El Buen Sabor

8456 Dallas Ave S, Seattle
(206) 487-9533

Recent Reviews

Ira S.

Delicious pupusas and tacos. Friendly and efficient service. Lots of choices, and a good hot green salsa.

Natasha Sommers

Love this place! It's hard to find pupusas in the greater Seattle area and El Buen Sabor's are delicious!They've recently moved from their South Park location and are now on S 3rd St in Renton, between Rainier Ave S and Shattuck Ave near the intersection of Shattuck Ave S, across from the Safeway.

alicia vegas

so delicious! crunchy! and bommbbb?‍?

RoeBliss Alternatives

Scenic, art, oceans my typical thing but this was worth a food review!!! Absolutely amazing food and spirit of the family that owns it, definitely a return for me even if I'm out of the area!! Stay blessed!


Burrito and Quesadillas Are So Delicious!! Best Spot Off The South Park Bridge! Amazing Food And Great Pricing!

Stevie Martin

their champurrado is amazing! the tamales are fantastic only thing you have to put in your order a day before which is ok too! anybody in the area should give a go it’s sooooo goood! i love their customer service! 10 out 10 for me!

Zehra Ozturk

The best pupusas at the best price in Seattle!

Laura Marie Rivera

Everything was delicious and the lady that was running it was so nice!!!

ladyloc j.

they are racist... their green sauce is watery and they thought I didn't know what it was. Lmao. My boyfriend got food from there and SPECIFICALLY asked if they had sour cream, and they said "yes we have sour cream" they then ... handed us our drink that had this SHIT in it lmfao ... THEY ARE DIRTY AND NEED to be checked up by the inspection. Selling non moneys worth of food and didn't even put the sour cream that they KNEW we asked for. Places like this need to be shut down... & lucky for em, my nigga was just hungry so we still ate it.

Matt Waller

Delicious pupusas! And really friendly service. There was just one person in the kitchen, so the order took a while to make. And if you plan on eating there, keep in mind that there's a lot of noise pollution from the bridge and the air traffic. BUT the food is worth the wait and the noise. Highly recommend. They deserve your business!

Ben Koltz

Not sure why this place isn't busier than it is. I go there fairly regularly and haven't been disappointed. Great burritos, papusas, empanadas, and tacos. Not super fast but good food takes a little time.


Can't go wrong with the pupusas here! Delicious.

Andy Halstead

Best pupusas, very delicious.

Chelsea Holstra

Yummy tacos, and burritos, love the carnitas, al pastor, chicken, and service. Kind people. No problem with my custom orders. Very good services.

Andrew Baker

Got the burrito with asada and dang, it's great and I'm from southern California so I'm familiar with good Mexican food (in the US)

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