Puget Sound Pizza

317 S 7th St, Tacoma
(253) 383-4777

Recent Reviews

Jill H.

Some of the very best pizza I have ever had. We modified the Bbq chicken by having it on Alfredo sauce with drizzle of pesto. We were in tasty heaven. Crust had that yummy brick oven taste. Best service in the county. Thank you PSP us ladies at the La Quinta love you and recommend you first.

Mark D

Great pizza. Weak pricey drinks. GREAT atmosphere! Karaoke crowd is extremely supportive, but the equipment is poor and the song list is the smallest in town by far.

Lucys L.

A little on the expensive side unless you go during happy hour. The service is always fantastic and pizza, salad and appetizers were great. We ordered 2 pizzas, wings, bread balls and salad! For a family of 6 this was plenty and was just o we $100. Because..happy hour! We'd definitely go back

Carla Lambert

This first experience here was awesome. Great pizza with Awesome customer service. Definitely will be back!

Luann H.

Quick delivery, but a bit salty...maybe it's what we ordered...but we'll be more careful in the future.

Nava O.

I was pleased with the friendly customer service from their staff! I called to see when would be the latest time to place an order for the night since I work kind of late. The gentleman was helpful and I decided to place my order online. Their online ordering is easy and simple to use. For the price, it was all worth it! I ordered a personal size (10in) pizza and the cinnamon pie. The pizza was amazing! The crust was good, sauce was flavorful, and toppings were generous. The cinnamon pie was good- could have been better. Maybe a couple more drizzles of icing would of done the job. I believe they're connected to a bar, so at night time, which is when I picked up, there's a good amount of people so you may have to slide your way to the counter. I would definitely come here again.

Dominic Hemingway

Amazing pizza, horrible customer service especially with delivery. Even with detailed instructions on how to get to our place they were still unable to deliver. After being an hour late and contacting the delivery driver we were told that the pizza was still fine since it was in the bag and that he was going to deliver it. After another hour and a half and talking to a manager we were told that "the driver didn't feel comfortable delivering" even though we were polite both to the driver and manager. When we finally went to pick up the pizzas at the store (nearly three hours after placing the order) the manager changed her story and said that the owner had told them not to deliver them and gave zero way of contacting the owner besides trying to give the stores number. Not worth the $80+ for two pizzas. Definitely don't waste your money here.

Laura H.

We haven't had Puget Sound Pizza in years, and I don't know why! Their pizzas are delicious. We have had sandwiches in the past that were awesome, as well. I have yet to try a salad. It's good for takeout and dine in! Definitely one of the best pizza places in Tacoma.

Daniel Rich

Said it was deep dish not even close tasted like store bought

Megan Daymon

There amazing food and friendly staff!! I would love to go back next time I pass though to Seattle.

Jay Fish

Love PS Pizza. The food is yummy and good drinks. You have an amazing staff members as they always make people of color welcome?.I just think everything is so expensive??? Ouch... Hang in there Puget Sound Pizza

Donna Furry

Love this place. Good food, good prices, the staff are really friendly. I also met alot of really nice people. Oh yes ,the karaoke ? is great.


I ordered the 10” “meatball” pizza. It mentioned whole garlic which I assumed to be tasted garlic but what was on the pizza was unfortunately met with the crunch of a whole raw garlic clove. I love roasted garlic on pizza but this was way too much and took away from the delicious sauce and meatballs. I hope next time it comes with roasted, soft, Carmelized garlic.

jim sisko

The sauce was oddly spicy with the texture of tomato paste. Cheese was average and the crust was a poor impression of Chicago style pizza. Pleasant service but most chain pizza beats this.

M D.

They had previously been the pizza splurge for my household. I won't be spending my money there again. I purchased a large Supreme and it wasn't cheap. 33.00. It was overladen with sauce. hardly any meat and because there was so much sauce the crust was soggy. It is difficult to find parking and a little of jaunt (3 miles) so it was not worth calling and trying to get a better pizza. Needless to say how disappointed we were. There is no excuse for subpar food at that price. We threw away what we didn't eat and had chips and salsa to tide us over. Because of their reputation and locationI am certain they will not be affected by my review, but if anyone values their money....Let the buyer beware. Go elsewhere, I know I will.

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