The Corson Building

5609 Corson Ave S, Seattle
(206) 762-3330

Recent Reviews

Vanessa Vaughan

Just the best everything.

Dan VanHarmelen

Still serving beautiful and delicious food, and redefining take-out.

Dan Van Harmelen

The food is great, and the service (even for take out) is incredible.

Sara Guasco Gattavecchi

Lovely dinner, nice atmosphere and great service. It’s like a little secret corner in Seattle. Loved it!

Gina Gonzaga Chiarello

Wonderful food always! It’s a delight to dine there!

Rita Moore

We had a great multicourse pre fix meal outside. Tables are far apart and the canopy was clear plastic so you could see the sky and did not feel closed in. The only negative is that it is under the landing path for Boeing Field

Carson Swan

Their menu is second to done. Never disappointed and the service is great.

louli e.

Celebrated a birthday on a warm night, which was perfect for outdoor dining. All safety precautions were taken. Outside patio had ample spacing between tables and offered a relaxing atmosphere. One benefit of dining during the pandemic is that the normal family style seating was replaced with individual platings. I feel this made it more special and guaranteed that everyone had access to all the dishes. Each plate was done nicely, portions good and everything was delicious. Great place for a special night out and I would not hesitate to return for the non-family style prix fixe menu.

Liz J.

We just ordered takeout from the Corson Building this week, and without a doubt, it was one of the best meals we have ever had. Loads of farm fresh veggies, multiple courses, and super easy pick up. Even transporting home and having to reheat it, it was an amazing meal, and even better than some takeout we've recently ordered from Canlis.

Somya Mehdiratta

The courses were all stunning, excellent service and ambience. Wine pairing could have been missed.

Carlos Rojas

Best food in Seattle, menu changes every season :) yummy

Ben Slivka

Most amazing takeout food (must pre-order!) during the pandemic lockdown!

Jonna H.

Best takeout around! Seriously delicious, nicely presented (even in a box) and a generous serving size of gourmet northwest food. Not cheap, but highest quality, and special enough for date night!

Ian MacLeod

A wonderful experience. The building has an interesting history, and being able to look around the kitchen while the meal is being cooked makes for a very unique atmosphere.

No Go

Mouth watering food, great wine, and amazing staff. Wonderful place for events!

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