Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya

4502 S Steele St, Mall Suite 501A, Tacoma
(253) 650-0639

Recent Reviews

Carlos Jimenez

I liked the food and the service, I took my kids and they promptly took small plates for them, I really liked that attention. The only negative thing I have is the bathrooms, they should be cleaned often. My first visit here and can't wait to go back, thanks waitresses for your good service.

Etel P.

Loved my food. The service was amazing the server made an amazing suggestion that hit the spot!! Will def bring family and friends next time!!

Andromeda P.

Ramen place by the Southhill Mall was amazing. Their vegan ramen was insanely delicious. First time I went I got hot, but it was too much (definitely around a 4-5 thai spicy). Been there 2 times so far and I'm happy to have finally found an amazing ramen place that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Diane Rebollo

The food here is authentic and the atmosphere is reminiscent of my times in Japan, but at Tacoma Mall of course. The one thing that makes this my go to place will be the manager, Jennifer. Jennifer went the extra mile to help me and my family try to have a traditional Japanese meal (to go) for a family member who is terminally ill. She had great food suggestions and was so compassionate at a time I needed it most. This meant the world to me. Aside from her great service, the food is always wonderful and the staff at the Tacoma restaurant is always the best.

Mikko Y.

First time coming here and unfortunately my last. Beautiful decor and fast service.My wife and I came in hungry so we were ready to eat We ordered the age dashi tofu, chicken karaage, vegetable ramen, and their popular garlic shoyu tonkatsu pork ramen. We also checked in on yelp to receive free edamame. Unfortunately, the free edamame was not free, they charged us an additional $4.00 once I looked closely at the bill. Also, the vegetable ramen was not very apetiting , which was very bland. Their popular tonkatsu ramen was not that great, the pork shasu was tough and burnt. The broth was not tasty at all. I would love to try their other options as well and I had high expectations here since I'm japanese but I felt hungry and disappointed after. Service was good, hence the 2 stars. We spent an additional $20 eating at the food court across the mall after spending $50+ dollars with a 20% tip. Also a tip- hire better cooks...

Kimberly G.

I ordered spicy ramen and it was bland and luke warm. My son order miso ramen, it was soy saucy and salty. We will not be back. The only thing I recommend is the steamed pork bun it came out hot, fresh, and tasted good.

Fraz A.

If you're looking for a solid ramen place in Tacoma look no further. It's not cheap but it is totally worth it. We've tried all of the ones they have and they're all delicious, even the vegetarian one! Some of their sides are also tasty and they have a full bar.

Pri D.

I've been to decent amount of ramen restaurants but this one by far has been the worst. The chicken tan tan ramen barely has any soup and it tasted so much different than the other tan ran ramens I've had. The garlic tonkatsu didn't taste good either. Overall, the ramen was disappointing. I also wouldn't recommend anyone to get the Japanese bun. My husband said it had no flavor to it either. The only good thing was the chicken karage.

Jose Ortiz

Great customer service, staff was polite, quick service and the food was great. I will definitely be back. ??

Allysa Batacan

Went here after work with my boyfriend & it was fantastic. Our server’s name was Alex & she was amazing. The food was great, but Alex’s service made it 10 times better. 10/10

YuJun L.

3.5 Came here on a weekday night and place wasn't really busy at all which is nice since I'm used to long waits in Bellevue. Got the chicken tan tan and wasn't too impressed with it. Was pretty salty and felt really oily. The go to is definitely still the "limited" garlic Tonkotsu shoyu ramen with low sodium and upgrade with pork belly. That melt in your mouth pork belly is still to die for. Takoyaki here was just a tad too cooked, since ideally you want that almost hard but not too soft texture, but it was delicious nonetheless.

s k

I have been excited to finally get an opportunity to eat here. I had gone to the Bellevue location and loved the entire experience there a long time ago ....on 1/18 at 430pm. Upon entering, I was greeted slowly. I was asked if I had "signed in" not sure what it meant. She didn't explain. The service seemed awkward. We sat in the back. Customer service was mediocre. A server cleaned two tables around us using cleaning spray before we were finished eating. Seemed weird.

Sandra C.

