Nana thai & Teriyaki

430 E 25th St #37, Tacoma
(253) 572-9132

Recent Reviews

Asha Bhaga

My favorite Thai spot! I eat here once a week and the Thai dishes are so delicious. The owners are very kind as well. I’m glad they have reopened during the pandemic; I missed their food. I grew up eating Thai food and have tried many restaurants in Pierce County and this is definitely my favorite.

Jack S.

Absolutely disgusting, I ordered the spicey chicken. It obviously was reheated in a microwave, completely dried out. The FDA should close this place down. I wouldn't eat here lf it was free.

Ezra Kwon

The absolute best fried rice. I always order pork fried rice 5 star spice.

Gominam Momo

Always fun place to eat! Great variety, tasty like moms cooking, sir priced and just a unique place to eat and enjoy all the local shops.

tara fillhart

Do not eat at this place or any place in the freighthouse. Today while waiting for our food a huge rat came running out of the kitchen. It must happen often as it ran right by the employees and they didn't even budge. Totally disgusting.

Dean R.

If your in Freight House Square and hungry, this is a much better option than Wendy's Vietnamese. Try the house fried rice with chicken and beef, it's the best in my opinion. The family that runs this place is super sweet and I just love the lady that takes our order. Yum!

Lane Richmond

Very delicious quick food

Ashley Sexton

Always tasty and fast service

Rose M.

This place was amazing! A hidden gem in a sea of lovely eateries to choose from. Fast service and beautiful presentation in our take out boxes!

Rich Furman

Mediocre Thai food that seems to to morph Thai cooking into something they believe will please Tacoma. The older women working there is beyond snarly.

Srey S.

Came here for lunch and couldnt decide between this place and Wendy's. Should have went to Wendy's. I ordered the crispy basil chicken 4 stars but it was not spicy at all. I should have ordered 10/5 stars and maybe then it'll be spicy just a bit. I think there was only a small amount of chili pieces. The basil wasn't crispy at all and there was only like 3 or 4 pieces of basil. The fried chicken was gross as well as if it was old product and they just popped them back into the fryer so the batter was mushy and not crunchy. The lady at the register was also very unfriendly and did not even look at me during the whole transaction. Not a good place to eat, go to Wendy's.

Gari H.

Ordered through Uber Eats. My pasta dish was a poor excuse for Pad Thai. It was like spaghetti with ketchup. I got the Pad Thai with prawns and I got 5 shrimp. My thai iced tea was overly sweet. I will never order from here again.

andrea beltran

The cashew chicken was tasty. The paid thai wasn't what I am used to but it was still flavorful. The crab wontons were yummy too!

MJ Barnes

Had the prawn rolls, gyoza and orange chicken special with egg rolls. Delicious, quick and fresh. The prawn rolls are to die for!

Chris Bahus

Awesome food every time. Favorite Thai place so far!

Uriel Grey

Fast, good portion size and delicious!

Jimmy B.

Tried the Orange Chicken special, very disappointing. It was chewy and only but deep fried batter, in other words no meat. Was very dry and covered in a ''goo like sauce'. We could not eat it, we took it back and the staff was polite and refunded our money. The chicken teriyaki was the same, the meat was tough, chewy, and dry.

Alex G.

Tried the Orange Chicken special, very disappointing. It was chewy and only but deep fried batter, in other words no meat. Was very dry and covered in a ''goo like sauce'. We could not eat it, we took it back and the staff was polite and refunded our money. The chicken teriyaki was the same, the meat was tough, chewy, and dry.

Kiersten T.

Ordered Teriyaki Chicken w/Gyoza and a side of Lumpia. First off the Steamed Rice tasted and looked like the minute rice you can get in a box at the local grocery store and the chicken was really dry and not very good. The Gyoza was good wasn't the BEST tastes soggy like they were put into the microwave and the Lumpia was not good at all-which I guess I should have expected from an Asian restaurant.. Overall not the best I've had- won't be coming back.

Rhiannon Stammer

Their menu does not accurately describe what you are ordering. I ordered the pineapple fried rice because the description only listed "curry powder, pineapple, egg, onion, broccoli, carrots, and cashew nuts." All things I will eat. Nowhere on the menu was it indicated that this dish would be absolutely stuffed with green and red bell peppers. Menus exist so people can choose food they actually want to eat, and not wind up with a steaming plate of garbage. If the menu doesn't actually tell you what you're really about to pay for, then you wind up paying for food you can't eat. Also I ordered through uber eats which means I've already waited half an hr just to find out that I need to find an alternative dinner.

Jeannie S.

I don't know why this place has lower ratings, but we really like this place!! We go almost once a week at times. My personal favorite is the Kee Mao Noodles. I tell them to make it with tofu, no eggs with 3 spicy and it's perfect every time. Their servings are generous, the staff/owner is super nice. I love that she recognizes us whenever we come now...yeah, that's how often we come. Our family has tried some of their other dishes and they have all been quite good. We have no complaints on freshness, flavor, or service. If you happen to be at the Freighthouse in Tacoma, try them out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Jared Eddy

I've ordered here a few times and they make amazing and delicious fried rice. They do really great rice in general I've found but this my new go to for fried rice. In my experience their General Tso's leaves a lot to be desired. However, the honey sesame chicken is really delicious. So it seems hit or miss on certain dishes. My recommendation would be to get the pineapple fried rice with chicken, it comes in a healthy serving size and will not disappoint.

Libby J.

