Delish Ethiopian Cuisine

South, 5701 Rainier Ave, Seattle
(206) 723-3821

Recent Reviews

Chiemi Ymk

I ordered vegetable combo take out. They told me it will take 20min but it was definitely faster than 20min. Food was good. One dish is enough for 2 people. Interior of the restaurant was clean and pleasant. Good for family. Street parking only.

Baionne Coleman

The owners, are a husband and wife team that exude inner beauty. They are beyond hospitable and treat you as if you are in their living room. The food is superb, my favorite is the Key Wot, you honestly can never go wrong at Delish. I usually refrain coffee but the Ethiopian coffee is always delicious and they roast it traditionally which makes it amazing. I believe in supporting small businesses that give back to their community, Delish is all of that and more.

Martha Henley

The best Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle. The food is fresh, the place is clean and the service is amazing. The owners really did a great Job with this place. I loved everything about this place. Will definitely come back!

Kate Johansen

Me and my daughter wanted to try somewhere new and this place did not disappoint us. It?s actually more than I expected. I asked the server what her favorite food was she was very helpful. We ordered our food for Togo and the food was delicious!!! The staff is super friendly and helpful, and I love the vibe!

Mplay Diarra

This is my first time to Delish Ethiopian food and it is my new favorite restaurant. I am from Africa and this is by far the best African food I have had in Seattle. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone who is interested in authentic and amazing cuisine!!!

Katherine Jake

Best Ethiopian food I?ve had in years! Make sure to get the delish combo if it?s your first time trying Ethiopian food. Little portion of most of the food they have and it?s a shareable size for 2 or 3. Fresh food and good service.

clinton mainland

Amazing food, full bar, great space! Went with another family and had a great time...look forward to the next time! Delish and Amy do a great job...

Abas K.

This is a great place to have real Ethiopian food. They serve good food with amazing smile. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Brian C.

Decent Ethiopian food but when you order the doro wat they charge you a ton of money and give you one single chicken leg... I know how much chicken cost and I know how much it cost to make that dish. It is absolute highway robbery that they would think they can give you one single chicken leg for that much money... That's a complete insult and I'm not loving it. I will never order food from this place again... Unfortunately, this is a common issue with a lot of Ethiopian places. Not sure why they feel like they can scam people over a $15 dish and give you one single, small leg of chicken...

Gale P.

Excellent food! Generous portions! This family owned and operated (hello Delish and Amie!) restaurant is amazing. Being vegan, we asked for recommendations and the super nice server suggested the veggie combo. Wow! 11 generous helpings of a sampling of the veggie dishes on the menu with a bonus of a cold split pea featuring horseradish... YUM!!! Amie is the chef and the flavors were perfect! Delish (the man) is very friendly and engaging and his restaurant is exactly what we were looking for in delicious Ethiopian cuisine. Thanks for the great lunch and friendly chat!! Open one in Ballard! See you again very soon!

Joshua Aron

Iâ??ll start with the service because Naomi has blown my mind with such a good service. She is very helpful, patient and pretty. Iâ??ve been to most Ethiopian restaurant, this has been by far the best Ethiopian restaurant ever. Iâ??ve tried this place for the 3rd time now and nothing has changed they are still the same (Outstanding!). The food is amazing and the service even made it more better! I would highly recommend this place!

Naomi A.

Omgggggggg like I love this restaurant it's the best Ethiopian food ever. The cheif is amazing, food was outstanding and the servers and owners are very friendly. Most Ethiopian restaurant are not clean but this doesn't even look like an Ethiopian restaurant it's soooo clean and well organized. I will give it a 10 star if there was one! Loved it !

Diana C L.

Our 5 year old says it best; Delish is DELICIOUS! Our first time there & everyone was super friendly & helpful. We had a variety of food & loved every bite! We'll definitely be back :)

Farrah R.

Decided to come here for a late lunch. The menu has gluten free injera but it wasn't available. They opened at 4:00pm and we arrived 4:00pm so I was surprised that something that on the menu was available not when it first opened. I am currently on a 30 day gluten free challenge so I I thought, no problem I'll just won't eat the injera. But Ethiopian food is very different without it, as I discovered today. Instead I asked for side rice when our food was brought out. The waitress was confused about my request but she brought out a small bowl so I could eat it with our food. The food wasn't too bad, but this is definitely a walk in neighborhood restaurant because parking is limited. The door was left open and the music was extra loud so it is not the best conversation restaurant. I found myself having to speak loudly to friend that was across a small table. By this time my experience at the restaurant was dwindling. Thank goodness for good company. Unfortunately at the end of the meal, I was charged ridiculous amount for the side of rice that I ordered because they didn't have the gluten free injera. So... while the food was decent, poor parking, unnecessary loud music, traffic noise and unexpected item on our bill I feel a 3 star rating is fair.

