Jewel Box Cafe

5107 Grand Loop, Tacoma
(253) 752-4863

Recent Reviews

Patrick R.

Horrible customer service. An employee keeps coming into the dining room yelling at customers because we are "exceeding" their self-imposed 10 person limit. If this is such a concern then simply close down during this crisis or employ people who have manners or some semblance of customer service. Ridiculous.

Cameron Jurgensen

Fun and family friendly environment, with great food and drink options! Their selection is broad - anything from crepes to bubble tea - but all options are freshly made and tasty. I'll be back for sure. Thanks for the good service and great eats.

Shirley Santiago

Visited this place for lunch on Saturday. It was fairly busy but still had a good amount of open tables.

Patience T.

Love this place! Great study location on weekdays, weekends it is pretty busy but still not a bad spot for studying. They have good crepes and delicious coffee! The employees are very friendly. Love the atmosphere, definitely recommend.

Allie A.

While the Cafe itself is stunning the food is lacking. My sister & I both got the Ham Sandwiches and they were mediocre. I would have rather spent my money at Panera Bread. I will say we could have split one whole sandwich so great portion size. Her pasta salad tasted only of cucumber which was odd. Our table was extremely sticky and just gross. Our phones were peeling off the table. I will try this Cafe for the crepes in the future.

Lindsey O.

The decor is super cute, with lots of red velvet chairs and sofas. The line was quite long but went quickly. I had a honeydew hot bubble tea. I like their variety of bubble tea flavors and that they can make them all hot, although truly mine didn't come out that hot and I should have sent it back to be hotter. Good, friendly service. Would definitely return.

Marty C.

I keep coming here because you can't buy crepes just anywhere and the berry and tofu crepes are pretty good. However, I can't give more than three stars because I was recently enticed into ordering a lemon creme muffin by the abundant one nearest me and was instead given the smaller, anemic version next to it. Are you saving the big one for your boyfriend? I'm standing right in front of youDon't turn the prime version of something into the floor model right in front of the customer! (There is also a coffee chain that puts the best version of something in the display case and then pulls its runt sibling out of a drawer from under the counter. Some place callled Meteor Dollars or something like that). Anyway, Jewelbox Cafe also needs to clean their parking validation tablet. It's a greasy mess from everyone's fingers. It has had the same jam splatters on it for 2 weeks! I'll add one more star if they just give that thing a good wipe once a day or so. Update: I am here on Sunday morning and the music behind the counter is too loud and of poor fidelity. Some places run by young people tend to operate for the enjoyment of the employees (or one employee) instead of the customers. (It's similar at some truck stops where country music is prominently played because truck drivers must all be southern hicks who listen to nothing but.) In coffee shops and restaurants, music played loudly forces the patrons to talk louder, causing the music to eventually be turned louder and so on so forth. The absolute worst is when a genre of music is played for the patrons in the dining area and something completely different is played by the cooks in the kitchen and you get to listen to both simultaneously. I may stop coming here because I found another place that makes better crepes and better coffee from a French press (and doesn't play loud music behind the counter). I won't tell you it's name because I tried to eat there yesterday and all the tables were full! Grrr!

Lisa Diaz

I was extremely satisfied by my buffet experience at Zayka. Being a New Yorker with Indian roots I always have the highest expectations when going to Indian restaurants since I understand the taste more than the average guest. I personally am not the one for buffets, however it was the only option at the time. The food was very good and I only wish I could've explored the menu some more.

Shirley S.

Visited this place for lunch on Saturday. It was fairly busy but still had a good amount of open tables. We ordered a 12oz cappuccino ($3.75), strawberry Nutella crepe ($8.50), and a seasoned grilled cheese ($11.50). We picked up our coffee at the bar and had our food brought to our table. The wait for the coffee and the food was about 15 minutes. Cappuccino itself was pretty good. The strawberry Nutella crepe was okay - the ratio of strawberry to Nutella was off. The seasoned grilled cheese I wouldn't recommend - not enough cheese throughout and tasted pretty plain. Overall, I wouldn't go out of my way to come here, but if I was in the area I would probably come back for the coffee and maybe to try out another crepe.

Chonk Cheese

Great coffee and ambiance. Great place to meet a date for a movie in the theater a block away. Come on man, get your coffee from the little guy. Also an amazing path on the water right there. Restaurants are close in a charming waterfront location. Validated indoor parking one block away. Google the area if your fingers aren't broken.

