AA Meats, Inc

5116 111th St SW, Tacoma
(253) 588-7979

Recent Reviews

Jodi Smith

love this place don't shop any where else

Eddie James

The jerky, fresh meat and the staff is amazing. i fell in love with this place years ago. i introduced some of my coworkers to this place. They love it. Ten stars all around.

Ame Ketsueki

Normally good experience. Lady with New York hat has had a bad attitude multiple times that I've shopped there. I won't be coming back because of the atmosphere was almost exclusively buying my meats here.

Jennifer Roberts

Love the different meat pack options. Great prices and best quality

Vince Ludovico

Great selection, polite and accommodating staff and more than fair prices.

Kevin Glover

I haven't been here since the late 70's! Things change & evolve....not a bad thing. It's not the shop I remember as a child, but the customer service is awesome. They have an array of exotic meats as well as your regular beef,pork & chicken. They have a variety of smoked meats as well! Stop in and check it out. There is something for almost every palette......like these elk jerky strips I saw at the last minute!

CJ just for kicks

Great quality products. Knowledgeable and friendly employees

Trestin Lauricella

Been going here for jerky, pepperoni, and bbq fixings for over 30 years. Always great service and quality!

Jodi Smith

Best flavor meats put there CS is awesome

Stephanie Humphreys

Love going here they are really respectful

michael cornelius

There's extra spicy beef jerky is great I'm going to try some of their hot beef jerky bought a little bit of it people are friendly service is good Oliver meets look yummy


They have great deals but get there early as they usually run out of stuff

Roger Pekkanen

They have the best bacon you can’t find bacon with the flavor that they have.

Jo M.

Stopped in to buy some Lamb. When I asked if they would cut some into chunks the gal at the counter had to ask the owner who rolled her eyes and acted like what I was asking for was a huge inconvenience. The shop is small so it's very obvious when the owner is irritated, at least that was my experience. I felt I had to apologize for asking them to cut the lamb. I won't be returning.

Washington OutLaw

Awesome butcher shop. You can get all different is types of meat including elk and bison. If your not into game meat, they do have some lovely cuts of beef. It's worth checking out if you enjoy good quality meet for a great price. Also worth mentioning is their meat packs.

Hope Brock

Great, friendly staff. We come here every year for our smoked turkey. They even cut it in half for us. Don't forget to grab your jerky here too!

Emma H.

Cute little meat shop. Friendly service, great selection and quality. Beef jerky is amazing (I gave my cat a tiny piece and now he refuses to eat anything else). I got the Extra Seasoned beef jerky. The staff were willing to help, and they have things that may not be displayed (pork fat, for example). I drove from Renton to check this place out. Would recommend.

Barry Darling

Butcher shop featuring wide variety of high quality cuts of meat. Very fairly priced meats by the pound or in bulk value packs ranging in size from 15 to 50 pounds or more. Everything from beef pork and chicken to buffalo crocodile and goat. Have visited many times and always have been happy with product quality. Friendly staff as well.

Jeff Hines

I've been dealing with AA Meats for over a year . We still get chicken for under a $ 1.00 a lb with no saltwater filler and other yucky stuff. The four legged friends that eat more then 200 lbs a week are very very happy about the quality of their food. The order is allways ready and waiting when I arrive , and the staff is totally awesome . It's a pleasure to snack on a tasty treat of jerky or sausage while they load my truck. I highly recommend AA Meats and their large selection of fresh and smoked meats. For me AA gets a five star rating. Included is a photo of the puppas,

Ann Marie Taylor

AA meats has been helping us feed our foster and rescue dogs hi quality raw and meat-rich food since 1998. Their service has been beyond amazing - Tammie always does the best reaearch and helps us keep things affoardable by working with her vendors to find us the freshest and most affordable chicken every single week. Our pups are healthy and happy in great part due to AA meats and we love their freezer packs for people too

Phyllis Naiad

Over 50 years since I was there and made a special trip to buy Scrapple once I heard they had it. Let's just say, I left there with more than just Scrapple at check out...had to buy a freezer bag and went from one end of the shop to the other. Wonderful selection of meats along with "exotic" meats, spices breakfast packages. Stop by and buy! The staff were wonderful and fun!

Tyson M.

I go here for the thinly sliced Eye of Round to make my own beef jerky and occasionally a few other cuts during the summer. The guys behind the counter are always friendly and helpful. If they are out of something, they call as soon as stock comes back in. Can't praise the store enough. I should also mention that the smell in the store is awesome.

Justin G.

Went in here twice and didn't buy anything either time. Won't be a third time. Why is the meat grey??

Julee E.

They have a very diverse types of meats, I always buy a pound of their jersey and try to check out different types of meats .... Bison , deer and ostrich just to name a few ! Friendly staff

Jenny S.

This place had great selection of quality meats. I wasn't 100% what I needed and they were beyond helpful and willing to answer any questions we had. I will be going there a lot more and recommend them to everyone!

Marylin T.

I came here to get a pork shoulder for Christmas. As you enter the smell of pork sauce welcomes you, then you are greeted by someone behind the counter. Loved their bacon and the pork shoulder. I got the breaded chicken, but it was not a success at our house. The breaded chicken was more dough than breaded. Will return soon for beef neck, but will leave my kids at home because they were touching everything.

Jim C.

I was making crock pot beef burgundy and when my wife buys stew meat she ends up trimming and fussing and taking lots of time. I didn't want to do that so I went to AA and asked for lean stew meat. Tossed the meat directly into the pan to brown it and then into the crock pot. It turned out wonderfully tender and extremely tasty. I know that this is supposed to be an advantage of crock pot cooking but their meat was excellent and the service was warm and enthusiastic.

