WildFin American Grill - Tacoma

5115 Grand Loop, Tacoma
(253) 267-1772

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Bryan Olander

I just made a to go order the process was easy and the front was very friendly and accommodating, although I should've taken a peek in the bag, I trusted things were prepared as they should be with my last experience in the restaurant, but that was not the case. So as I settle in for eating my food, my salad was in a separate CARDBOARD box, never had a salad in a cardboard box plus there was no untensils and the worst part was finding my 7 peice steak on top of my fries! On top of my fries not to the side but on top. Very disappointed..

Kharis Catchings

Great location with attentive and prompt service. They've got a diverse, dynamic, locally sourced menu. Why the 3 stars? Myself and one other ordered the crab stuffed sole. Mouthwatering when we saw it on the menu. It was prepared and cooked with ZERO seasoning and ZERO passion. After an fun & exhausting night of ice skating dinner was a huge let down

Alison Coates

Food was great and table service was wonderful and friendly! Hostess was definitely a sour note. We arrived early and half of our party perused the adjacent shops and half waited in the bar. I informed her of this, and then received a text that our table was ready.When we returned she stated that she didn?t know where we had gone, and when I reminded her that half of our party was waiting in the bar, she replied that she didn?t have time to check the bar! Very unusual for any restaurant! Didn?t ruin our experience, but was not pleasant.

Elena Joy

Service took a second but it was pretty busy. Food is outstanding and looks great. My kids loved it!

Anna Koloen

We love dining at WildFin. Reasonably priced and always good!

Cindy Stowe Wells

Waterside restraurant. Great menu, delicious food and fabulous service. Christy was an excellent server, very attentive to details. Great addition to a fun-filled Saturday

Dawn Morris

I?ve been to WildFin many times, and I?ve never been disappointed. The food is excellent...everything I?ve tried, from sample platters, to fresh fish, to Eggs Benedict...it?s all been delicious. The whole complex is fun, but WildFin has the best view of the water. In the summer, it?s so fun to sit outside and watch kids playing, folks strolling along the water and people bicycling on ?Surrey Cycles.?

Derek Bos

Best French dip I've ever had. Fresh well seasoned beef. Homemade beef stock. Fresh salad. Recommend.


For me it was five stars. Interior is very nice and appealing. Services magnificent. Very friendly and helpful. Very patient. Food was great. No complaints in that category. I'd definitely reccomend giving it a try if your on edge about it. It's worth it

Julia Johnson

We went on a lovely afternoon and watched kids play on the playground from inside. Then, we went on a nice walk outside. The server was exceptionally nice and informative.

Jasmine G.

Been here three times now, giving it a new chance each time we go. The first and third time we went, I had fish tacos and wasn't too impressed with the food or the service. The location was great but also having a toddler, they seem to seat you in the center of the restaurant rather than the tables near the water. Service was very slow. The second time we went was for brunch and although service was slow as well, our server was fantastic and the scones and deviled eggs were delicious. It's been a hit or miss with this one. I'd definitely go back for brunch again though!

Linda H.

I really enjoyed the seafood at Wildfin Tacoma. The location is in newly developed area by the water. Although I made reservations, it felt it took some time to be seated. Don't forget to ask about parking validation. The service was great and the food tasted fresh. Loved their bread w/ a honey butter and a more savory type of butter. Both were great. Had calamari that was cooked to perfection, not rubbery. Then came our meals...scallops & shrimp scampi. Deeelicious! Not overcooked AND not undercooked. The sauce was light and the broccolini had a nice crunch balancing the entire entree. I can't wait to come back and try their seafood platter.

Chris Schaffer

The food was great and the staff was very attentive for being a very busy place. It has a mesmerizing view of the sound. It is an amazing place for a quick meal and an even better place to sit and enjoy the food and the scenery.

Jenna Henry

We've been to Wildfin several times and always had a lovely time, but just went again tonight for Restaurant Week and it was truly amazing. The food was all delicious and each dish had its own unique twist. The meal was very well paced and our waitress, Kat, anticipated our needs and was attentive without being overbearing. Overall, a wonderful date night and we can't wait to return!

Rebecca R.

We were visiting from out of town and wanted to grab a bite before heading back to Tri-Cities. It's was Sunday brunch, and hubs had nothin' but love for the Bloody Mary bar. Amazing food - I'm a calamari girl and it was some of the best I've had. We'll be finding a reason to stop here any time we're in the vicinity. Super friendly staff, absolutely remarkable views. See you next time, folks!

Kristin B.

Absolutely amazing. Great food. Great location. Just great. The shrimp and grits was so good. The warm brie and cambrozola was better than I even thought it could be. Definitely a place I would love to go to again. I recommend reservations. Guarantee your table.

Matt M.