Ramen is consistent. I order the less sodium option for the limited garlic tonkotsu (they've never ran out so I'm not sure how limited it is) as it's pretty flavorful. No complaints about the kitchen staff as they work on your order right after it's entered into the computer. Service is painfully HORRIBLE!! Don't bother leaving your name or cell number on the tablet, they don't even check it. You're better off standing in front of that tablet until you are FINALLY acknowledged. And when you finally get seated, it'll be a while before anyone takes your drink order. If you aren't ready to order food when they get your water, I hope you weren't too hungry as it'll be another long while before they come back for your food. Even though the kitchen staff works on your order once it gets entered into the computer, it'll be another long while before the food is brought to your table. I hope you like warm ramen (not hot ramen anymore) with the top layer of oil coagulating.

Wes Feighner

If you like Ramen then this the place for you. We did not order the this time around. We did get the Karage chicken (fried chicken). It was crispy on the outside and tender in the middle. Hands down the best I have had since being Japan. Enjoy a meal and the ambience.

Jeff Carlson

The service was lacking but the Ramen was tasty. I tried the new Habanero Ramen and it had great flavor and a good level of spiciness to it. The drinks were just okay for the price.

Lisa D.

Today was kind of disappointing... I got the regular spicy ramen and it was ok. My husband got the hakata ramen and he added soy sauce into his ramen... the tempura was soggy and not crispy... maybe the oil wasn't hot enough? Usually the food is great but I think that today was a very off day. Hopefully the next time it would be better.

Jay Jung

Ramen is delicious but too much salty

Marco G.

Bigger parties have longer wait times. We waited for almost an hour. Otherwise, it is exactly as expected. I've been to their other branches up north and it is pretty much the same. I love the option to have lower sodium and to basically customize your ramen to your liking (ie. additional egg, pork belly, etc) also they currently have a Yelp check in special. If you check in, you either get a free order of edamame or a fountain drink. The servers are really friendly and check on you a lot. It is not hard to grab someone's attention. I also like their check in service where you can leave your cell number and get a text notification letting you know that you're being called to be seated. You don't even have to get up to check out either. The serves just take your payment right from your table. I thought that was convenient. All in all, if you like ramen, this is a good place to check out! They also have rice plates as well.

Mariely E.

My husband ordered the spicy ramen and man it was super yummy. The noodles themselves were ok, but the broth was prefect!!! Service ..ehh, our waitress took our order and then disappeared. We had another lady fill up our waters and pay. The atmosphere is fun, however, my husband and I did not like the fact that we checked in using an iPad. We felt kinda lost because we received a text message when our table was ready, the message said to go to the host to be seated but we didn't know where the host was it was strange. We asked a server and they sat us down.

Amanda Baldwin

it’s so good! The staff members always welcoming you in and serving you, plus the atmosphere, are always welcoming. ☺️

Austin Colburn

Went a few weeks back and didn’t post a review then, but i feel like my experience was too important not to share.

Remblie Kain

This place is sooo good and healthy every dish has a ton of vegetables. The fish cakes are very fresh the bamboo shoots are very tender the eggs are boiled just right. And the Sake list has sooo many options. I love this place.

Jessica Woodford

Loved this place! I got the chicken ramen bowl. My son is super allergic to peanuts, it is hard to find a place that knows what allergens are in their food with 100% knowledge. I will definitely be going back just because of that. I also loved how when you are ordering they show you that they are typing it in correctly and you can see what your bill is before you get the check.

James Gillis

The ramen here is so delicious. I've eaten there 2 times and I've left satisfied each times. Service is great and the food is greater. It's the best food at the mall

reviel mccallahan

Real authentic Japanese food. I enjoyed every bite of the way. Highly suggest this place if you wanted an authentic expierience!

Ajoy J.

