1422 W 3rd Ave, Spokane
(509) 458-0930

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JoanneMarie G. Grenier

I was at the downtown location and came in 10 minutes before closing for 4 sandwiches. The employee was so nice! He was cheerful, efficient, and a great sport. Sandwiches were perfect! ?

Annee Schuler

The sandwich artist who made our sandwiches did great and the sandwiches were perfect. We hadn't eaten one of their subs in over 3 years and I'm glad we stopped in because we will again!

Amy Mejia

They don't take coupons at this location! Horrible customer service in not accepting coupons!

Noah Gallop

This location doesn't participate in the corporate marketing campaigns. So corporate sends you ads via the app, mail, TV, whatever - you get hooked on a lunch idea, show up, order, then find out the pricing is completely different from what you had planned. Even when you are visibly holding a coupon while ordering, and so obviously expecting to use it during checkout. I get it that franchisees like to have some autonomy, but if you're going to break completely from what corporate is doing, why not just start your own independent sandwich shop? Otherwise customers can only conclude that you happy to engage in bait and switch - benefitting from the extra traffic corporate brings in, while not honoring the information people have relied on when choosing where they're going to eat. I'll be patronizing other locations in the future.

Michael Harward

Mike was very nice and he makes a very good sandwich ? ? ?.

Tom Harry

This dump hole doesn’t honor any coupons. I arrived today and several customers had in hand the same coupons that I did and I watched them be denied. I just walked out. How can you operate under the Subway brand and not honor the coupons that are published?

Michael Ogle

Tried to use the coupon but wouldnt use it. No sign on the door. Its BS. I would never come thete again.

Craig Brandt

I didn't visit Subway in at least two years. Subway's the bottom of the barrel

lawrence tolva

We have a friend at work. As usual the sandwiches are incredible


Was served rotten lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Health department should be alerted.

David Matson

So I never eat subway and I try to eat healthier and the guy that help was was great definitely coming back

Brannon Glatz

Just your good old subway chain.

Cameron Brayton

I used to work there, I kinda miss it.

Randy Beckford

Always great service. I go there often.

Krystalann “KOOKIE” Frazier

We're addicted my husband and I love to eat there for lunch when we can .

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