Puget Sound Pizza

317 S 7th St, Tacoma
(253) 383-4777

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Brian Tate

I ordered 3 large pizzas 2 2liters of soda was $100 over priced and than cant give us plates or even napkins on a delivery because of covid.....really.... pizza was below average I guarantee the 5 star reviews are family and friends...

Vaughn R.

First impressions: Could have gotten 4 stars, but earned 3 stars due to food prep failure. Overall, the pizza was great, but we didn't get to eat all the pizza since one pie was not edible.Ordered two 16" pies, and wings. The order was to take 25mins, but was delayed by 10-15mins. We ordered one Margherita Pizza, and one Pepperoni for the kiddo. The Margherita Pizza was amazing. The wings were made just how I like it similar to other pizza joints. Onto the catch... After taking a bite into our pepperoni pizza, a layer of paper was found between the bread and cheese. Making the pizza inedible. After checking a few slices, looks like the paper spanned the entire pizza. OOF!

Seán Hegarty

I assume the food is good, but I've never actually been able to try it due to consistently finding their actual hours are rather different than the hours currently listed on Google. For those of us who work late evenings, it's a bit of a kick in the pants to find out the place you'd been hoping to snag food from closed an hour before you're off. Please, just change the listed hours.

Larry S.

We've only been here since Covid so only had takeout experience. Wife LOVES the gluten free crust and I LOVE the extra crispy hot wings. We have always had great service and usually see the same folks. Will continue to come back for our regular order, thanks! :-)


Super tasty thin crust wood-fired pizza. Perfectly cooked crust that is both crunchy and chewy. Fast delivery.

Little D

Just happened to stop by and try. NO REGERTS. The freshest, most flavorful pizza I have ever had. Just do it

Tamara M

Pizza was good. They forgot my ceaser salad and side of marinara, been 35 minutes since I called to let them know, no one here yet. They wouldn’t refund my card, said they’d save it as a credit for my next order, which is funny because there isn’t a chance I’m ordering from them again.

Hayley J.

We're new to Tacoma so we were really excited to try out all the new hot spots. Unfortunately, we were really disappointed by this pizza. In my opinion, it's kinda hard to mess up pizza but that definitely happened here. We got the two large pizza, two topping pizza special (which was an amazing deal) and we'd been hyping up this pizza in anticipation all weekend for our takeout meal. Ordering over the phone was super easy and it was quick and easy to pickup but the pizza quality was not good. I got pesto sauce and black olives and chicken and the other pizza was BBQ chicken and bacon. The BBQ pizza was heavily burned, the crust was not only burned on the sides but burned on the bottom. The pesto pizza was also overcooked and was so incredibly bland and didn't even look appealing. Both of them had giant globs of flour on the bottom of the dough, like huge globs. I wish we had opened the boxes before leaving cause we may've asked them to remake them but I don't know if they would've been any better. The pizza quality was one star but the service and ease of ordering was good, that's what kept it from a one star review. We both were so disappointed because we love pizza night but we will not be going back.

Breanna Barnes

Absolutely love this place. Delicious food with many customizable options. Good prices as well. Definitely will be coming back here with friends.

Loren Parker

We love the pizza. It’s so good and great customer service

April Webber

love their pizza and ability to order online

William Davidson

fantastic Pizza friendly service great atmosphere!

Tony Missall

Great place to cap a fun night out. Pizza menu was deep and the price was good. The karaoke downstairs really electrified the atmosphere. Also had an impressive beer on tap list, including my favorite, Founders KBS.

Ashley Zuber

Amazing pizza. Good vibes. Good service and also fun karaoke on the weekends. The special drinks are yummy too.

Willie !

It was pretty decent but didn't live up to the the hype for me. The crust was good, chewy, just as you'd expect for a thinner crust pizza, but the sauce was pasty and overseasoned. I like my pizza a little on the well cooked side, but they really left it in too long. The cheese was browned and dry. It's a pretty good space and feels like an old timey pizza joint, just not the best pie.

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