E9 Brewing Co. & Taproom

2506 Fawcett Ave, Tacoma
(253) 383-7707

Recent Reviews

Tana Young

Lived in Tacoma for only a short period of time... but I spent almost all my time here. Some amazing sour beers. I miss this place so much. Please if you guys start distributing your beer in Colorado somehow... I hope I am able to be informed! I constantly find myself trying beer spots always comparing it to E9. I miss this place and beer so much! Thanks for the memories

Steve H.

Really good pizza. I only tried one of their beers but it was also really good. Located in what seemed like a sketchy part of town but there is another brewery nearby to check out also.

Kevin J.

As you can see Roux was ready for the weekend. Thanks Todd and E9 for the great beer and service !!

Frank Sandoval

Quality recipes and very friendly crew, definitely stepped up the game for all 253 breweries.

Libby J.

This is our favorite spot to grab beers since it's walking distance from our house. Delicious beers and the radiator pizza is seriously amazing! Great beer and a fun little spot with very nice staff. I love the courtyard when it's nice out too! Bonus points for being dog-friendly!

Stacie K.

Great service, cool environment, and some dang good pizza and beer. The pepperoni pizza with lavender oil is just spectacular. My only complaint is that they didn't offer enough variety on the beer menu. I'm not a big hops fan and also didn't want something quite as dark as a porter but there seemed to be nothing like an nut brown ale in between. But that's a minor complaint. We had a great time here. Was kind of bummed to be booted out once the clock struck 10 PM on a Saturday. Didn't want the night to end!

Jay C.

I chose to hit up this brewery yesterday to watch the Seahawks game for a few reasons. I'm a huge craft beer enthusiast and I also follow this brewery on ig. I've also tried a couple of E9's beers at Teku Tavern in Seattle and I absolutely loved their ipa's. When I arrived I was really surprised that it wasn't very busy. I didn't mind it because I was able to get a great seat to watch the game. For my beer I chose to try the Pogo Stick Mosaic IPA and it was really good. Then I went on to order one of their pizza's from the list. I decided to go with "La Margarita" ($15) made with No cook red sauce, jalapeño gouda, cilantro, romano dusting. Pizza was really good I just wished that it was bigger Lol. Perhaps I was super hungry. This brewery is definitely worth checking out!

Keith S.

Came here after hearing great things about their pizza and brews. Was not disappointed at all! Me and my SO ended up ordering The Radiator pizza and loved it. It had this lavender oil glaze that we were concerned about at first but ended up loving the taste of it on the pizza. It doesn't really have a lavender taste and ends up complimenting the pepperonis very well. Also tried a couple beers while we were there and enjoyed those as well. Highly recommend the Bing Cherry wild ale.

Tom B.

A brand-spanking-new addition to the beer scene here, in the form of an expansion by Tacoma's granddaddy of craft breweries. They get a ton of capacity to brew, and the perfect amount of capacity for people to come drink. This whole corner of downtown has gone from a crime zone decades ago to a bunch of empty buildings more recently to new construction and cool reclaimed spaces today. The brewing industry is good at turning old warehouses and power stations and other architectural oddities into thriving hangouts, and this is just the latest example. There's only so much parking around here, but inside there's a clean, bright, brand-new taproom with plenty of tables and barstools. On the other side of pretty floor-to-ceiling glass walls is a big warehouse space full of barrels, a cold room, and lots of shiny steel tanks and vessels where the suds grow. There is a flat screen tuned to the game over there, and a bar space with about 15 taps, some bottles, and a couple wines and hard seltzers. They have food, and the pizza certainly smells incredible. The staff are youngish and super friendly, helpful, and well-informed about the lineup of beers. They're great. Prices are very fair here, and if you didn't know, the beers at E9 are exceptional. Tons of great sours and explosively flavorful IPAs, plus plenty of other styles. They're internationally recognized for great beer, and we're lucky to have them.


Excellent spot for beer and pizza! I'll start off with the only down side. The prices are a bit high for beer on tap and a little high for the pizzas. But it's supporting a small time brewer. Independent If you will. Excellent ladi back and friendly neighborhood atmosphere. It was my first time here yesterday after work. They even rent out the large space where they keep their aging barrels. But be aware they only make pizza. But it is quite excellent ? I believe on weekends there are food trucks here... Have fun and check em out! I also bought a ?. They have quite the selection.

