyed their breakfast sandwich and coffee for an early morning stop. Would recommend for a light breakfast on the go.


Perfect for a quick bite or grab and go.

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