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93 Pike St, Seattle
(206) 467-7769

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Dena Berlin

Delicious little donuts. I recommend cinnamon and sugar since they will be fresh. The maple and bacon were also delicious, just not as warm. I definitely recommend this place if you're visiting Pike Place Market. The line moves pretty quickly, so don't be discouraged.

Jake Yarmoff

We got a half dozen of the maple which were fanTASTIC! Note: enjoy em while they’re hot! They’re good afterwards, but particularly just after they’ve come out!


Small stand in the market. Had the maple bacon donuts. Tasty and fresh. Like something you would get at a fair. Line was short when we went on a weekday morning.

Laney S.

Really great mini donuts, I tried all the flavors except the powdered (not my taste) and they were all good. Maple bacon had the perfect sweet and savory combo. The cinnamon sugar could have been more coated but we're still delicious. The chocolate with sprinkles is just a classic every one will like!

Janell O.

This is really a 4.5 star review and the loss of a 1/2 star is only because they should offer more flavors (a traditional glazed perhaps... custard filled maybe); otherwise, these are an absolute delight! One morning we had a post-breakfast donut dessert and and the next morning we had a pre-breakfast donut appetizer. Two people can very easily polish off a dozen and quite frankly, the ladies gave us more than a dozen both days. The donuts have a slight crisp outside but a light and fluffy inside. While I don't typically go for a chocolate glazed w/ sprinkles I do think they were my fav. Highly recommend!

Paris T.

I love donuts so I was ready to try this place out when I heard about it, but soon realized I did not do enough prior planning to get the full experience that other reviewers had here.. I got in line around 9 am and there was only a few other people in front of me so the wait was not long at all. The donuts are made on a conveyor belt and it was cool to see how they make them so fast! I ordered a half dozen of sprinkle donuts and they just gave me the ones that were already sitting out/done. This is where I made the mistake.. apparently the original/plain and cinnamon sugar are served hot/fresh.. not the sprinkle so I just had an average experience. The sprinkle donuts were just ok and tasted like I could've gotten them at a grocery store or somewhere pre-made. If I ever return I will definitely try the cinnamon sugar as a lot of others recommend.

Lori R.

There are so many food options at Pikes that it's wonderful to be able to get small! A half dozen deluxe assortment (which means you can try a variety), is just $7.50 and well worth it. We each got to try a maple, a maple bacon and a cinnamon. The first two were not warm, but the cinnamon sure was. All three terrific and just the right amount for a nice treat for each of us. I would say three equals about the size of one normal size doughnut. They are served in a paper bag, so be sure to grab a couple napkins. Note: they do indeed take credit cards.

Sari S.

I normally won't bother to stand in line for 30 minutes for food, but I'm on vacation and there's a reason the line at this little stand at Pike's Place Market is so long! While waiting in line, we were entertained by the "show" where the salmon gets tossed back and forth and when we got to the front of the line, there were hot and fresh donuts waiting to be had. We ordered the deluxe dozen mini donuts that included plain, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, chocolate frosted with sprinkles, maple and maple bacon flavors. The plain and cinnamon sugar are hot and the rest are chilled so the frosting or sugar doesn't melt. I kid you not, we ate every last bite in 10 minutes and it was worth every calorie! These ladies work hard and make a delicious product. If I lived here, I would want to go every weekend for more. Do it! You won't be sorry!

Brianna H.

Went today and I stood in the long line excitedly... get to the front and ask for a deluxe mix and asked if it would be okay to replace one of the plain for another maple bacon. The person at the counter gave me a dull stare in silence. My sister and husband were confused and I was really uncomfortable. The silence felt like it lasted forever until they finally said a robotic and cold "yea". Threw the bag on the counter and no other words. If you don't like your job then find a new one, bud. This interaction ruined my appetite. If you don't wanna do a substitution just say, "sorry, no," or something polite and move on. I asked nicely, you can return the favor and respond with similar respect. The donuts were cold and just okay. Not worth the rude interaction.


Had to stop here while in pike place market. I got the mix which comes with powder , chocolate and cinnamon donuts. I recommend only getting the cinnamon. The cinnamon are the old donuts served fresh and warm so those are good the others just sit there. They were bad but fresh warm donuts are the best!

Chad Bowman

This place is a must when visiting Pikes Place Market!! Fresh mini donuts that you can enjoy. We got 1 1/2 dozen of cinnamon and also bacon maple donuts. Enjoyed then all!!


So so good. We tried the maple, maple bacon, cinnamon and chili ate sprinkle ones and they were amazing. We all enjoyed a few hot ones and saved the rest for later and they were still good and fresh tasting. But you won’t beat them hot!

Stephanie F.

This little stand is right inside the market and was a nice breakfast snack before heading on a hike.

Jyll J.

The donuts were pretty good and a good price for 6 of them although the ones i got werent very crispy and warm like i'm used to getting but they had other flavors that i'm sure would've been fun to try!


Quick snack strolling around Pike Market. Soft , not that sweet . First to run out was maple. There were cinnamon , powdered and plain . Be ready for consistent long but quick lines.,

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