1901 S, M.L.K. Jr Way, Tacoma
(253) 468-4233

Recent Reviews

Tatyana T.

Met the sweetest barista. Very kind and friendly. Overall in general the coffee and energy drinks are amazing! Many options available. Plus my puppy wanted a photo with my drink

Arianna B.

Love this stand! I've been coming through for a blended chai and the girls always make it perfect and are always so sweet. They also make flavored whipped cream which is amazing. There's a pretty good snack selection too with breakfast sandies, muffins, cookies, banana bread. And they offer lotus energy AND Red Bull which is a plus for me. Definitely check them out if you're in the neighborhood!!

Bee D.

Wow wow wow. I used to really like this spot, the owner always is very nice and accommodating. It's really unfortunate to have an employee who can ruin the entire experience so much that you won't return. There are plenty of coffee shops to choose from, why choose one will treat you terribly. First off I arrive and sit there waiting for about 5 minutes while two employees Help one customer and chit chat. Then, Long story short 3 days ago I got a text saying I had earned a free coffee, when I went to redeem it the girl with purple hair denied it, which is fine I have no problem paying for my coffee. My issue is her rudeness in explaining it like I should have known their "point system" changed and I should have ignored that text. I've been a director and manager, id never employ someone who speaks to customers in that manner. I wonder how many other customers she's chased off.

Mariely Valdes

My husband and I love the ladies there. They are Soo friendly and make great drinks.

Angie Volska

This is a great coffee stand! I came here for the first time and was amazed by their selection and homemade whip creams. Cali helped me find a yummy energy drink! Will be returning.

Christy Washburn

Amazing drinks. Great barista! Diet blue lotus blue raspberry, sugar-free white chocolate toasted marshmallow mocha to die for!

Stephan Childers

Nicole was amazing! I love a good hazelnut latte and was introduced to a neat organic syrup that tastes like toasted hazelnuts. Yum!

Jenny M.

Love, love, love this coffee drive thru and it's right next to work and home in Hill Top! They have the nicest Baristas who remember my doggie Laylas name and always have treats for her. Layla loves puppachino walks! They have hemp milk which is my favorite for a latte and tasty espresso shots. I work nights at St. Joe's so my only wish is that they were open late or even open all night!!

Brandon R.

Not sure why the low rating. Them 1 Star reviews didn't mention anything about customer service. Had they asked for a refund, I doubt there'd even be a review. Plus, if a drink settles - stir it! Duh. This place has the best Baristas and nicest owner in town! Our puppy even gets free treats. They give out a lot of coffee through their rewards and even free to frontline workers during this crisis. Amazing business! The coffee they use is good! High quality!

Nicole Colon

From the owner to the staff are so polite and have great customer service. I am very picky person and only drink hemp milk which they are one of the few places in pierce county that have it. I drive from spanaway few times a week just to have their coffee. Also I never seen a coffee shop have whip cream flavor choices.

Elisha Anderson

Every time something is wrong with my coffee they are vary happy to replace it they always have. Smile. And they are the best

Gloria Montero

Probably the best expresso I’ve ever had. Absolutely splendid.

Alyssa Carpenter

We absolutely love this coffee stand! Finding it after moving to a new part of Tacoma was a welcome surprise. The people are wonderful, they make awesome drinks and they spoil our puppy! We love you ladies

mckenzie w.

When I first found valiente on google I didnt know if it was a family friendly coffee stand or not. It is and the staff there are very friendly. And oh my goodness they make different flavored whip cream! And you can taste the coffee.

Jen P.

Came here for the first time and ordered a relatively common drink, Iced White Chocolate Americano. Unfortunately I did not inspect the drink before I drove off, but ALL the powder is at the bottom of the drink, not mixed or dissolved. A simple peek from the barista would and this could be avoided.

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