Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

600 Pine St, Seattle
(206) 586-4598

Recent Reviews

Z Zhao

Extremely rude receptionist! That girl totally ignored my question, no eye contact, no response, nothing! She went straight to someone else with no interaction with me. As if I’m not there. She totally ruined the experience of a food chain who made its name by providing exceptional service (as well as quality food).Though it’s not totally fair to rate a one star, it would be great to have the management attention for such an unacceptably unprofessional staff at the front door, it is undeniably a worst start one could experience at any reception.Another thing is, we made our reservation for 6 o’clock a week prior, we still have to wait for 30 minutes to be seated, I would definitely understand if it’s 10 or 15 minutes wait, but 30 mins? Really?? I saw other guests also waited even longer though we took the same elevator to make our 6 pm seat, we are not alone. So be prepared for excessive waiting time if you really want to dine here.The food is great. Very friendly and helpful staff inside at the table, they have shows at 8 and overall a good experience.

Ashlee Palka

No amount of words will ever be able to express how absolutely flawless this place is. Andy tended to our every need before we even thought to ask. The food was so fresh and delicious and the broths we're fantastic. Haidilao Hot Pot is worth every single penny. I would happily eat here anytime.


With all the competing Hot Pot places in Seattle, Hai Di Lao knocked it out the ballpark. It's convenient for folks living in Seattle as this place is located Pacific Place. Unfortunately, they do not validate parking even though they are located inside the complex.Hai Dai Lao wins in freshness factor, variety of meats, vegetables, side items, cleanliness and service. They offer 6 different broths to choose from. The Classic Spicy and Mushroom Broth are the best ones we've tried. Just the right amount of spice, but also a rich amount of meaty flavors. You can taste the umami flavors in the mushroom broth. The lamb was our favorite meat and we had multiple orders of it.The moving stands were an added bonus to place all your vegetables and side items, giving you enough room on the table. The service was great. Our server continued to check on us and at the end of our meal we received a bonus hotpot noodle bowl to go.

Jane Lu

Outstanding services and food quality.I’m glad to see Haidilao launched two branches in Seattle & Bellevue. It’s a must-go-to hotpot space. With the joy of exploring secret menu and the experience of being well-served as a customer, you could potentially have the best hotpot dine-in memory with your friends and family.

Skywalker Jerry

Tried their lunch combo (pork belly soup pot, 猪肚汤冒菜套餐), large quantity with quality ingredients, unfortunately the flavor is lacking. I also waited 20 minutes extra just for their rice to be ready, yet the rice is still undercooked.

Fannyu Chien

Best service/dining experience I've had in North America. Very comparable to the service at upscale restaurants in Asia. Food was top quality and the included deserts were also very good.

Henna Jaisinghani

I first tried Hai Di Lao in Shenzhen and loved it. I was very excited when I heard it opened in Seattle. The food is amazing here and it’s probably the best hot pot in Seattle. Amazing service! The restaurant is exceptionally clean and they are very good at making sure it stays that way. Highly recommend the pork bone broth and the spicy broth. Make sure to order the dancing noodles, you won’t regret it!

James Salazar

Best customer service I've ever had a restaurant. They started by providing a place mat, bib and toy for my 3 year-old son. He received three different toys by the end of the night.Food was of high quality and great flavor.My wife received a gift on our way out.

Siyao Li

Best service. The meat was also sooooooo good. Highly recommend.

SometimesFlute 20

Loved the food!The meats were superb and I liked the white broth a lot!

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