500 Pine St, Seattle
(206) 628-1635

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Kris Y.

Service was so slow. The bar was not busy. The servers were semi attentive but it literally took 5+ minutes to get our drinks.

Randal Anderson

Just recently on two occasions I spent my time with my wife’s dog in here while she shopped. Today I was told that dogs are not allowed. Hahah

Liz K.

Love this little spot! The cauliflower is soooo good and I like the wine list. I like to hang here with my hubby even if we aren't really shopping a lot. I like the TVs so my husband can watch football games and I can still go shopping lol

Christina C.

Place is great! I am from LA and it reminds me our Bar verde. They have my fav chicken lime tacos yummy!!!! Food was delicious even polenta fries ( never tried them before) wish they had classic French cut fries. Great place to enjoy & grab a drink and have a snacks or bites. Only one thing I didn't like that waitress that served us had an attitude and we had to ask for water, plates, napkins all the time. She was rly unfriendly but I am glad I found my fav spot now. This tacos made my day. But staff definitely needs to be trained better.

Yimeng D.

Talking about a pit stop! Come here for happy hour or the drinks can be pricey. Bar tender is fantastic! They also give you snacks with the drink! that is a lot of class

Amanda D.

Talking about a pit stop! Come here for happy hour or the drinks can be pricey. Bar tender is fantastic! They also give you snacks with the drink! that is a lot of class

Karl Erich M.

Cheers to Nordstrom for putting a nice lounge in their mothership. I had gone for a hike and texted my wife (shopping) to see if she wanted to meet for a drink as I made my way back from Capital Hill. She had just wandered into Habitant and suggested we meet there. I thought it was weird (in Downtown Seattle, you want to meet for a drink in a department store?) but said, "Sure." So glad I did. The room is nice and it's kind of neat being on the third floor of Nordstrom with a big fat drink. Staff was professional and on the ball. Oh, and the prices are really low for the quality liquors they pour here. Go, check it out!

Nina N.

One night after work my friend and I decided we didn't want to go too far and we just want to eat some good food. We ordered 2 habitat burgers, polenta fries, chicken meatballs, and curry cauliflower. I kid you not, the burger is the best burger you'll ever have. Sometime about this burger gets you addicted. It's juicy with the melting cheese around it and the garlic aioli is amazing all together. I have tried to find a comparable burger and no one else has one that compares. I don't care for the chips that come with it so I just upcharge to the polenta fries. I generally don't like polenta, but the fries are so good with a little Parmesan sprinkled on top and the aioli sauce that comes with it is so good. Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The chicken meatballs are covered in a red sauce served with a side of toasted bread. The chicken I seasoned perfectly and the chicken isn't dried out from cooking it too long. The curry cauliflower was interested. I think it was my least favorite of the dishes on the menu but I can't complain too much about them. The cauliflower is roasted with curry rubbed on it. And I think for me it was just a little over powering. But overall I like the atmosphere for drinks and small bites. I'll keep going back for that burger with polenta fries.

Brandy M.

Drinks are FANTASTIC!!! Bites are tasty, not too large, or small, and also not absurdly expensive. It's a fun way to meet up with my #1 after I've been shopping, or even just an after work meet-up. We also always enjoy chatting with the staff - they're helpful & friendly & aim to please.

Euna Bae

Quick stop while shopping or right before the show at Paramount. Service was quick, and the food was light and delicious.

Kelsey Burket

Chicken tacos (OK) Amelia cocktail (delightful)

Kelsey M.

Happy Friday, Yelpers! We made it! Are you near the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom? Do you deserve a cocktail at lunch? If you answered yes to both of these questions, go ahead and treat yourself to Habitant! It's located on the third floor of Nordstrom. I ordered the Amelia cocktail (vodka, st. germain, blackberry and lemon) and the chicken tacos for my meal. Note - the tacos are hard shelled. The cocktail was delightful. The tacos were solidly OK. The service was great. Enjoy!

Amanda S.

We stopped by the Habitant on the second floor of Nordstrom's in downtown Seattle for a bite to eat after some shopping. It's a very cozy area which is perfect for relaxation before you hit the floor again. My friend and I split the Habitant Burger and the Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos. The tacos were awesome and as good as any taco downtown. The burger tasted a little weird. There was some kind of spice that neither of us liked, I might skip that one if you're on the fence. We got a glass of rose and one of their beers on tap. Overall the location is pretty sweet if you like Nordstrom's and don't want to make the trek somewhere else on a rainy day. It's a little pricy, but what isn't in that area?

Jeff H.

A really underrated cocktail bar. I've got noting but love for the Grill downstairs and their crab bisque accompanying the French Dip, but I was very happy with the cocktail selection at Habitant (same drinks are available in the Grill too, but it doesn't have that cool cocktail bar vibe that Habitant does upstairs). I ordered the Vine Street, and it was absolutely delicious. Chopin vodka plays so well with the grapes and it's just a perfectly balanced drink. In fact, it went down so easy, I thought at one point I was just drinking juice. If you need a little liquid courage before hitting the boutiques downstairs, Habitant will happily oblige!

Jody B.

Great drinks, great food, great service. And convenient for a group of us wanting a quick bite before heading over to Cinerama!

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