Taylor Brown

Great pizza, good beer, friendly service!

Todd Buckley

Fantastic sour collection and the wood fired pizza is great!

Michelle L.

We went to this place because it was close to the Tacoma dome before a concert. The parking was easy. We ordered beer (I had station wit) which was delicious! We also ordered to pizzas (one pepperoni with lavendar and a three meat) Which took about 30 mins to cook. The atmosphere is really neat - indoor and outdoor with open dog policy. I love it. You can see the steel chambers as well as the wooden barrels inside. The patio area was small but decorated with lights.

Alisha K.

So happy to have E9 in our area! This location is great for getting drinks and food. I don't like beer, but have successfully found a few that I can enjoy from E9. I have only sat outside, but they have two indoor seating spaces that are for larger groups. Each time I've been it has been pretty busy, but I always have been able to get a spot without having to stand around and wait. If you're like me, I always like food with my alcohol, and E9 as a few choices: charcuterie and pizza. The charcuterie platter is DIY, which just meant we had to cut the meat and cheese. Don't know about you, but that didn't bother me. I've also had a pizza there. I'd consider it a thin crust, which always have the potential of getting burnt/crispy. Ours was perfect though! Nice. Bonus: sometimes there are cute dogs there.

Mauro S.

Finished off our first day in the area at this brewery. Overall a good little spot and would recommend visiting. Didn't try any good, and really only had time for one beer which was good. Wife and son both had a sour, the Cherry seemed to be more popular than the Blueberry. My Farmhouse Ale was very good.

Christine S.

The beer was pretty darn good and the atmosphere and service were good enough for what is. My main issue/complaint is with the charcuterie menu. First and foremost no prices(?). I've been to more than a few higher end places without the whopping bill i ended with after wild boar salami, pepper jelly, fig spread, cheese, and small baguette. I cannot say i didn't enjoy it, but damn, way too expensive for a brew house in Tacoma. Ask first and buyer beware.

Michele Ramirez White

Great spot for Seahawks Football ~ the screen is huge, the beer is amazing & you can’t go wrong with Jalapeño Gouda on a pizza!

Brennan McGee

Love this place! My wife and I frequently stop here when going through the up-n-coming brewery district. Highly recommend stopping by this place if you haven’t yet. You won’t be disappointed.

Hunter Montiel

I love there food! Especially there two story super nachos.

Lindsay S.

Great beer and fun atmosphere!! Very relaxed and a wide variety of beer choices. I love that they have outside seating and inside Seattle. You also have a great view of the brewery inside. I have tired the food trucks but am looking forward to that experience.

Angie F.

Was okay, nothing different or special. Food was so so, beer selection was decent. I know it's a brewery but it's super annoying to know what you want to order and there a group of people in front of you sampling every damn beer they have. Figure out a system for this please. We almost left due to waiting seriously 20 minutes to order food and drinks.

Matt P.

Came in here after a bad experience down the street at another brewery. The bartender was full of information and super kind. He helped us pick out some brews, and they were fantastic. E9 has great vibe to the place, and I can't say enough about the service. I had a sandwich there called the Enzo and it was the perfect pairing with my IPA. Well in my mind everything pairs with an IPA. Good job on the outdoor area, can't wait for the BBQ and Pizzas.

Scot cave

Great beer selection with a great laid back atmosphere. When I come back to Tacoma, this is a must stop.

Ray Weinrich

Friendly taproom that has a great atmosphere to enjoy the best beer in Tacoma

Natassia C.

2 stars because the beer is decent. When I walked up to the bar, the blonde girl at the bar said, "What's up?" But it sounded more like, "What do you want?" She poured me a sip of an IPA that was all foam, to the top of the taster glass. I didn't like it and asked to taste the coffee porter, and she just poured me a pint because her friends showed up and she was clearly done with me. Could be a really cool spot, but the brewery clearly doesn't care about customer service in the least.

James R.

