Chan's Dragon Inn

1406 W 3rd Ave, Spokane
(509) 747-1121

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Casey Dunham

Craving Chinese food and went to Chan's and it was some of the best food I've had in a while. Prawns, BBq Pork, Generals chicken, big surprise was the crispy chicken teriyaki. Also had delicious pot stickers, crab ragoon and more. Best part of the visit? The service. Margie was so nice, quick and it was really like you were eating at home. Margie added so much to the visit. Back for more soon. Love it!

Toby Bossard

Food is good for fast Chinese. Dine in experience wasn't ideal, service was slow, no drinks were offered. Very understaffed and they focus more on take out orders and don't have the staff to service dine in customers quickly. Had to grab our own to-go boxes and flag down the waitress for the check after waiting for 20 minutes.

Nina R.

Great vegan options! They also have vegan wonton soup which is very hard to fine. Love seeing restaurants that are able to accommodate vegan dishes/ or know what vegan is.

Robin M Chapman-Thompson

Food was wonderful, proper temp, generous servings, and very tasty. Excellent service and very reasonable prices.Will definitely go back.

D. MN,

Love this place. Classic 80's Chinese food. A once a month stop for me.

Debbie Nickel

I had the pork fried rice and the pork and it was really dry and hard and the fried rice was kind of dry I won't be going back


They overcharged me and gave me the doordash fee for regular takeout. I got teriyaki and I was not a fan. I was not expecting heavily deep fried tofu with a heavy sauce. Also $17 is too much for teriyaki

Ana Gamero

1. Terrible customer service2. Salty food3. Wear a mask if you have a cough

Tiffany Case

Service was good. The food was ehh. I ordered my favorite chinese dish, Almond Chicken. Was very disappointed that instead of almond gravy, it was served with regular brown gravy that you would have at Thanksgiving. The inside of the food was very piping hot, but somehow the outside was room temperature. We didn't wait long for the food, so it doesn't make sense for the temperature of the food to be like that.

Jeremy Boatsman

Finally got our pool tables back, got the best bbq pork in town!

Harry Williams

Beautiful experience. Will go back and tell others about the service.will be going back soon

Ron Emery

Love the fried prawns!


My wife and I have been going there for years off and on and the Asian lady who greets us has always been so very nice . This time a Caucasian lady was to greet us and as we walked in she was on the phone and she still had time to tell me that I had to have a mask on . Her exact words were "PUT ON A MASK NOW OR LEAVE"!!!!!!!! To this I informed her that I was exempt for medical reasons. She got all huffy and said to me "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME IN THE FIRST PLACE" !!!! I did tell her as soon as she scolded me as I walked in the door . I told her I am stage 3 lung cancer and have a life expectancy of 6 to 18 months depending" to this she got FURIOUS and told me "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST SAY "I HAVE LUNG CANCER AND AM DYING"?? I informened her that it was against the law to ask me what my medical condition is and that all I have to do is tell her that I am exempt from face masks and she kept hammering me with the "ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS SIMPLY SAY "I AM DIYING OF LUNG CANCER AND AM NOT REQUIRED TO WEAR A FACE MASK"!!!! in her most viscous and rude manor. I explained to her that it is against the ADA (Americans with Disabilities act) to ask someone what there medical condition is and all I am required to tell them is that I am exempt from wearing a mask . This is the first thing I told her but she was not having anything of it and actually thru my wife and I out of the restaurant . I recorded the incident on my phone and am notifying my attorney in the morning . Were I you I would not even give them my money . There lack of understanding the laws at best and there lack of any kind of compassion for someone who is dying is at worst a good reason to refrain from doing business with them . On a purely food quality point of view there food is hit or miss as to if it is any good . Thee price and convenience was why my wife and I ate there but after there complete and total rude handling of my husband and I we will never be back again. That and the fact that we are filling a lawsuit against the restaurant and the waitress for violating the Americans with Disabilities act .

Anita Walls

I love Chan's Dragon Inn!! The food is great and there's plenty of it. Really a great place to eat!! Try it I think you'll like it.

Robert Young

Nice place to eat had everything for my family

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