Daily Dozen

93 Pike St, Seattle
(206) 467-7769

Recent Reviews

Trisha Kaiser

Long line, worth the wait. The cinnamon mini doughnuts melt in your mouth.

Starr Luu

Who doesn’t love fresh fired doughnuts?!? This place has a great friendly staff. Be sure to get here early enough so you don’t get stuck in a line. Don’t forget to stop by Ghost Alley Espresso and get the coffee to accompany these delicious dessert.

Christina Ng

Long wait. Cute yummy donuts.

Kyle Kutter

Nice little sweet treat while walking through Pike Place Market.

Olivia C

Really good mini doughnuts!! Come here early if you don’t want to wait in a long line, although it’s worth it as they are so good and perfectly bite sized. Would recommend the assorted dozen (you can choose how many of each here), as it lets you try all the flavors. Overall yum!!

Andrea Wu

Came here on a whim while walking around pike place market, and we got a dozen plain ones. The first one I had was piping hot which made it amazing, the other ones weren’t as piping hot but were warm. Chewy and pretty flavorful even without any toppings! There were at 15 in the bag, $6 which is definitely pricey. Good though!

Miko B.

There is bound to be a long queue of customers waiting to taste these small, freshly baked donuts. I tried the cinnamon and the maple, with the former being far superior to the latter. I'm not sure why, but the maple tasted significantly more greasy and cakey. The cinnamon, by contrast, was nice and light. 3 stars for inconsistency. Pro Tip: Although it doesn't explicitly state this on the menu, you can buy a single donut for $1.

Andre T

Great donut spot inside Pike Place. First heard about it from a Mike Chen video. The bacon bit topped maple donut was delicious. Well worth a visit if in the market!

Seth Galentine

Very fast and very friendly!! The doughnuts are delectable!

Charles Cooper

You'll probably smell Daily Dozen Doughnuts before you see it. Your eyes will dart around looking for the source of that wonderful scent. Then you'll see the tower of donuts, fresh from the fryer and sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon. And as the words, "I want that" begin to form in your mouth, you'll catch sight of the crowd in front of the stand, and the line stretching down the corridor, and your heart will drop just a little bit as you realize that you have to wait. Or will you come back later? As you try to solve this dilemma, you move closer and discover the fryer cranking out fresh donuts. Then you see them dumped into bags and sprinkled with toppings all the while customers scurry to pay and make a quick escape. And you still have a decision to make.And this is what makes Daily Dozen Doughnut a Seattle treasure. It isn't just because they cook up delicious nuggets of sweet, fried dough. It's the experience, the discovery, and the fun of trying something local, made fresh from scratch and enjoyed as you wander through Seattle's living room at Pike Place Market.Will these be the best donuts you've ever had? Maybe not. Everyone has their favorite and these may not be yours. But there is no question that Daily Dozen is doing something right and that it's worth your time to give 'em a try. You might not love it, but many many people do and hopefully you'll be one of them, or at least appreciate the effort.My recommendation is to get 'em while they're hot. Which means standing in line. Because this place stops the cooker in the afternoon before they close, in order to sell out anything that's still around. At which point you're getting something good, but a couple hours old. Just my preference of course. But FYI.

Christian J.

Had the dozen assortment with 4 maple bacon, 3 cinnamon, 3 powdered, and 2 sprinkled. All were fantastic but the cinnamon took the top spot as they grab fresh doughnuts off their fryers donuts sprinkle with cinnamon sugar mix. The dozen cost $7 and half dozen is $5.50. Might as well get 12 and indulge. Keep an eye out when visiting Pike Marketplace, small stands can get lost in the crowd. Highly recommended!

Christina B.

I ordered a half dozen maple and cinnamon, they were delicious. So soft, moist, and flavorful. Super fresh and the doughnuts are cute.

Vicky C.

Doughnuts here are mini doughnuts and are sold in 6 or dozens. There are several options like plain, powdered, maple, and sprinkles. You can either choose a mix of doughnuts or choose a single flavor. Doughnuts here are fresh and tasted nice.

Kristen M.

Such a great treat to find after a filling lunch in the market. We walked by it once and it smelled so good then decided to grab a dozen for our walk back into the inner downtown area. We got the assorted dozen and wow, I think the maple was my favorite, followed by plain! Definitely recommend this place to a doughnut lover!

Cori F.

A friend recommended stopping by here when we were in Seattle! I just wish we hadn't waited until our last day!!! I would've eaten these every single day. We got the assorted dozen, and it included chocolate sprinkle, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, maple, and maple bacon. They were all so delicious, but I think my favorite was the chocolate sprinkle. One thing I loved about these donuts is that they were overly sweet. I was able to eat them without feeling sick from the sugar. My mouth still salivates thinking about them!

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