As many of the other reviewers have mentioned, do not let the outside of the bar fool you, it's a lot bigger in the inside than you would expect. I got the Spectral Vision, which had a nice hoppy taste but a smooth finish. This particular bars claim to fame is being the first brewery in the city of Tacoma. The bar is very bright and filled with light, which is both a pro and a con. Reason being is the area is easily maneuverable however it feels like it's bright morning which may be difficult when navigating from a dark environment into a light one and vice versa. However, an added bonus is the doggie with an America bandanna that wanders around (and likes to eat his/hers stash of cookies from the cookie jar), so that in itself is a major plus. A very nice and relaxed environment, a lot of locals in the bar, with their own brewery enclosed in glass around the bar itself. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a local bar flair.

Tony Orcutt

Awesome unique beers in a great location. Love the charcuterie selection!

Scott S.

Great new brewery with a lot more space then it looks like from the outside. Most of the tables are large 6 to 8 people tables which is good for socializing with friend or others. Outdoor seating area is huge. The brewery is in the back which you can see from the seating area which is really cool. The beer is great and they have some snack food for purchase which is nice for a brewery setting. Will definitely frequent E9, great new spot in Tacoma. Cheers!

ernesto amador

Great beers and a cool brewery

Mad M.

Hreat taproom in hilltop area. Diverse brew choices. Guest food providers on some weekends. Open air. Games.

Jeremy Harris

Man are that awesome. Great service great location great employees, Oh and great beer always rotations. Go here support local

crane roger

Very nice place and the beer is great.

Tom Swindoll

Awesome place, great service and beer of course

Stephanie S.

This is probably the best new brewery in Tacoma. The beers here are outstanding. Lots of variety from Belgian styles to sours to IPAs everything is excellent. They have some food on the menu, more appetizer style but it sounds like they're trying to add more. The staff here are friendly and knowledgeable about beer. It's a great stop, I would highly recommend trying a beer here.

Steve F.

I stopped in for the first time with dog and son in tow. We all really liked the vibe here - really chill and welcoming. Our server was super friendly and really made us feel welcome. There's a large outdoor area with plenty of tables to give four-legged friends space to relax (in the shade, no less). All of the beers we tried were great, and there are a lot of styles to choose from. There are plenty of snacks available and they have a limited sandwich menu as well. We'll definitely be back.

Chad B.

New addition to the unofficial brewery district in this part of Tacoma. Good selection of house beers on tap. Beers themselves are OK. Middle of the pack for the Tacoma. Outdoor seating area is interesting..great views, but I feel like I'm sitting inside of a prison exercise yard due to the the barbed wire surrounding the entire perimeter of the outdoor seating area. Food truck was surprisingly good. I'll definitely be back.

Wai L.

Some of the best fruited sour wild ales I've ever had. If you like Floodlands, Grimm, Holy Mountain, etc. this is a must try. Lovely space with food truck, apparel, outdoor space and plenty of beer to bring home. Convenient 4 ounce pours to sample your face off. I sit here sobering up on water after over "sampling" before I drive. Try: Last truck to Clarksville - Montmorency & Bing cherries from local Diamondback Acres blended in wild ale gives this a bright fruity nose with a cherry tart kick. Syrupy mouthfeel with a slightly funky finish. Tayberry Farmhouse - whatever a Tayberry is, it's delicious. Like a watermelon jolly rancher with cranberry finish. Ultra smooth finish with subtle tartness. Sweet. Pogo stick mosaic IPA - mosaic is one of the easiest to drink hops. Smooth refreshing and floral. Now take that and add mango and peach and it's a damn fruit cocktail. If you don't like fruity or sweet beer, pass on this one.

D M.

Impressive neighborhood attraction, would be great to come here in summer. Great beer selection, atmosphere great and like I said outside area impressive with great view. Only thing I would change is lighting, get yellow lighting.

Isa B.

Finally stopped in to try this place. It's spacious and has lots of places to sit inside and outside, I like how they separated the spaces with a wall of glass so you can still see the barrels but not be in the colder area. The guy pouring was knowledgeable and patient with me as I'm not much of a IPA drinker and all their beers on tap were on the hoppy side. He suggested a nice crisp kí¶lsch beer that I enjoyed very much. Later on they had a stout and that was just delicious (can't remember the name). We weren't hungry but I did nite their food menu is limited, things like cheese, meats and crackers are available but I think they will soon have wood fired pizzas.

Le Derek