El Punto Latin Restaurant

14350 Tukwila International Blvd, Tukwila
(206) 702-6996

Recent Reviews

Carmen Miles

This is the best restaurant I have ever been! The food is just delicious! Combination of flavors in the food create flavors that I’ve never tried before! 10 stars for them!

Cassandra Trevino

Hidden gem tucked into Tukwila’s new community space. I ordered the chicharron & queso pupusa and a chicken tamale. Absolutely delicious. Every bite of the pupusa was savory and perfect. The tamale, wrapped in a banana leaf, was so moist and tender. I’ve lived down the street for 3 years and am so glad to have found this spot. 10/10 would recommend.

Jade G.

El Punto really surprised me! I was looking for a Pupusa place, as I'm missing El Salvadorian food and Mexican food since I'm from California. I was looking for this place and Maps does not have great directions to it. I also admit I was looking for a hole-in-the-wall kinda place. When I found it, I was skeptical at its legitimacy, because it's a really nice place but also it serves cappuccinos. My initial assumptions were incorrect, and I was super happy as I was able to order in Spanish, felt at home, and was met with a beautiful plate of Pupusas. The Pupusas were great, I got the chicharron con queso ones and thoroughly enjoyed these, the pork and its seasoning was so explosive with flavor. The only thing I'd change is keeping the Pupusas on the flat top a little longer to get a better golden crust on it. They have big portions. I usually, I'd order three to four because they are small at my regular place. The Pupusas here are big! I ate two out of the four I got here, a man could be filled with three-four. A wonderful surprise, and will be back again.

Leon Mertvoy

Make you feel home. Nice and quiet.

Angel Velez

Really good ingredients , sauces and taste.The guy spoke spanish and english aswell and helped me pick what to order.

Caleb Sparks

Bean empanadas were really good

Violeta Diaz

Riquisimas pupusas en todo Washington son las mejores


The coffee in this restaurant is amazing. Legit Salvadorian cooks the pupusas are unbelievably delicious!

Kathy H.

Very good, fresh, and generous amounts of food. I ordered a variety of pupusas and some fried yuca. I'll be back and order again.

Alyssa Busse

Went here for the first time today and was scolded for not wearing a mask. I explained to the gentleman that I’m fully vaccinated and he said they still require it. I even had my vaccine card on me. I find it curious that it’s ok for people to smoke right outside the front door of the business, but fully vaccinated people cannot come in without a mask. The CDC and our State Government has communicated that we can do so. Why is it that this business followed their guidelines at the beginning of Covid, but not now. I am by no means an “anti-masker”, but I truly believe you’re going to lose customers this way. I unfortunately won’t be back. I understand that every business has a right to refuse service, but it’s not right what they’re doing. Their choice is purely based off emotions. If we followed the CDC at the beginning, we should continue to do so.

Giovanni Severino

1000% Recommend. The food is great, the service was nice, and the location was clean and beautiful. I am a harsh critic when it comes to food, so when I say I strongly recommend, I mean it. Their tamales are genuinely authentic.

Alton Hunt

Great neighborhood Cafe and bistro! Love to support local businesses even if I have to wait cuz management can't fully staff the place

Ian P.

Some of the best tamales around, perfectly done and bursting with flavor. Worth a trip. Great coffee, lovely staff, really nice prices.

Jacob H.

A very kind staff made me an incredible breakfast burrito at a fair price... and the building was nice. What's not to love?

Mark Goetsch

So delicious could not reccommend more!

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