Goofy Goose Burgers & Teriyaki

3702 6th Ave, Tacoma
(253) 752-5722

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Danny Smithson

I love this place. Fresh food nice prices BURGERS are extremely fulfilling and presented professionaly. The lil cute white woman who work there are sweet to you help you order pleseant smiles and make you feel good. What you need in an Olfashioned homemaid sock hop design then that. Try some the deversity foods when you get a chance SCUMDIDDLYUMMCIOUSSS!!!!! Side of mmmmmmmmmsssssss!!!!!!!! YUMMYIEZZZZZ!!!!!!!!

Justin Seavey

Food is delicious and super friendly and a fantastic service

Todd J.

I have eaten here a couple of time but it has been awhile. Bullet point review: * good prices on the burgers and sandwiches. * got the beef bulgogi sandwich and it was salty sweet and tender. * fries were good and fry sauce was a nice condiment. * daughter got a chocolate shake which was tasty. * window service during this pandemic. Nice service. This place has been here since 1962 and it hit the spot of our appetite. (June 2020)

Christina H.

Always consistent! Love it! Quick and friendly, prices/ portions are very reasonable!

Alex K.

I ordered chicken Katsu for myself and chicken tenders for my wife. The katsu was so dry, burnt and you could t even tell if there was chicken in it because it was paper thin. Kind of a let down.


OMG! This is an historic fast food Eatery that's been around since the start of time. No kidding my first job at the Automobile Club of Washington, on my lunch hour would go over to Goofy Goose and order the hot dog and fries. Fabulous food! The customer service was excellent the place was squeaky clean and everybody wore a smile. The parking lot was never crowded because I'm talking back in 1977. Seeing this place show up on my guide just blew my mind today. Indeed, being a

Teri White

I like Goofy Goose. Always good service and good food. Nothing fancy but always clean and welcoming.

Carrie Steffensen

Very surprised by how good it was. Way better than expected.

Mike Kimball

First visit, good burger and fries. The teriyaki looks delicious, will try next visit.

Devin Scott

An icon resteraunt that follows the values of frisko freeze, an historical site that been here for a while. Great friendly staff good place all around

S.R. D.

I ordered kung pao chicken and somehow got a plate of breaded rubber bands and pencil erasers. There must have been some mistake. Into the trash it went. Yuck.

Neil Mathura

Ordered chicken and pork teriyaki with seasoned rice and back to office and saw white rice.....(sigh)

James Mcclinton

Food was good lady behind counter was eating and on her phone while we we're there

ambrose eastman

Shocked the hell out of us grazy name but good food..

Jose E.

I haven't been there in years until today. I was greeted by a somewhat nice lady. She took my order and so far everything was good. Until I got back to work and saw the burger I ordered. I ordered food for 4 of us at work and drove from Lakewood to 6th ave Tacoma to get it. I ordered 4 chicken Teriyaki burgers, everything was good accept the burgers. They used chicken thighs instead of chicken breast so my very first bite I got a bone. I was grossed out and after spitting it out I decided I would keep eating it because it's a 6 dollar burger after all. Then I got another piece of bone and was like NOPE! I hate chicken on the bone. Why wouldn't they use chicken breast like every othe restaurant on the planet. We spent almost 40 dollars on 3 meals and an extra burger. I'll never go back there again. Too bad , it used to be really good.

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Goofy Goose Burgers & Teriyaki

3702 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406
(253) 752-5722