Happy Teriyaki #4

2223 Pacific Ave, Tacoma
(253) 272-1544

Recent Reviews

Lela Cross

So over the moon that the Happy Teriyaki on Pacific in Tacoma is back open. Missed this place. It was as good as I remember. The sushi of my dreams!

Maria Teresa Loredo

Unfortunately I have to give one of my favorite restaurants a low rating today. Food was amazing No issue with that. The issue is the way the women who was cashiering treated my boyfriend when he went to pick up our food. When he went inside to go pay for our food the young women at the front had the worst attitude ever. When he went to insert his card to pay she snapped and said he needed to tip first before paying. Then when he entered the tip he when to put in his card for the chip reader as she instructed but then the women snatched his card out his hand and put the card in the chip reader herself. We come here all the time but it looks like we’ll be making the drive to fife location from now on. They don’t treat us this way. Never has this happened before and it will be the last time for sure. This happened around 12:20pm 2/1/2021.

Robbin Smith

Recently reopened after two year closure due to fire. Same great crew on staff and excellent portion sizes. I am so glad that this place is back in business. It is (a) the best of all area Happy Teriyaki places and one of the best in Washington.


Not the same as before the fire. My sushi was supposed to be all deep fried but was raw and mushy and uncooked.. Different staff and sushi items are prepared differently. The staff take personal calls and leave the phone ringing and hang out in the back instead of taking customer orders. I miss the old place.

Audrey Foster

Their monster burritos are delicious! Thanks Happy Teriyaki for the great food and service!

Jeremy Stewart

Horrible flavor, this used to be my favorite teriyaki spot by far. Now evrything taste burnt. Even the salad dressing had a burnt flavor. They obviously did not get new equipment after the fire.Never again will I return!

Tony White

They dont answer the phone half the time. After trying to call 4 times to place an order, then I walk in and see the employees just standing around doing nothing. They dont give you 2 scoops of rice like the other places. And charge you for the extra scoop if requested. I order the same thing everytime and it tastes different everytime. Not too pleased

Gabriel Allen

My favorite teryaki spot in Tacoma!

Mark Lucht

I used to really love this place. When they reopened after the fire, the quality has really gone down. The breaded chicken they use for sweet and sour, sesame chicken or orange chicken is sub grade stringy, chewy and horrible... I had to throw out almost all of it. Really hope they improve and get back to the quality they used to be.

Larry Gutierrez

great food fast and friendly service

tyrone fleming

Under the map food is great but the employees are very standoffish

David Burwell

Spicy sushi so delicious

Joseph Hartman

These guys used to be excellent. I tried them after they were closed for a while because of a fire. Food was burnt and serving size was very small.

Noble Johnson III

Order lunch from this place as last time I had a good experience & the portions were good for the price. This time very small portion for what I paid for and should have went to another place as they give better portions for a better price and they are just as good. I would recommend that you don't go here as they are over priced.

Paige Racioppo

One of my favorite sushi places! Friendly staff, fresh fish, great selection. I’m so glad they’re open again!

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