Clay B.

We love Ethiopian restaurants, this is now our number one place to go. First the restaurant is very clean and nicely decorated. Second, the staff is always friendly and very helpful with any questions about menu items. Third and most important is the food is wonderful, we have visited three times this summer and will be back again soon. One thing to note is they are closed on Tuesdays!

Diego Gonzalez-Medina

My favorite new Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle! We got the Delish combo which was good for three adults and had a delicious variety of vegetables and meats. Kid friendly, and a good choice of beers including some Ethiopian ones. We'll be coming back!

Nadia A Ali

My fav Ethiopian thus far in Seattle. My go to place when the cravings come in. Warm and welcoming. Food is fresh and flavorful.

Lee G.

The other reviews for Delish must be fake. Or the cook was on vacation today. Here's the deal: Kezira was closed today, so I looked on the Yelp site for someplace nearby. Delish was just down the street, and has great reviews. So we ordered a veggie combo with extra injera to go. When I went to pick it up, the restaurant was completely empty. I waited until the staff person finished her phone call with a friend, then paid for my order, and left a generous tip despite the slightly surly service. Took the food to my friend's house for lunch. We both love Ethiopian food, and both agreed that this was the first time we had a bad Ethiopian meal. It was tasteless. It was horrible. Shockingly awful. No wonder the place was empty. What a shame.

Melissa C.

The food here could not be better and the service was great. Their menus have a section that teaches you a bunch of common sayings in Amharic (the language of Ethiopia), which is a fun touch. After we ate the owner came over and introduced himself and he was very nice. He told us about the area they have in the restaurant with these small, woven tables that are apparently the traditional way to dine. The space is beautiful, with tall ceilings and soft lighting. We didn't have our kids with us but the owner insisted that they love to have kids come in. It's nice to feel like our children are welcome. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Kelly B.

This is such a nice place! The family that runs it is so friendly and welcoming, and the cafe has a great atmosphere. Highly recommend. And get the coffee ceremony!

What E.

We LOVE Delish! We have another favorite Ethiopian place in the neighborhood so we were hesitant to try Delish since we felt like our Ethiopian food needs were met. Now, we have two favorite spots and alternate going to Delish and the other one. Both are great-one's not better than the other, the food is wonderfully different. I highly recommend trying Delish even if you've already got a spot! The staff is amazing and the ambiance in the restaurant is also nicer than most casual Ethiopian places. They always accommodate us coming in with our baby, who we first brought in as a 3 month old. Now he's 6 months and ready to try some of their amazing injera and Ater Alecha Wot. Getting take out for dinner tonight!

Danny N.

The veggie combo was great! All the dishes were very flavorful and satisfying with generous portions. I find that Ethiopian food is often too heavy and oily, but this one was perfect. The staff was very friendly. The owner chatted with us about his experiences living in the neighborhood and opening the restaurant. As two vegans, we have tried many Ethiopian restaurants and this was one of our favorites. We'll definitely be back next time we visit Seattle!

Christine M.

Tasty food with friendly and welcoming staff. We enjoyed the vegetarian platter; it was well-prepared and carefully seasoned. Everything tasted very fresh. Highly recommend trying our favorite dish from the vegetarian platter: the Ater Alecha Wot which is split pea cooked in onion, garlic, and olive oil with a touch of turmeric and a subtle blend of herbs. Five stars!

Apurv Puri

Pretty fantastic and focused ethiopian menu. From their table to yours with both vegetarian and omnivore options. I recommend just getting the full combo plate, whether vegetarian or otherwise and splitting with one of your friends. Prices are also fair and the portions are plentiful while not being over the top. No frills, just the best down to earth and honest food and service you can ask for.

Ramdas Vaidyanathan

Lovely place and delicious food. The service was warm and welcoming. We enjoyed the lipsmacking veggie combo platter and was pleasantly surprised when the staff celebrated my wifeâ??s birthday with cake:)

Dianna C.

SUNDAY BRUNCH! 6 of us were hungry So if your into good traditional food definitely go see my new friends Amy and Delish at Delish Ethiopian Cuisine don't be selfish and order one thing take your friends and try a little of everything! It's family style with NO forks yasss!! As you can see in the pics that's exactly what we did and then after we had a almost % authentic coffee ceremonie. (The city won't let you roast coffee beans in open flame inside Boo! ) but we got to see and smell the coffee beans roasted in front of us. Amazing! If you didn't know coffee comes originally from Ethiopia. As you sit and enjoy your meal and relax and chat over coffee the owner Delish is so friendly and will answer any and all questions you may have he's so sweet and his wife is a gem! Very educational and delish experience!!! WARNING!! Please don't come here if you are in a rush to get lunch take your time enjoy the food enjoy the conversations with new people ! The girls and I came at 11am when they opened and left closer to 2pm it was amazing and we will be going back.