Updating my review. Came here again to get my usual ramen. I usually am a regular and come every 2 weeks. This visit. I noticed that they changed the menu, and it looks different. There's a bit more items added. But almost every item, they increased the prices by $1. I tried their newest ramen, gekikara ramen (which is a spicy ramen infused with habanero peppers). I find their regular spicy ramen not really all that spicy. This gekikara ramen is super tasty and just the right amount of spice. I'm docking my review though bc they haven't been open long, only since July I believe. Already they are increasing the prices! I usually sub their kale noodles. It used to be $1.50 extra. Now its $3 extra to change out your noodles. If I am already spending $16.50-17 on a bowl of ramen, and add the kale noodles, that's almost $20 for a bowl fo ramen which is too expensive. This doesn't even include your drink or appetizer. Also tried their yuzu lemon spiced fried chicken wing, which was tasty but super small portions of 6 baby wings for $10. Would not recommend at all. I can get ramen and a side cheaper elsewhere. When they are busy, it's hard to flag someone down for service, which irritates me. I also have to ask for my water to be refilled, whereas before someone would just come around to refill waters. I don't know if it's just this particular branch where they raised the prices...but I don't recommend coming here any longer. Sad to say bc I loved this place from the moment they opened! I'll travel elsewhere for my ramen fix. I'll have to re-check out their branch at Southcenter to see if the raised prices is branch-wide or just this particular area.

M.C. L.

The food is OK, however the service is atrocious. Not a great place to get lunch during your workday and not a great place to stop for dinner before your evening commute. It takes forever to be seated because tables are not bussed promptly and diners are largely left to fend for themselves. You also have to chase servers down for refills, and also to get your check. And it's not that they are understaffed. There are plenty of servers, but they are always in the back chitchatting with the people preparing the food.

Alliey B.

this place was so cute! the ramen was great and so were the gyoza! this review is old, but i have been planning on going back because my friends and i really liked this place. the server was kind and patient when my party of 4 couldn't decide and we was attentive to when to refill our waters or when we wanted to order more noodles lol. the establishment is clean (probably because it is still new, i'll go again when they've aged in to see.) and it's nice to see japanese style restaurants actually implement the language into it.

Tony Dang

The food is great! We’d like to come back. However, the operation is kinda weird. They want you to put your information (name, phone number) on the waiting list even there are many empty tables. Why? We don’t want to give out the personal information every time we come. If they keep doin that weird stuff, I may not recommend this place. Because the first impression is bad, even the food is amazing, I lose my taste before having.

Marissa L.

This place is so tastey and reminded me of japan . When you walk in they have saki barrels over the bar. And the check in station reminded me of the kyosks at food establishments in japan . Where you self check in and they call you. We were seated quickly and had a wonderful server, she was very energetic and answered all our questions. She had wonderful knowledge of the menu and what the food was made of Since my was vegan. We enjoyed two appetizers, I had oolong tea and water. The Tofu in miso was rich and flavorful, veggie goyoza was crispy and filling. Then we had veggie ramen and I had delish one. It seriously reminded me of japan! Amazing savory broth and wonderful taste. We truly enjoyed ourselves and it didn't take long at all . Service was quick and we were taken care of very well. I will definitely be back and would recommend!

Melissa M.

Fast friendly service when the restaurant appeared super busy. I ordered Togo, it was packaged without leaks and very neatly. Amazing flavor in the garlic ramen. I added fish cakes and corn and was out the door at about 17 dollars. Money well spent!

Velez F.

Worth the wait! They were sure to serve our drinks and appetizer to keep us satisfied and when the soup came- delicious and filling! It was a fulfilling meal to warm up for the rainy day. The prices were adequate and service was good.

Ashley Colbert

This is only my first time here and I already want to go back! The staff here are incredibly kind and patient, and the food was made to perfection. The wait time also wasn't too bad. I would totally recommend eating here!

Marie B

It's always been good here. So glad they open one in Tacoma! When i mentioned the music was a bit too salty they provided clear broth to dilute it a little. I appreciated that!

Tony DeWald

Great food in an OK location. It IS in a mall, but the service was pretty good. The quality of the food was excellent!

Blake S.

Probably one of the closest meals I can get to authentic Japanese food is here. I lived in Japan for 6 years and miss the food so much! The food was delicious. If you don't know what you're getting, ask what it's like! It's definitely different than any mainstream American food. The decor is so great that I could almost pretend I was back in Japan. I would like to give it 4.5 stars, but forced to leave one star off: Few the staff's mannerisms don't really match the Japanese culture at all - and it greatly takes away the experience back to the reminder that it's just another commercialized American establishment. All in all, it's a great date spot with some delicious Japanese ramen.

Mark T.