Haven't had the Thai food but would not recommend the Teriyaki. Ordered teriyaki chicken and gyoza through uber eats. The chicken was almost inedible and the salad that came with it came with ranch dressing. Not a good combo with teriyaki... The gyoza tasted like under-fried frozen potstickers. Definitely won't be ordering/eating here again.

Sarah Pinvises

I often get orange chicken here. I love it. The sauce is amazing. Last time I ordered, I tried the Pad Thai. It tasted OFF like something was rancid. It put me off for a couple of weeks, but I decided to try my beloved orange chicken again today. Not only was it WAY WAY overdone, but I found a piece of plastic in my fried rice. Not sure what’s going on in this restaurant, but I just can’t eat here any more.

Linda Mackin

Excellent green bean delight and crispy basil garlic chicken!

Sumet chang

new name on business Nanathai & Teriyaki

Joanne Howard

I was very impressed with their food. They weren’t expensive, and had great service. I will DEFINITELY be eating there again!

Mary P.

Gyoza and ramen was really good. The lady who took my order was helpful to clarify what I wanted to change (leave out onions, not hot). The serving was almost too big.

Hingdi B.

Good flavor, large portion size. I'll be back. Location/parking: Tacoma freighthouse across from the train station. Sort of a sketchy looking place, but they've good a variety of good to choose from. Free parking on the street out front and across at the train station. Ambiance: It's in a food court. Feels like Pike Place. Service: Good - nice lady took my order. Brought it out to me when it was ready. Food: I ordered the pork Pad See Ewe. So yummy! The noodles were perfect - nice and chewy - not soft and mushy like other places that over cook it. Lots of meat and veggies (also not over cooked which I really appreciated). Great flavor. Reasonably priced and huge portion size. Could easily split with another person. Recommendation: If I'm passing by, I'll probably give this place another go.

Michele B.

This is a tiny little place that's offers good Thai selections! Pictures on the wall to see what you will get, if you're not familiar with the fare. I went with friends for a quick dinner, none of us had tried the place before we usually eat Greek at Freight House Square. Once a week. Well we have been missing another great little food place with Nanas Thai & Teriyaki! All of us tried a different entree and we tasted each other's. Mine was Singapore noodles. All four were tasty, good portions, and reasonably priced! A real good decision to try them! The only drawback is all the restaurants close early. Nanas is a diamond in the rough, definitely Thai will be bring us in a second time each week. I also loved the Pad Se Ew! I think that's the spelling, lol. All four different entrees were very good. Can't wait for the work week again so we can try more.

Joshua L.

Stopped here before a show at the Tacoma Dome. It was busy so I get it but you should warn people if it's going to be 30 minutes for chicken teriyaki... food was not worth the wait in many ways. They are also taking Postmates order as people are waiting around.

Andrew P.

So I accidentally ordered from the wrong place on the Uber eats app. Right when I pressed order I hit cancel order and they accepted the order so apparently I have to go through support. Support tells me the order is ready they can't cancel it. It has only been 2 minutes since it was ordered!!There's no way they cooked it that fast unless they are are giving me left overs! Moral of this review I lost respect for this restaurant just because they want to lie and keep a measly $8.

Chelsea L.

The tofu fried rice is the best! It's so bomb and they give you such a great amount for a good cost. Highly recommend trying it

Reginald N.

Stopped by after seeing Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood on his world tour! Spicy pork basil was yummy stuff and came with egg, too. No complaints here. Its a busy place but our group all chose this thai spot for dinner. i would return for sure

Patrizia T.

If you are looking to come and eat pad thai, this is not the place for it. Their pad thai smells and tastes like sweet n sour sauce. Very disappointing. Wont come back

Nada C.

Good lunch specials, the ladies are super friendly and good lumpia. Yes lumpia at a Thai place. Not true Thai though. Their pad Thai is so red and orange I know there's tons of ketchup. Is there every tamarind in this pad Thai!? Why is it so hard to find an amazing pad Thai dish with authentic flavors? Call ahead if you are getting a to go. There's on street parking or free parking at the dome parking station across the street.

Jon R.

Okay their pad thai is pretty good. Kinda tart but that's okay. I would definitely get it again. Nice healthy portion. Not enough crushed peanuts in top. Teriyaki wasn't very impressive at all, it was hard like it was old or frozen after it was cooked. It was seriously over cooked I almost chipped a tooth. The fried rice was good. I wasn't a fan of them being cheap and putting the rice on top of the fried rice and salad and dressing all in the same box... The pad thai was the star though so that's why I'm giving them a 4 instead of a go back just not for their teriyaki. It was a big thumbs down.

Travis H.

Ordered from UberEATs, the food got to me it was a steamy congealed mess surrounded the walls of the takeout box. Good on quantity not great quality. Order it very spicy, had zero flavor or spice. Peanut sauce was the life saver, not impressed for the extra $2. Their version of Thai food is like a ladyboy looks good until you dive in. Wish there were more places like Thai Tom's more authentic

Shanelle S.

Nothing short from being excellent. Very polite and friendly very fast loved it would I eat there again absolutely

Sonia S.

Ordered the drunken noodles with chicken...the noodles were over cooked and super soggy. There was also vegetables in it that werent listed in the description on the menu. It was a very flavorful dish, but some bites tasted a little "offish" and/or overpowering. My friend had the chicken teriyaki, the taste was good...but didnt have a charbroiled flavor...not your traditional teriyaki...being that this is really a thai spot. Prices and serving size were decent. If I were to return to Freighthouse Square I would probably try a different restaurant.