Sushi Tama Restaurant

3919 6th Ave, Tacoma
(253) 761-1014

Recent Reviews

Maggie R.

Grabbed a takeout order during the shutdown, and it totally hit the spot! Very reasonably priced, too! Fish was fresh, and the ramen was also delicious. Would definitely order from here again. Happy to see they're still taking orders during this tough time. :-)

Rachel A.

The best authentic sushi in Tacoma. Friendly staff and always amazing quality food. We have never been disappointed come here!

Darrel Carson

My wife and I ate at Sushi Tama and loved the food. The next day we flew to Japan and ate in many restraints and sushi bars while there and I can honestly say that Sushi Tama is every bit as good as any sushi we had in Japan.

Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy

Tasty AND affordable!

kazu sonoda

Excellent authentic Japanese sushi place - Japanese owner providing traditional Japanese dishes and high quality sushi. Limited fish selection but ones they serve are high quality and full of flavor. Perhaps the best sushi in Tacoma area.

Carissa Sears

I’ve travelled the world—this is till the best tofu and teriyaki sauce I’ve ever had. Maybe because they soend days making them in house....

C. A.

Great authentic Japanese food! From bento boxes, donburi, ramen, sushi & more. The staff is wonderful as well! Oishii des!

Jinfeng Chen

This restaurant serves amazing authentic Japanese food, with friendly staff and chef. This restaurant has been around more than twenty years, and I would say it is one of the best around Tacoma area.

Sheldon Chen

This restaurant serves amazing authentic Japanese food, with friendly staff and chef. This restaurant has been around more than twenty years, and I would say it is one of the best around Tacoma area.

Simon Beck

First time coming here last Friday. Came here with my cousin, we ordered the karaage chicken, tempura, sashimi rolls & spicy tuna roll. iIt was pretty good, I can tell everything was freshly made. I'd definitely come back

Cindy H.

Came here on a Friday night and it wasn't super busy. Service started off great and fast. They brought out a small individual portion complimentary appetizer. It was some kind of cold noodle salad with a slightly tangy/vinegary taste. We ordered some chicken karage, shrimp/veggie tempura, salmon nigiri, spicy tuna roll, salmon roll, and dragon roll (cooked eel and shrimp). I was very disappointed with the food. What came out first was the chicken karage and the karage looked very sad. The pieces were very small and 1 of the pieces looked like it was only batter and they were overly seasoned. The tempura was okay, you can't mess up on that. I did enjoy the salmon nigiri, the salmon tasted very fresh. However, the rolls were also a big disappointment. There portion of rice and fish was not well balanced. The rolls were very tiny and there was so much more rice. They did taste good but we were left still very hungry. So we ordered 1 more roll the dragon roll which had cooked eel on top and in the center of the roll was cooked shrimp. I don't know what happened but they took quite some time with getting this roll out to us. This roll did have more filling to it and not just stuffed with rice. I guess Tacoma will never have a legit sushi restaurant.

j spain Greene

This is as authentic as it gets in Tacoma - consistency and quality are high at Sushi Tama in a low key, casual space. If you are looking for big, crazy American style maki - this is the wrong place.

Matthew Eschbach

I absolutely love this place. I always feel so welcomed here. They are very quick to welcome you and always wave you off as you leave. Their table service is insanely prompt but never bothersome, and most of their dinner options or entrees come in small courses which adds a great pace to the dinner and turns a reasonably priced experience into something that really feels so much more special. The sushi is artfully crafted with fresh fish and perfectly made rice. The entrees are always great as well, especially my favorite, the udon noodle soup. I highly recommend this restaurant!

Katherine Holley

A simple space with great food. I ordered an udon soup which was wonderfully flavored. Next time I would ask for the tempura on the side. Everything was so fresh and piping hot that by the time it cooled enough to enjoy, the tempura had lost most of it's crispness. But it was still delicious.

Mia K.

Very authentic hole in the wall casual Japanese restaurant with excellent service and tasty food. Pricing is cheap to reasonable. Everything is handmade and delicious (down to the wasabi and ginger!) Will be back. Highly recommend.

Julia F.

Best sushi joint in Tacoma.

michelle swann

This is one of the few places I'll go for sushi. I got to have an amazing conversation with the chef and what he liked to make. As well as reasonable prices

Wardell Kurihara

Authentic Japanese food! Prepared bya real Japanese Sushi chef from Japan! Excellent food, great service, relaxed atmosphere and never rushed! If you are looking for Japanese food, sushi then look only to this restaurant. This is Japanese owned and operated. Most of the others are owned and operated by non Japanese and offer imitation Japanese food.

Ann K.

Authentic Japanese restaurant. The food was amazing and the service was exceptional. The tempura was light and crispy and the sushi was very fresh. So glad we tried this place. We went there to celebrate my birthday. We will definitely be back.

