THEKOI Japanese Cuisine

1552 Commerce St #100, Tacoma
(253) 272-0996

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Jacqui P.

Really great sushi, excellent poke tacos, beautiful artistic food, great signature cocktails!

Elaine B.

I haven't been here in years but was driving by and wanted a little appetizer so I thought I would stop. From the chef { I was there 5/24 around 8:30} to Richie who excelled in customer service I was not disappointed!! The presentation is out of this world and I must say this restaurant is a hidden gem in Tacoma and stays consistent in the quality of their product even after years of not being here. I don't live in the area but I will be going out of my way to put this on my list of must haves!

Marianne R.

First time trying this place with a friend! I ordered and tried Bibimbap for the first time ever and it was delicious! I'm not sure if bibimbap is suppose to have this, but as soon as I got to the bottom of the bowl, the rice got really crunchy which wasn't my fave part but overall tasty And a friend and I shared the avocado rolls and California rolls (all fantastic). Our server was super friendly and made us feel welcomed into the space. Definitely coming back soon to try more of what they offer!!

Dandy W.

I really enjoyed this place, great lychee cocktail, amazing ribs, and really fresh sashimi. Also very convenient to the hotel next doors. Friendly waiter, we'll be back soon. Thanks Fausto!

Abby K.

TheKoi is a wonderful restaurant with great service, tasty sushi and a lovely ambiance. My friends and I enjoyed various rolls, a glass of wine and miso soup. It was a fun Saturday night and I look forward to returning. Easy parking a block up the hill.

Ronald S.

Good food - decent service. Not busy but took 10 minutes just to get water as we watched the table in front of us get seated after and served first.

Thelma M.

Yeasssss!! One of my favorite places to get teriyaki but I never got a chance to review so here we go. I couldn't help myself peeps I went after an outpatient procedure and yes I'm fine thank you in advance . I was advised not to eat heavy but I was starving so I ordered quite a bit of food and it was all spectacular from the fried brussel sprouts to the gyoza and the chicken breast teriyaki A+ doesn't get much better than here!! Plenty of parking to the side of the restaurant there's a parking lots and street parking me and a friend went during happy hour so prices were pretty happy except for the chicken breast teriyaki that was regular price we went this past April 29th just to let you know this review is recent. There is social distancing practice they do have extra plastic see-through barriers up in between the booth seats with cleaning and hand sanitizer around I felt comfortable you can dine in or dine out. And Yoonjong P was our waitress and she was very friendly and attentive. If you like teriyaki and sushi this is definitely the place to be!! oh yeah and the bill was a happy $80 for 2!


I wish six stars was an option Brought the wife and daughter for Mother’s Day, Alexis our host helped us find the perfect seat and Luke our waiter was awesome

Cadee Carlisle

10/10 would recommend. Super cute, great servers. Ask for Evan and Chloe!

Mercadee C.

Go have lunch with Evan and Chloe! Amazing service, amazing fresh fish. I had the spicy tuna tacos and hamachi nigiri. So worth it :)

Ange P.

You'll have to make reservations online and confirm with the text they send you, it's pretty easy. We reserved for late afternoon. At the start of our experience I thought everything was going great! The restaurant wasn't to full and we got seated 10 minutes before our dining time. Appetizer came out pretty quick and after that it was all down hill! I will start with the food, which I can't share to much about being that I ordered standard rolls which were the shrimp tempura and a negi hama roll. They were pretty straight forward. Appetizer was the sexy edamame, this was smothered in sweet and sour sauce, I believe. I liked it, it had a kick of spiciness and I mixed in soy sauce to kill off some of the sweetness and it was good for me. We got hokki and uni nigiri, which were straight forward as well. Also ordered a Tonkotsu XO ramen and that was good. The depth of flavor was surprising being that a sushi bar is making it and you know they ain't boiling that marrow, lol. So over all food was ok, it wasnt bad. Service!!!! Upon ordering I made sure to make things clear and simple, I asked for one thing which was not to have any eel sauce on anything and our server Evan G assured me that the eel sauce is only on items with eel (If you are a sushi server, you know that ain't true), he clearly does not know the menu. There were 3 plates that came out with eel sauce! If I was allergic, clearly my server Evan did not care. Our nigiri came out and there was no hokki clam in sight, he brought out some chopped seafood meat, which he assured me was the hokki, IT WAS NOT! When I asked again, what that concoction was he had an attitude while asking for the menu SO HE CAN SEE FOR HIMSELF THAT HE ENTERED IN THE WRONG ITEM. I had to repeatedly ask for my drink, which by this time I was already half way through my food. The last plate, which was the correct hokki clam finally came ONE HOUR after we got sat down. Having to repeat myself about a few SMALL items and having a server who does not pay attention to details or his client was off putting. That is my first and last experience with The Koi.. It was not worth the $90! Again the restaurant was not packed and my review boils down to the experience.

Jessica W.

This is the most amazing restaurant Japanese and Asian fusion I have been to in a very long time. The atmosphere is amazing it's warm it's welcoming it's inviting. The servers are dressed appropriately for this type of atmosphere. If food is elegantly prepared very noteworthy very artfully done exquisitely laid out on the platter very detailed the way an artist would like to display his work. The food tastes just as beautiful as it appears I'm very impressed I highly recommend this place to anyone who goes and looks for high grade sushi this is the best I have had in Washington and I'm from Hawaii where I have had the very best and this is the very best I have had since I've been in Washington this is what I call a five Diamond sushi restaurant.

Dan w

Daughter's 23rd birthday was great we had a blast! The drinks were great and the food was great again. As group of 7 are food was prompt expedient and brought to the correct people. Great wait staff we were a little loud sorry guys? we all had a great time! A little expensive but still worth it! Uni shots aren't for everyone as one member of the group quickly discovered??...?? he did hold a partial shot down though with great effort! We ordered about every appetizer there along with a few rolls and different meals was all good! Thanks for the great night staff an cooks alike! We'll be back again!

Melissa Walls

Took my daughter for her 23rd Birthday! The waiter was excellent, I wish I remembered his name, there was seven of us in our party, he was very attentive and patient with us while we all decided what to order, plus getting us drinks and appetizers. The food was delicious! Then our waiter surprised her with this cheesecake! ? We will be back!

Isaac Robinson

Excellent sushi, service, atmosphere, and experience. THEKOI and our server Luke made a 5-star second impression on us today.Our first visit was a stop-over after visiting the nearby children's museum in the morning. Today, we stopped by after hearing that they had reopened for dine-in, and found so much thoughtfulness in the details.Plexiglass seat-back-toppers, QR codes so you can get the menu on your phone, a well-kept environment, and tidy, friendly staff. Granted, sushi typically has a leg-up on the competition in the areas of cleanliness and health-code compliance, but THEKOI was impressive nonetheless! Come prepared for price-range and available dishes by checking out their menu online, and you won't be disappointed.

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