Tommy S.

Went out of my way to come here since we don't have a meat market in university place. Luckily I won't have to do that again. I'll just go to the local supermarket. I ordered a rack of spareribs cut St. Louis style. The next morning I woke up, started the egg smoker, then went to put the rub on my ribs while I waited for the temp to come up in the smoker. Surprise! My rack of spare ribs looked more like a slice of bacon. So now I was behind on my schedule to have ribs done by dinner because I had to go to Fred Meyer and get another rack. They were nice enough to cut a rack out of the cooler St. Louis style for me and they look great. The picture I'm attaching shows the AA meats spareribs (top) and the Fred Meyer spareribs (bottom). You decide.

Jerome Rainer

Me and my mother stopped by today to pick up dinner, and we were looking at the polish sausage andouille and Hawaiian chicken. We asked to taste a small piece to be sure we would like it before purchasing. Where we were told sorry we could not. So absent the ability to taste the sausages we asked if it was a mild andouille we were then told it was. Only to find out that it is quite spicy what a waste of 2 1/2 lbs of andouille. The Hawaiian chicken and short ribs however do look good. We shall see not sure we will ever be back.

Preston N.

The meat wasn't better here and it was 3 times higher than anywhere else. I called in the morning for a price on beef shoulder and was given what I thought was a good price so I rushed down to purchase it knowing I was going to have several people over. When I arrived the guy said the price was NOT what was quoted on the phone and they couldn't honor it! After speaking with the manager he reiterated they would not honor the price. Pissed off and needing the meat I paid 3 times (NO JOKE) what any other store would have charged me. What really upset me was when I purchased it I said, "this will be the only time I come in here" and they said, "that's fine with us." Wow! Clear lack of customer service! The quality of the meat was not higher than anywhere else it was very similar to Safeway or Fred Meyer! I fully intend to honor what I said I will not buy anything from this place again!

David D.

This review if FOR THE BEEF JERKY and customer service ONLY. I've noticed some less than stellar reviews for raw meats and other stuff so I can't make judgment on that since I haven't bought anything else. As for the JERKY, it's fantastic! I cannot rave enough about their jerky. While they do have a large selection, you're bound to like or dislike some over others but you are bound to find something tasty here. Personally, I LOVE the extra spiced and so does everyone else I've shared it with. The staff here has always been very friendly and helpful so far...even engaging in light conversation, or recommending jerky flavors, etc. If you go here for one thing, at least try the jerky. Free samples are given of any flavor on request.

Larry S.

After many years of being a patron to this establishment, I have to rave about this place. Pro: That wonderful smell Parking Fresh meat Customer service Beef Jerky Con: You pay butcher shop prices They smoke their own beef jerky and when they do, you just want to bottle the smell. They also have a lot of meat packs and can order just about anything. If you like spicy, I recommend the danger dogs. They are too much for me, though. The breakfast sausage is good and you must try the pepper steaks. It won't need anyaeasoning and for 1.99 they are hard to beat. I can't begin to list all the flavors of beef jerky they have. You must see it for yourself. I get all my meat here and skip the larger supermarket stores. You will not regret doing the same as I have since 2001. Say hi to Tammy when you get there.

Curt S.

Thanks to these guys, I just made the most incredible, otherworldly batch of chili I have ever made....recipe is from 1976 Field & Stream article by Richard Starnes, entitled "The Chili Factor", available on Google Books with no limits on pages to view....I added, at the suggestion of the staff at AA, two sliced up "Danger Dogs", delightfully hot sausages, and the result is....well, you're just going to have to try it yourself! I also bought my stew meat and ground beef from them...highest quality...enjoy!!

Tiffany W.

Customer service is good however, we bought a meat pack with chicken breasts and wings, ribs, hamburger and it all was horrible! Barely any meat on anything with bones, breakfast sausage tasted horrible. And I know there was other meat we got before but so not worth the money! Have found another shop in Tacoma that's easily 5X better.

Arie L.

Pretty cool mom & pop shop. I have always gone in here for their pepperoni sticks and jerky. Try the elk and buffalo! They always have "packaged specials", especially on sausages and cut specialty meats. I noticed their new dog treats layout. Very cute and endearing. Fresh meats, just ask for the cut you're looking for. They know their stuff!

Anita K.

This is by far one of the best meat markets around. The quality of their meats is the best. Juicy, a richer flavor than what you find in any of the grocery stores. I love their jerky, and pepperoni too. The smoked game hens, and smoked pork ribs are the best. The problem is, that you need to be there early or call ahead for the ribs, as they do go fast. I even ordered a few slabs to make sure I got some. The ground chuck is super. Makes the best meat loaf, or meat balls. Try their meats packs. They have a variety and price for all budgets.

K. M.

Great little family-owned shop not too far from I-5, recommended by my sister and her family. The prices are reasonable, and it's older but clean and well-kept. I can tell the difference from what's available in grocery stores, especially with the beef. It seems like it tastes more natural and fresher from this little shop. I bought a bulk pack from them--mainly beef, but a few cuts of pork and chicken, with pepperoni and jerky to boot. When I run out, I will be returning and will be loading my freezer with another bulk pack.

Gabriel M.

I found alligator!!! They only had strip cuts but it was fresh and delicious. And most important, my wife was happy...

Jessica H.

Best turkey jerk I've ever had! Can find some cool grilling/cooking seasonings as wel.

Michael R.

The Buffalo Jerky is awsome. Prices are very affordable.