Chaya Dewan

Very interesting decor with a feel of vintage. We didn't really eat anything just had coffee and hung out.

Briana Magana

Such a cute place to get coffee! They sell a variety of coffee drinks and food! 10/10 recommend for a little date or to hang with some friends!

Kanwarinder Aulakh

Nice place to hangout. The ambience was good haven’t tried the sandwiches just ordered crepe and bubble tea.

Briana Ramey

Such a cute place to get coffee! They sell a variety of coffee drinks and food! 10/10 recommend for a little date or to hang with some friends!

Sabrina Mohd Nordin

The interior of this cafe is stunning! A little hectic but the service was prompt. I ordered the house blend special and it was delicious. The mixed berry crepe tasted good, but there’s nothing phenomenal about it. The cafe has plenty of seatings and the vibe is great. Not the quietest place to get some work done (the upper level seatings are quieter) but a cool place to hang out and get some coffee nonetheless.

Tim Minzer

Great location and lots of amazing work space. Extensive menu for food and drink but the drinks are subpar. I’ve come here multiple times and have had a bad experience with the drinks the last 4 times I’ve come. It’s a shame because their drinks used to actually be really good.


my boyfriend and i love it here! there are so many menu items and the prices are very good. we like coming here late at night because it’s a bit emptier and quieter. great atmosphere in general!

Gail Millet

Friends love this place so we all met there. My salad was good but not great. Had an iced green tea and that was way better than the salad.

Heather Ross

The environment is amazing, however the customer service ruins the environment. The three female employees behind the counter actually make customers feel like they are a burden. The barista shows up in sweats and a wife beater. Seems like she just rolled out of bed and came to work. The other female making crepes doesn’t practice sanitary food making at all. Her hair is always down.

Michelle G.

This little cafe is such a delight. They serve food, coffee and mimosas! I love their second floor, it takes up a small part of their space, but the staircase they have makes it feel like a special spot to their cafe. Their coffees are delicious and a great thing to have when you are shopping and eating in that little plaza. I love their crepes. The banana nutella crepe is very flavorful. I like how they serve you coffee in their signature mugs if you're dining in. Produces less waste for the environment. Whenever I am in the area I always make sure to stop by here for two cups of coffees. One for my husband and one for myself :) I especially love coming here during the summer, the lines are usually long, but it is totally worth it.

Mychal G.

One star for the location As a law student, I study a lot in coffee shops located in Capital Hill. I occasionally come down to Tacoma to see my family and girlfriend. This cafe has by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Every staff member seems as if they were pressured to get this job; as if their parents know the owners. It amazes me how their sentence delivery twists into a tone that always leaves me feeling disgusted after speaking with them. We get it, this is your first job and you are only doing it for eyelash extensions and could give a eff about customers. They mask their insecurity by only interacting with those in their clique. Although everyone looks well over 24, even with the caked-on makeup, their attitudes resemble spoiled kids from Wilson high school. Congrats to whoever is reading my first review, I would not have done so if it were not for the terrible (consistent) customer service. Metronome also had poor customer service, but they recently shut down. Hopefully, this place follows suit and Anthem takes over. P. S. The tables were filthy and the other low ratings are accurate.

Amina S.

Really impressed amazing service, good quality fresh food! Those creeps just simply amazing ! Coffee much better then Starbucks! Also location is really lovely! Clean and having good atmosphere!

Alyssa Smith

They hardly ever have the hot teas that are on the menu. The place is so loud. That’s mostly I think from the music. They have it turned up so loud. But the tables by the fireplace are CRAMMED together. I ran into people and chairs while trying to navigate through. There just isn’t enough room for all the tables they forced into that space.


My wife and I have made the Jewel Box Cafe our date-night destination. We love how barista Audrey makes the perfect mocha and creative foam sculptures. They have a great selection of food items too.

Austin Vaarvik

Bubble tea is super mediocre, like I guarantee you no matter your level of cooking or experience in the kitchen, their food is very bad. They just have a location that may be able to pay the bills, that being said I can't wait until they either close up shop or someone that cares about the food could take over.

samantha sanderson

This place could really shine with the amount of money and customers that come through the door. However, they cannot even keep their tables clean.

Alexandru C.

