TAM Cafe

1701 Pacific Ave, Tacoma
(253) 272-4258

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Claudine S-Chubby Cross-Williams

I Loved visiting TAM! Beautiful, Great Knowledge Art. Friendly staff. The room where we helped to color the exhibit was fun.

Claudine S-Chubby Williams

I Loved visiting TAM! Beautiful, Great Knowledge Art. Friendly staff. The room where we helped to color the exhibit was fun.

Carol Hotchkiss

Very nice exhibits. Enjoyed it!

Summer Boyd

Beautiful art and fabulous staff!

Tiari Degraw

Great Matt Groenig animation exhibit. Also, reflective section on Western immigrant life through the eyes of artists was well worth the visit.

Cole N.

This place was awesome. I got soup, a drink, and chips for the most reasonable price. The staff were very friendly. Next time I come to the museum I will definitely stop by the cafe!

Sam O.

This cute little cafe is the perfect place to stop, whether you're visiting the museum or simply strolling down Pacific Avenue. Light filled, comfortable, and with plenty of outlets it's a great place to study or have a meeting. The staff is kind and the food is good!

Alden C.

Relish Cafe seems to has changed it's name to the TAM Cafe... which makes sense because it is indeed housed inside the Tacoma Art Museum! When I inquired at the front desk to determine the cafe's location the receptionist made it sound like despite the name change whoever was running Relish was the same folks that now run the TAM Cafe. After reading the menu a bit I decided to get their BLT. There is a side option of chips or fruit and I decided to go wit the fruit. In addition to that I got a Chai Latte. The sandwich and fruit wasn't bad. All the ingredients tasted fresh but on the other hand it wasn't all that memorable either. I know, some may think... "what do you expect with a BLT?" but the bacon which I understand was the apple smoked variety I have had with other BLT versions and sometimes those sandwiches are just fantastic depending on the quality of the bacon or how it is made. The latte was alright but kind of had an odd aftertaste to it which was I think had something to do with the chai mix more than anything else. It just didn't have that organic flavored spice bouquet that you get with some chai teas. The staff here were good.... no complaints at all in the slightest with that as they prompt with their service and extremely friendly.

chi l.

Walked by mc donalds and arrived at relish. I figure I deserve a good burger after missing my connecting flight - to no fault of my own-.portland bound. I should have grabbed mc donalds. I ordered my burger to go. The bun was cold as ice. The meat patty is something you would find from costco bulk freezer. Why is this place so highly recommended? Maybe I need a few beers to forget abiut1 the bad burger... Go to mc Donald's. You'll be happier and spend less too.

Greg S.

This restaurant is best in Terminal B across from B7. A must stop for lay overs or just before getting on next flight. Ask for Brittany as she is very knowledgeable about various dietary needs especially Vegan options! Brittany has an excellent memory too!! Wahoo. Great place.

Mark S.

There seems to be a couple names for this cafe. I think it is called TAM cafe now. This cafe is nice with reasonable prices. Most surprising was how good the food was. Had the grilled kitchen with fresh vegetables and balsamic. Tasty (kudos to Chef John and co). The cafe also serves wine and beer. It was a perfect start to visiting this awesome museum.

Scott A. Hayman

The Grilled Chicken, which was accompanied by broccoli, was surprisingly moist and very tasty. My wife enjoyed her half-sandwich of grilled cheese and the cup of TAM Coconut Black Bean Soup. The hostess/server was friendly and helpful, and price for our mid-day meal was reasonable.

Stephon Glover

Great place to stop for lunch during museum visit or when downtown.

Sarah B.

Wow, the first reviewer of this place! What a treat. Walked into this cafe around 1:00PM on Friday, looking to grab a bite before walking around the museum. I have to admit, I was a little doubtful, as the menu is pretty limited and the cooking space/kitchen also looks pretty small. However, the offerings sounded good and we were hungry! Ordered the salmon + cream cheese bagel sandwich with chips, and my companion ordered the same with the special side, cucumber salad. We were really impressed with how good the sandwich was. It was on the small side, but filled us right up. The smoked salmon was very fresh, the cream cheese tasty, and the chips/salad complimented well. My friend also commented on how good the coffee was. The servers were friendly too, offering us colored pencils to use on the kid's placemats while we waited for our food. It was pretty empty, so hopefully as it gets more diners, it will get more positive reviews. Overall, exactly what a museum cafe should be - quick, refreshing, and tasty!

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