Texas de Brazil - Tacoma

4502 S Steele St Ste 1340A, Tacoma
(253) 465-3230

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Jane M.

This was our first visit to Texas de Brazil. We were celebrating my dad's birthday. We had outstanding 5 star service from our waitress Luz, she explained everything perfectly & made the evening a wonderful celebration. The salad bar was outstanding and.. the variety of Brazilian meats were delicious. The gauchos serving the meat table is what makes Texas de Brazil a unique dining experience. Of course their nice variety of desserts topped off the birthday dinner!

Kevin Jacobsen

Amazing restaurant that satisfies all tastes and cravings!!The salad bar and Lobster Bisque is fantastic in it's own right but the delicious selections of roasted meats brought right to your table are impossible to eat moderately!!!All you can eat is wonderful but please don't miss the delectable array of deserts and ice cream!!

Meme R.

Average selection of meat and their salad section could use a bit more imagination for the price. I my opinion I've gotten better food from a lower priced restaurant.

Jason H.

Amazing food and service. Went here for a friend's bday dinner. I've been avoiding Brazilian bbq for years as my 1st experience in dt Seattle was nothing but salty meat. This joint is conveniently located at the mall. Parking is a nightmare so get there early unless you want to park in canada. The cuts of meat were seasoned, but not overly salty. I'd def come back here again.

Caroline W.

I'm only giving three stars for the food. Husband got a 50.00 gift card to cover maybe one meal so we tried it. We love a good Brazilian grill. The prices were extraordinarily high!!!! Our total for 2 dinners and one pitcher of sangria...which was a special for the night came to 226.00!!! 226.00 for 2 people!!! That is before the tip. Service is good though our table was right next to the hostess station in front. I just can't get over how expensive the dinner for two with a pitcher of sangria costs there!!! 226.00! Wow, not again.

Shell H.

***UNDISCLOSED ADDED CHARGES*** I rarely leave negative reviews especially when the food and service were amazing. I just feel it's necessary to WARN FUTURE PATRONS on the sticker shock. I was a first timer and I had no idea how it all worked until I got the check. I went in knowing that this dining experience was going to be more than average. Better food than standard restaurants with a higher bill for said food. Understandable. Great food comes with a great price tag. I was prepared for the bill, or so I thought. $403.65 for 4 people?!?!?!?!? I thought it was an all you can eat place for $60 per person. How did this happen?!?!? YOU MUST READ ON!!!! We were seated at a lovely table with a charming waiter. No menus needed because it's an all you can eat buffet. We start with the salad and sides bar and the meats are brought to you at the table. STOP HERE unless you want a crazy bill. Order nothing else!! The charming waiter causally offered options and makes them feel like it's a regular option or an included item. -"Would you like sparkling or still water?" -"If you'd like the lamb chops I can have them start the preparations for it so you don't have to wait." -"The Sangria is light and delicious. If you can't finish it we can pack it to go." -"I'll show you the dessert tray so you can pick what you want. You can take it with you if you don't want to eat it now." "I can pack the caramel sauce on the side for the desserts for you to take with you as well." We literally said yes to everything because we thought it was all included in our bill. Every item he offered turned out to be an extra charge. Even the side of caramel was $9 each.....for a 1/2 oz of caramel sauce!!!! Insane! Before we made a dessert selection my husband had said, "We may as well eat the dessert since it's included with our dinner." He said this out loud in front of the waiter and the waiter never corrected him or mentioned that it was an extra charge. That waiter absolutely knew what he was doing. We all literally felt like we were swindled. The waiter was a con artist and pulled a good one on us. We ate and drank everything ordered. Who were we to complain? We literally paid our checks and laughed at ourselves for being so dumb. BIG lesson learned. Never again!!!! Lol It's a shame for such a delicious experience to be ruined by dishonest pricing. I would definitely want to go back and try their food again but their practice of hiding pricing and the sense of dishonesty I felt left a sour taste in my mouth. I'll likely never go back. Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

Nimesh P.

This place is a mixed bag of great environment and service with shady hidden fees and charges. I'll start with the bad, they asked us if we wanted sparking or regular water for our table of 5, we asked for regular still water - they didn't mention any cost or charge. It was $30 for the water (4 bottles apparently?). We have good water here in WA, just inform us it's a charge next time please. Then they said one of their lambs is made to order for customers so they can cook it right. Oh yes, $30-50 "lamb charge" even though some more lamb is also served by the people bringing the meats. Deceptive upselling is what it is and I got no problem shelling out $$$ for a good meal. That said the rest of the service and waiter were fantastic. The food was tasty, most items were accurately cooked....but the lamb we were charged extra for was overcooked. But the other food averaged this review up. They could use more sides too like fruit selection. Some berries or watermelon would really complement the experience. Kind, attentive, amazing with rotating plates for us. I love their servers, I hope they update their water and lamb business practices. Definitely just using my water bottle next time and skipping the "special lamb" considering they serve 3-4 kinds of lamb in the normal offering.

OpenTable Diner

Very nice place, the food was iffy ALL of the chicken was dry. Some cuts of meat were juicy but lacked flavor, other were dry but had great flavor. The flank steak, leg of lamb, & bbq ribs were excellent. The potato salad lacked flavor, this place definitely isn’t my cup of tea.


A different dining experience that we truly enjoyed. No menus, just food and delicious cocktails. So many delicious and unique offerings at the cold and hot bars. Lobster bisque was amazing. Different meats being offered often. As much as you can eat. Truly enjoyable.

Amanda M.

Most Brazilian Steakhouses are great, but this location really needs to step up their food quality from the bar and have the guys that come out with the meat on a better rotation schedule. Most of them come from one side and always start on that side, so by the time they get to other side, the "good" pieces are gone. I find this is a problem at most locations, except fogo de chao. If you ask them to, or tell your server, they will come to your table first... but I don't feel like we should be the ones requesting this. It's a known problem. Just do it without people asking.


We had our 15th anniversary here and it was amazing. Loved the food, the lamb and garlic steak were my favorites.


Wonderful place staff and clean environment great prices great food


We were a table of 10 for my birthday. Two of our party had been there before. I could not have had a better birthday celebration. The entire table got free desserts. The meats were cooked to perfection and the salad bar had so many options. Everyone at our table was impressed by the quality of the food and staff. It truly was a dining experience I hope to repeat!.

OpenTable Diner

Everything was amazing from the drinks ,food & the service this was my first time dinning here and I was amazed on how everything was perfect . I will definitely be back for special events .


The food and the service was excellent, which is why we love this restaurant. There was a large party about 20 feet from our table that was very loud and made it difficult for the four of us to hear our conversation. Plus we were sitting next to the check in kiosk which also made it noisy.

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