Seattle Forge

The Rainier Valley has no shortage of excellent east African food. But this was my best experience with Ethiopian here so far.

David B.

Fresh, tasty food at great prices! A perfect place to introduce someone to Ethiopian cuisine. The waitstaff are friendly and attentive. Their injera is terrific.

Sherry Dryja

This is, by far, the best Ethiopian food we've had in the Seattle area. Don't get me wrong--other Ethiopian restaurants in the area are good--but Delish is outstanding. The food is fresh and flavorful, the service is warm and welcoming. Delish is now my go-to place for Ethiopian food. Highly recommended especially for vegans and vegetarians!

Wassiuhn A. Kassie

I went to this place with my friends. The food and service was amazingly great. The cook came out to ask about how the food taste. I hope I will visit this place some other times.

Sherry D.

Love, love, love this place. Best Ethiopian cuisine in Seattle. So fresh and flavorful. The space and service are both warm and inviting. Amy and her staff are friendly and helpful with the menu. It's a perfect spot to hang out with friends over a platter of wots and injera. Definitely a treasure to the community in Hillman City. Vegans and vegetarians will go home stuffed to the gills because there are so many options. Try them all! So good! Can't wait to go back!

Woby L.

Was here for only one day in Seattle. Went out of my way to come here. The restaurant is only 3 months old and the food is of course, delicious! came here with my dad, had the veggie combo and shiro wot and a coffee. Great food super affordable prices for authentic Ethiopian food. Come with a dinner party and get the ceremonial Ethiopian coffee! The restaurant's decor is simple, cute, cozy and thoughtful! Nothing too fancy, just well executed. I appreciated all the translations from Amharic to English on the menu and on the table itself! My favorite part is the illustrations of all the different types of Ethiopians. If you want to try something new, or have a craving for Ethiopian food definitely give Delish a try.

Gany C.

Awesome vegetarian food; the lentil dishes and the breads are awesome

Christina Mc

Yesterday was the first time I had Ethiopian food and Delish did not disappoint! We ordered the Delish Combo which was a sampler of all their meat and vegetable dishes. It was wonderful! Savory and full of spice! Super flavorful! We had the honor of meeting Delish and his wife, who is the chef of the restaurant. Both are genuine and sweet! Definitely stop by - highly recommend!

casey silva

From the lighting to the service to the music this place is by far the place to go for a truly good time in Seattle. I forgot to mention the food is some of the most amazing food Iâ??ve ever had. The flavors combined with the home cooking feel makes Delish my go to restaurant every time I visit family in Seattle. I have never had a good experience with Ethiopian cuisine, but decided to give it one last shot and Iâ??m sure glad I did! You wonâ??t regret a second of it!!!

Rachel Ellen

Nice shop, good feel inside and really friendly people. Parking is on the street but there is plenty to choose from if you are find with a quick walk. The service was slow. I hope that as they grow they will get a better system together. One waiter is not enough for this location. We had to wait a bit for the one waitress to take our order, then to get water, one of the dishes came out wrong, so by the time they made the right one we were all done eating. I think it's new place kinks so hopefully things will change. The wife cooks and the husband is out mingling. If he helped the waitress things may run a bit more smooth until they can afford to hire another person. The veggie platter had some good flavor, it wasnt the best and I was pretty bummed there was no salad there. We will give this place another try.

Liyou Alemu

Really nice and clean atmosphere. Feel fancier than it is. Lots of options for whatever kind of diet. The food was excellent and delicious. Me and my friends had a fun experience. 5 stars arenâ??t good enough for one of the best waitresses I have been served by far. Overall the staff was very helpful, polite and professional. Loved it!!

T K.

Amazing food with friendly people :) Was craving for that soft chewy sourdough Injera that soaks up all the Delish Goodness... Absolutely hit the spot Got the veggie combo with beef. Really tasty colorful fun dish for two. Highly recommend

Ashok M.

We tried this place on a lark. It was great! Every good Ethiopian restaurant seems to have a few particularly good dishes but this place had many that differed delightfully from anything I've had. We loved a dish of brown lentils that had some sort of mustard element that we were told was a creation of the cook. We had the veggie platter since we're vegetarians.

Dave B.

Fantastic food in an unassuming locale. Stopped in with my son to try out Delish's Ethiopian restaurant...excellent service and fantastic food...! We had the "meat combo", a variety of traditional Ethiopian meat recipes. Each well sized helping had unique flavor characteristics, and my son and I spent the meal debating over which was our favorite...and those chick! We will definitely be back often. Great place, and a huge congrats to Delish and his wife! Hoping this place has a long and bright future, but if our meal experience is any indication, I can't see why they won't be around for a good long time. Easy parking makes return visits easier as well.