The best all around meal I have had in a long time. Went for brunch tried the Bloody Mary bar it was Amazing!! Vanilla Bread pudding French Toast Amazing!! Shrimp Ceviche Amazing!! Waygu french Dip Amazing!!! Tuna sandwich not really my thing but yet Amazing!!! Blueberry Scones Amazing!! Deviled eggs Really Good!! Alex our waiter Amazing!!! Price for two people two drinks and more food than we could eat and the best bloody Mary's ever $60 Amazing!!! EAT HERE!!!

Jeffrey C

kind of an odd mix of lots of TVs with sporting events but a largely upscale menu with some very fine seafood choices - matches up with the best seafood I've had in 30 years in the Northwest.

Chris B.

This is a nice place, if a little hectic. The food was pretty good. I was here with a large party and we all sampled one another's plates and we were all pretty impressed. There was an issue with some one got getting a scone or something because they botched up a batch and having to take it to go. That seemed pretty unprofessional. The view is amazing. One problem I had with it is just how frenetic and loud the place is. They jam in the tables so you have to crawl over one another to get to your seat and that situation is not helped by all the parents who have to take their kids' strollers with them into the restaurant. They have an open kitchen set up that does not help with the general din. It was really difficult to just relax and eat.

Bob Lewis

My wife and I eat here every few months and I think they are getting better each time we go. I usually order seafood and each time I've ordered, the food seems to get better and better. All I can say is, keep up the good cooking & we'll be back!

Jessica Jones

Came here for dinner with a friend. They have an extensive menu with lots of seafood. Something for everyone. Our service was great, food was tasty, and the drink was delicious. Only gets 4 stars though because drinks are pricey. My Strawberry Moscow Mule was $10.50!


Had lunch with my aunt here at Wildfin. The shrimp and grits was so good!!! I enjoyed looking over the water while eating lunch. We had fast and friendly service too

A. Saint E.

Hadn't been here before, everything was great. Food was on point, steak and crab stuffed cod. Service was wonderful Kent , super helpful on recommendations. Our wait times were short. Views, well it's a waterfront restaurant how bad can it be- superb. Will definitely go back

Adrienne B.

Came here again with my husband. The hostess forgot about us which was a little annoying, but still had great service and wonderful food. Good spot to get a bite to eat in the Point Ruston area. Still 4 stars. ---- Previous review: Came here for dinner with a friend. They have an extensive menu with lots of seafood. Something for everyone. Our service was great, food was tasty, and the drink was delicious. Only gets 4 stars though because drinks are pricey. My Strawberry Moscow Mule was $10.50!

Wendy V.

I've been here at least 10 times over the past couple years. The food and service used to be decent, but it has consistently decreased. The time it takes for the food from the kitchen to get to table is deplorable. Maybe they need to decrease the menu size? I've come when it's slammed busy on summer days, and I've come when it's been slower. The food, when you finally get it, is so so. It's not BAD, but there are so many other better options at lower costs around Tacoma that I don't see the point other than the view. The food isn't worth the price point. I've had a few good things, but some really subpar crap too. The service, other than bellying up to the bar, has been downright poor. They can't seem to handle the volume of diners they seat. The highlight every single time I come when bellying up is the bartenders. They make excellent handcrafted cocktails and keep them coming. I can order off-menu cocktails and they don't bat an eye. They honestly seem apologetic, yet professional, about how long it takes to get food. From now on, I'm only going to drink here and get food somewhere else.

Natalia Yevchev

I absolutely love this place. I didnâ??t get managers name but thank you so much for what youâ??ve done!! All my friends and I loved the food and our server was the best!! My birthday night was amazing 9.13.19 â?¥? And what a perfect spot we had!

Cheryl Hansen

Staff were super great. When we got there, they said it was an hour wait. I said I had called the night before to make reservations and received an email the next day that said pending. The hostess said we weren't in the computer. So we were getting ready to walk out because we didn't want to wait an hour ( we weren't nasty about it at all ) stuff happens. But as we were turning to go a man was right there saying what, what's happening. The hostess said we weren't in the computer. He must have been management because he said we will seat you now. He said sorry about that. Guess they have had that happen before. Anyway as always the food was great and staff as well. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because we had to wait a long time to get our main food. Buy hey, we we're seated right away, got drinks right away and appetizers, so not like we were starving. I highly recommend going if you haven't been and if you have been I highly recommend you go back. Yummy. Be sure to try the Bread Putting.

Jen Drake

Over-priced but still fabulous food! I think you pay for the view, and what a view to pay for! That said, budget wisely, save this for a special date if cash is tight. Expansive water views, excellent food sourced from local rachers/farmers, so I appreciate the farm-to-table support. They once made a smoky old fashioned cocktail that truly was to die for - the smoke they infused was incredible! That was worth every expensive cent spent :). Definitely go, imbibe, and enjoy!

