Emma's BBQ

5303 Rainier Ave S, Seattle
(206) 413-1523

Recent Reviews

Diane S.

Tasty BBQ and tasty sides. The staff is very friendly and a delight to order from. I enjoyed the pork ribs, coleslaw, collards, and corn bread. Coleslaw was well balanced and without too much mayo and the collards were delicious without being too greasy. They even "delivered" my food next door where I was enjoying a beer. I would highly recommend Emma's BBQ

Caitlin L.

My roommate and I had ordered dinner through DoorDash after the store was closed unknowingly. The doordash app hadn't updated the store hours on a holiday. Emma's was so good to us. The owner was understanding and got our order to us the next morning as soon as they opened with a little extra something something . The owner even helped the DoorDash driver figure out what to do so he got paid as well. They really went above and beyond with customer service and made sure we were taken care of. The food was AMAZING. They really know what they're here doing when it comes to BBQ.

Bernadette Alexander

Like every bbq joint around here. The meat is cool not great. Their chicken was seasoned nicely. Sides are always an issue at almost all of the bbq spots. I'd go back. My son likes their sweet potato pie.


The service was great. I didn't notice any distinct flavorings with the pulled pork, and the BBQ sauce tasted similar to bottled sauce I've had before.I was underwhelmed.I did love their strawberry lemonade. It was real good, and met my expectation. A little too sour to down, but I would order it again.

Carolyn P.

I don't know why it took us so long to try Emma's...and I'm really sad that I've missed out on over a year of really delicious BBQ that's so close by. We tried a four-way of ALL the meats with corn bread and beans - which was shared among two very hungry adults and we had TONS of leftovers for the next day. The meat was tender, juicy, and fell apart. SO good. Cannot recommend this place enough.

You can call ahead for your order, which I recommend to avoid a wait and a line at the shop. On the weekends, they can get busy and calling is a must, especially before they sell out of your favorites!

Brandie Lucas

I went to Emma’s for the first time and my order was not right and I spoke to the owner and she was AMAZING! She corrected the order and I left happy! I got the ribs and brisket and it was pretty good! One thing I fell IN LOVE with was her old fashioned lemon cake... it was the bomb.coo!

Rita Sullivan

BBQ, yeah, excellent. Everyone at our table was very satisfied. Next time I'll be back with my friends. Similar to a cafe in Las Vegas I loved.

Victor Jones

It was great cant wait to go again I had a BBQ chicken Sandwich with a side of bake beans and potato salad. The BBQ sauce was delicious and not too sweet.

Hannah Foster

Friendly service & delicious food. I should have come here a long, long time ago. I got the dinner special w/ pulled pork, mac and cheese, collard greens and cornbread. The pork was so flavorful and the mac and cheese was truly out of this world-- had little crispy bits of cheese and everything. I can't wait to go back but will have to be patient until Thursday.

Bobby Ball

This place is amazing. It's locally owned and operated, prices are super reasonable, and the food is delicious. During covid, it was limited to one guest at a time in the restaurant (it's a tiny place) which I appreciated. Definitely worth a trip down to south Seattle.

Tony Cooper

Excellent spot for delicious BBQ. Service is always awesome even when they have a full house. The service here is better than most. Prices were appropriate.

Kunal G.

It's not easy to find good barbecue in Seattle. This place is an exception. If your in the area or looking for some good barbecue, I definitely recommend this place. Check it out!

Katrina L.

First rate Barbecue, collard greens and cornbread. The potato salad tasted exactly like my mothers, which made me tear up a little bit. Miss Emma is awesome!

Izzy Del Villar Parker

The food is so yummy! You can taste the love that goes into making it in every bite! Tess is awesome and the staff is friendly and the service is great. Looking forward to our next trip out for BBQ.

Ken F.

A tale of two visits.The first time, the owner was behind the counter, and the ordering was friendly and the food was very good; the ribs, in particular, were excellent.The second time, the young woman behind the counter couldn't be bothered from texting on her cell phone to take her order. When she finally finished texting, there was no apology of any type. We ordered Ribs again, and were told, "we're out of Ribs". A _ribs place_ is out of Ribs on a _Saturday night_? The poor service left us cold, don't know if we'll give it a 3rd try.

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