That was the worst experience ever. I went with two other friends of mine. First they brought out our edamame separately(every 15 minutes for 3 orders). My one friend got his ramen within a few minutes then 30 minutes went by and we said we never got mine and my other friends. So they were like "we're sorry and that the ticket didn't print." Then 20 more minutes went by and still no ramen. At this point I got up and told them I don't want my food anymore and they're like "we're so sorry. Here's a $45 gift card for next time." This place showed no urgency for their customers. It's safe to say I will not come back and I'll be using my gift card as toilet paper.

Daniel M.

First of all, I just want to say that the noodles here are really good. I had the shoyu ramen and the broth, noodles, and accoutrements were all fantastic. Great job for the cooking team. That being said, the service here is just a step above awful, getting a table and paying for your meal is wonky, and for how much front of house staff they have, things move slow. When you walk in, there's this expectation that you use their iPad to get a table. No one greets you. So once you input your name, front of house staff seat you once your name comes up in the queue. I was seated and I browsed the menu for a few minutes. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. My server finally came and took my order (ramen and a beer) after sitting there browsing my phone for almost 10 minutes. Then I waited some more. 10 minutes later I got my beer. 5 minutes later I got an apology that things were taking so long. 20 minutes after I was seated, I finally got my noodles. I came here alone. I ordered one dish and one beer. And by the time it arrived I had been here 30 minutes. Food was great. Broth was rich. My egg was perfectly cooked. The pork was succulent. It was great. But halfway through my meal I needed to use the restroom, so I headed to the bathroom. When I came back to my table, it was in the middle of being cleared by the front of house staff. I hadn't paid for my meal. I could have just walked out of there. But I told the staff that I wasn't done and to please let me finish my noodles and beer (both half-consumed). Upon finishing my meal, I sat for another 10 minutes waiting for the check. But there is no check. There's a staff member with an iPad with pre-selections for tips and an electronic signature panel. Just feels really disconnected from a sit-down restaurant. In total, it took me one hour to get a bowl of noodles and a beer. I could go to any pho shop and accomplish this in 15 minutes. This restaurant adopts the worst parts about getting a table, being seated, being served, and paying for food, and combines it with legitimately good food. The juxtaposition of great food and bad service makes you wonder why they don't just fix the front of house problems. But they've seemed to double-down on bad service at every opportunity where, with the amount of staff they have, they could just drop what's slowing them down and just run a traditional front of house that's responsive and service-oriented. Anyway hope this helps. I will probably not come back as I can scratch my noodle itch at any one of a dozen pho shops in Tacoma. Yes, the ramen and the broth here is good, but it's just not worth the hassle.

Jin K.

OK so I have been to the one in South center and that location was pretty good. I came to the one located at the Tacoma mall today. I really don't want to sound too mean, well I'll just be Blunt lol. I got sat at the bar area, I was waiting for a friend to arrive. The service was really slow. I'm not sure if the bartender/sever was new or just having a bad day. I had to ask for a water a couple of times, even for my friend who had arrived 20 mins later. I had ordered the karaage chicken & pork bun for an appetizer and the garlic tonkatsu ramen for my main course. My friend ordered the same exact ramen and she had ordered a drink, I forgot the name of it though, all I know is that it was suppose to be the color green lol. The pork bun was not great, pretty mild and dry. The karaage chicken was bomb as a matter of fact I'd probably come here just for that and maybe one other thing. The ramen was decent not great. It didn't look very presentable either. Maybe I'm just being overly picky? The drink my friend had ordered looked exactly like watered down vodka. It was the wrong color I mean it was completely off and it tasted like acid reflux. As I said I'm not sure if it was the bartender/ servers first day, maybe she's new or maybe just having a bad day, but she was pretty inattentive also it wasn't that busy either. When I was paying for the bill it was taking a while for the credit card machine to process, so she was actually about to leave and go help other customers lol. Well unfortunately my card got approved lol the funny thing is, I just signed, I guess she didn't want a tip?

Matt H.

We were craving ramen so we decided to check out this newer location in the Tacoma mall. The atmosphere was really friendly and the food was even better! The cold matcha tea serving size was huge but I somehow managed to polish it off myself. We started with the geso karaage which we both really enjoyed. I ordered the garlic tonkatsu ramen which was super delicious! My girlfriend ordered some tsukemen dipping noodles, a different way to eat noodles but again it was very tasty. Overall the service was good, the food came out quick and was I cannot wait until we go back.