Shawna Scott-Hayes

Absolutely fantastic all the way around. Food savory, fresh and large portions. Service was outstanding. Ambience and waterfront location. Wild fin is a 5 star in my book. Check out for yourself. My out of town guest said, someone in the kitchen knows what their doing. Thumbs up!!

Chase Simmons

I give this restaurant 3 stars very generously. I have visited multiple times during all types of business and one thing is certain, your quality of service has an 80% chance of being very poor. On the other hand, this restaurant's redeeming quality is its food with great flavor and presentation. I would only order food to go from here since the prices are not worth the wait or service. Disappointed, but hope changes can be made.

Kelly B.

The service was terrible. We weren't checked on, we had to wave our waitress down multiple times to get any kind of service. The waitress made excuses for everything she did wrong & told us she was busy because she had a big table, but there were no big tables seated in the restaurant. The food was bland. There was no salt and pepper on the table, but we didn't even want to bother asking our server to get some because we had no idea when the next time we would see her would be. We all paid with cash because we knew we would be waiting at least 20 minutes to even get our cards back or for her to even get us checked out. I am a waitress myself, so I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but she either was brand new there or just didn't want to be there at all.

Steve A.

This is the 3rd time we have been here and wow things have changed. It was a nice day and not really busy so we decided to sit on the patio. This may have been a mistake since everyone else had the same idea and the server was not up to the task. Our waitress while nice, could not seem to multi task and juggle more than one thing at a time. After about 15 minutes we finally got our drink order and then came time for our food. It was very sloppy and had to be sent back. I'm not a huge fan of soggy tortillas when ordering tacos. Also, my wife had asked for vinegar and the whole time we were there it never came. The one and only saving grace and the reason for the 3 was the taste of the food. It was very good on the second attempt. Not sure if it's worth another try on the future.

Terri E.

Great food. We went for happy hour and just know the menu is limited. Liked that they had an outdoor patio.

Lori K.

We went in at 12:05 to get a table for 8 and was told very curtly while waving his hand dismissing us we can't seat a table for 8 until 2:30, seriously the people in front of us were seated right away outside. You can't put some tables together?? Very disappointing experience

April G.

Outstanding server and food. We absolutely enjoyed the kids meals. Kids get a veggie starter and dessert at the end. I had the grilled coho and it was the best I've ever had (flavor explosion in my mouth). The chef gave us a complimentary bacon deviled eggs yummy. Our server Mandi give her 100%, she took great care of us. Can't wait to come back for a date night with the hubby.

Gypsy B.

Went for Lunch, party of 4 friends. Excellent luncheon, everyone of us enjoyed this restaurant. The service was efficient, friendly, prompt , knowledgeable but Not intrusive. The restaurant was clean & ready for the day . Seafood chowder very good. A must try. Fish chips was excellent. Salads were good , inventive with ingredients, good portions. No one had dessert, to full. Menu had enough choices to make everyone happy. Tap beer choices good . Restaurant was quiet busy for a Tuesday Lunch. Staff were helpful, friendly smiles, & efficient. We were there for 3 Hrs, never felt rushed. Parking was free. All in my party said they would return. This restaurant deserved the 5 stars, let's hope they keep the standard of service & good food up in the future.

Nancy W.

Have eaten here many times for lunch, but never brunch. Such a beautiful day to be sitting outside by the water and wild Fin didn't disappoint. Pierre the host is made up of nothing but ultimate grace and Craig our waiter, he was just so darn pleasant and cordial I couldn't help but love him. I ordered a bloody mary to start with and it came with the witch of lime, olives, celery and a crisp piece of bacon. For brunch I ordered the eggs benedict with extra Hollandaise. You also got a choice of potatoes, smoked gouda Chipotle grits or strawberries and grapes. The eggs are organic and were done perfectly, runny but not too runny and the hollandaise had just the right amount of tart. The ham was not one piece of thin Canadian bacon, but a number of pieces of shaved ham which had tremendous flavor. Complimentary deviled eggs are put at your table when coming here for brunch which is a very nice touch. I would definitely come back for dinner, lunch and brunch. The setting is side is very airy and very fun!

Joe S

Food and service are good. Very tasty. Some dishes are larger portioned than others, you get what you pay for. Beware however, parties greater than 10 can't sit together as they refuse to accommodate at one table

Michelle U.

This is the worst restaurant I've ever eaten at. We ordered fish and chips, French dip, fish tacos, and chowder. Denny's is better

Joe Zeek Swanson

The atmosphere was lacking... But I guess it's trendy to put the restaurant in an old commercial building.

WildFin American Grill - Tacoma

5115 Grand Loop, Tacoma, WA 98407
(253) 267-1772