To be honest this local Caffe it's much better than Starbucks and others! I was couple times in and the caffe was delecious. Atmosphere nice. The employes are cute and polite. A lot of people especially students. Just a little bit scared about paintings

Tina Lub

They have great coffee and a unique coffee shop design/decor. Must experience at least twice to believe it. Once downstairs, once upstairs 😁

Chantel Persondek

I would rate this place at a 4 if the service would have been better. They took our orders and we went to sit. They never called us up. My husband ended up going up there and asking, and they had just left everything sitting there.

Dr. Paul Gerhardt

This place is great! Good food. Reasonableble Prices. Great service. Clean. The drip coffee was not the best, but the lattes were awesome. Try the nutella strawberry crepe. I highly recommend this place!

Ray Gibson

I ordered an "extra sweet" espresso drink that wasn't sweet at all. The spiced apple crepe sounded was barely edible. Some cinnamon on canned a factory made crepe. Very disappointing

John C.

Stopped in here with the family the other day on our way to Point Defiance Zoo. We haven't had many crepes so thought this would be a cool change. Breakfast crepe was good. Everything i love in an omelette, but just didn't cut it in a crepe. Basically a thin pancake burrito. My wife and kids got the mixed berry crepes and seemed to love them. I'm sure that's more my style. For now, I'm only at 3 stars on the breakfast crepe. It was ok, but nothing I would order again.

Rene D.

Walked around the waterfront a bit and got cold. Came in to warm up. One Chai Latte and two Hot Chocolates. I was showing my house guests around Point Central. This is a great place to plunk down to grab a tea or coffee and a snack.

Arianna Hempel

Jewel Box has a great selection on their menu: delicious crepes, bubble tea, various pastries. Definitely the go-to Cafe for a relaxing cup of coffee and quick snack.

Lani Wolff

The food is on point. Very tasty. Staff is very kind and attentive. Love the unique decor! Highly recommend!

Anna B.

Disgusting customer service! Disgusting employees, and very disgusting and unclean cafe. They buss tables but never sweep the floor from crumbs or fallen food, their go back dishes are all over the place. Never completely wipe off coffee stains off tables and kick people out eating fish and chips on their premises while supporting their cafe. Disgusting behavior from employees. This place should close down and teach those who work how to treat customers who come and support their coffee shop.

Jim P.

Absolutely one of the worst experiences ever. People were nice. 32 minute wait for two coffees. 32 minutes. Plus, the cinnamon roll was inedible as it was, literally, hard as a rock. Very, very bad service from people who working their butts off because management obviously has no clue. Can not in good conscience recommend as this level of bad means something is seriously wrong with management. Plus, they are making their baristas take all the hit and complaints. The time is not their fault. I have been back a couple times after this and they never can seem to get over 2 stars with bad customer service or stale food. The cookie I ordered was stale as stale can be

Kenny K.

The place has a haunted house feel to it. Had a bunch of random old furniture as tables and I just didn't feel the vibe. Customer service was exceptional everyone there was very attentive and nice. Didn't have one bad thing about that. I got their strawberry bubble tea with tapioca. It did take about 15 minutes to come out due to now busy the place was on a 80 degree day. I had a large group and they all got random ice teas and smoothies... They were all gross. All the iced teas tasted like water, all the bubble teas tasted like straight powder (although the tapioca was perfectly chewy) and the smoothie surprisingly tasted nothing like strawberry banana or just tasted like blended up milk and ice. Overall, I want to give them another chance to try their food but the drinks were bad, and interior was mediocre. Service was great though. 3 stars.

Nick W.

I was very unhappy with my experience here. Everyone who was working there was incredibly rude and unprofessionally dressed. I do not want someone wearing a crop tank top making my food?? They were curt, rolled their eyes, and didn't seem to want to be there. We ordered two bubble teas only to be told 10 minutes later they were out of boba. We ended up getting a refund for one and a passion fruit tea with lychee jelly. Unfortunately, it was absolutely undrinkable. They add milk to the fruit teas (why?) without telling us, so I only found out after trying it. This is a problem because I have a dairy allergy... not to mention the drink somehow had a chalky texture. If I'm going to have an allergic reaction to dairy at least have it be worth it. I will not be coming back.

Allaynnah E.

Love the atmosphere and open seating of this cafe! The only reason I give it 4 stars is because they hardly have any vegan or dairy free food options. Put a bit of a downer on my visit but the coffee was good!