Christina Clark

The food was amazing! We went with a friend who is from Japan. They said the food is on par with what you would typically find in Japan. The selection is great and I can’t wait to go back.

max way

Great Sushi restaurant. Best Sushi in Tacoma. I have never had a bad meal there. The Sushi is fresh and reasonablely priced.

David Stromain

Best sushi I've ever had. The staff are amazing and I can't wait to go back

China Burgonio

Food was amazing and so authentic. Not a teriyaki kind of place. So darn good! Oishi

Profa Wenzlick

Small and humble, fresh, good portions for prices, never too crowded but never too slow. Friendly staff, very good at their jobs. Lots of variety but also traditional.

David Estroff

Small classic place. Friendly service and good fish.

Alexander Hendricks

More authentic sushi than most places around here. Also, their waiter was incredibly well versed in gluten-free diets.

Tera Wolf

Always delicious, charming people and excellent chef

Nick T.

The exterior of the building is a bit rough, but don't let that stop you from trying this place out. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by a cheerful shout from behind the sushi bar, the first sign that you are in for something special. There are not many staff, so during peak times things can slow down a bit. Regardless, the service you will receive is spectacular. There is a comfortable atmosphere about the place; imagine a neighborhood cafe or bar vibe. As a single diner, the sushi bar is an excellent option. The menu is varied, with dishes such as sushi, maki rolls, udon, or tempura. The sushi is simple (as it should be) and prepared masterfully. Fresh fish, tender rice, and high-quality nori. The tempura is always crisp and light, served alongside a gorgeous soy-based sauce flecked with grated daikon radish. Either of these choices paired with a cold beer makes for a perfect meal. Most definitely recommend you give Sushi Tama a visit!

Meredith McClanen

Nice food, great service. I stepped outside my sushi comfort zone and ordered the mackerel dinner. It was wonderful and came with several vegetable side dishes.

Brett R. Brown

It was very busy when we went, which is probably a good sign, but it did take a while to get our food. It was much better than you would expect by looking at the exterior of the building. The sushi wasn't terribly creative but it was good. I didn't see some of the more exotic options but definitely had the favorites. I got the sashimi combination and they let me make some suggestions of what I would like.


I really enjoyed my meal as did everyone else in my group. Everything was nice and clean and there was plenty of parking in their parking lot which was especially nice being on 6th Ave. The service was wonderful and they went out of their way to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. I will definitely go there again and bring other friends along.

Norm Gosch

Always the best classic sushi. Staff is amazing.

Adelfa D.

Great Japanese restaurant. Their sushi/sashimi are fresh and taste good! I love their salad as well. They make their own dressings

Marvin G.

The parking lot is great and the building looks pretty decent, converted gas station style. Prior reviews helpfil. But the place was hammered shut. As in we have left and will nevah nevah return to serve single rice grain.

Dennie Carcelli

Great food, wide selection, wonderful, caring service.

Signature Tile

Very clean very nice. Great service. I'm not in Tacoma often but I will remember this place. Thanks for the excellent food

Crystal Ellington

Awesome sushi! The fish was fresh and the cooked sushi was still tender and delicious. I’ll be back!

Stewart D.

Ok folks... read and listen carefully. I've personally followed Tamason in the late 80's and early 90's. While he was working/making (sushi etc) for other grocery stores and then a restaurant. I've noticed... people were waiting in line, including myself and our party. Just to sit up front at the "sushi bar". Showing (me/esp) without him not knowing that I was paying attention on his skills. He, finally got his own business. You still reading what I'm trying to convey to you? Don't get me wrong... I'm not knocking other businesses who make sushi etc. With his restaurant, "Sushi Tama" l enjoy the (combination rice & choice of fish). Which is/has a (consistent/warm/succulent/moist) good taste in every "bite". Also, not having a "bone" stabbing your inner roof/wall of mouth. In comparison to some other sushi restaurants. Each "bite" is like eating "two bites" and the rice is kinda (cold/cool/hard). Having your mouth being the "microwave" in order to swallow it down !!! Hi "Shegiko", l haven't forgotten you:) Anyway, enough of just the "talk"! But, believe/me/you... l will include the "walk". PS- The whole Staff is friendly!

Erin A

Made reservations for Friday night and good thing. They are busy! And for good reason. Great service, nice atmosphere, and wonderful food. We had a great time catching up with family friends while enjoying delicious dishes.

Julie Dugan

Seafood is fresh and incredible. Sushi chef has been there for the 19 years we've been going. It's like visiting family. Sushi is cut thick. Rice is beautifully textured and fresh. It's an unpretentious neighborhood restaurant with great food and personal service. We love it.