MOD Pizza

4502 S Steele St #1507, Tacoma
(253) 274-0663

Recent Reviews

Joseph Reveles

awesome staff and great pizza with lots of toppings to choose from

kenneth hernandez

After checking the website I thought this would be an easy, early lunch because my body is 2 hours ahead of Washington time and they were open. It was a great choice. The service was friendly and efficient. You are able to pick as many fresh toppings as you wish.

Jay S.

Amazing food quality every time! Jay was very friendly and nice. The whole team always has a great attitude. I also love seeing Heather sing. The whole squad always has amazing service.

Randy Thrasher

Truly awesome pizza! Having the same price no matter what toppings you put on is great. They have quick, friendly service, too.

Dionne Cockheran

This was my first time. And I have to say....... it was really good. You can put as many as toppings on it and the price doesn't change. Up to 30 toppings. Like 8 sauces. Crazy!!

Claudia Graves

This place get billions of starts..I went to the one in Lakewood MOD for the first time and they burn my pizza then yesterday we try it again in Tacoma and OMG THIS will be by favorite place to get MOD pizza IN TACOMA! So delicious!!!

Tieler B.

Last time I'm wasting money at this location. I Ordered 2 pizzas curbside and when I got home I was beyond disappointed with my food. The cheese was nonexistent and barely any toppings. One of the pizzas looked like it had a huge air bubble that popped and it was literally just bread with nothing on it. I ended up throwing half of it away. I also asked for ranch drizzle on both and they put two thin lines on both pizzas, not even a teaspoon amount. I'm trying to be safe and keep employees safe by not coming in to the restaurant but you knew these pizzas were garbage and served them to me anyway.


First time being here. Impressed by the atmosphere, quality of pizza, selection of ingredients, and prices. Didn't know they served beer, which is a plus too. I don't know if I was at the wrong place at the wrong time; but one thing turned me off. The overall attitude of a few of the servers just looked like they absolutely HATED THEIR JOB and didn't want to be there. That kind of atmosphere can really have a negative impact. Think next time we'll just grab and go rather than dine in.

Rachael J.

Very passive aggressive customer service. I got Diet Coke instead of water which is not a big deal this is America it's probably $.50 and the employees were very rude about it. it was mostly ice anyway. in the past MOD has been great but in the present not so much

Melissa G.

I love this place. I have visited 3 times and each time has been great. The employees are always friendly and I build my own pizza so it's always super good! The restaurant is clean, the tables are far apart for safe distancing and there's always someone sanitizing. 10/10 recommend!

Porsha L.

Came here with my family and two of the female workers were very rude. I asked for some foil because I didn't want to waste a box and both told me they were off the clock and couldn't help after asking me what I wanted. I work in customer service and know never to speak to a customer like that.

Scott Fry

Mod pizza. One if my top 5 pizza joints eVaR!!!1! Thin crust and you pick whatever toppings you want. Only complaint? Roasted Brussel sprouts are seasonal. Make those bad boys available all year! Only thing better than the pizza is the no name cake.

natalie luque

The food and service were great. Sai has great customer service, I will be back! Thank you.

Zaid Rezeqalla

Staff members are very friendly they remember my order Would recommend this location and their pizza My favorite (this is how to order it ) : 11 inch original crust Olive oil base With Ricotta and extra mozzarellaGreen olive Call it Zaid Pizza ?

Sparky Frosty

Very disturbing walk in 2 different occasion and the night manager dosen't wear a mask I asked her how come she's not wearing one and her response was I don't believe in wearing one. What kind of answer is that from a "manager" noone is an exception in these times everyone should be wearing a mask specially when handling food!

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