New York Teriyaki

2518 Main St, Union Gap
(509) 469-5555

Recent Reviews

Shannon Yallup

I love their chicken bowl medium spicy and egg rolls are bomb as hell. Very nice employeesFood: 5/5


Left out the MAIN part of my meal.. no meat! am I suppose to enjoy just rice & salad??? Rather waste my money else where. Bye ✌️

Eric Bakker

Wife and I were really hungry. Service was fast and food hit the spot.Food: 5/5

Steve Clear

Did takeout this time. Good food. Fast service.Food: 5/5

Dominic Garcia

Used to be one of my favorite spots during high school... Sadly, the quality has significantly gone down hill...

Danny Pain

General TSO is so good.. only place is union gap to get this.. call in orders are always quick.. overall a good placeKid-friendliness: Anyone from the family can go!!

Joyce Dorris

My sister took me here prior and it was such delicious food so I had to stop by and pick up an order to go so I can eat it when I get back home.Parking: During the busy time of the day parking is really tight.Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair accessibility very close to the front door which is a plus.

Sandra Rodriguez

Customer service not the best. I dont usually write reviews but felt the meed to this time. My daughter went in and odered eel sushi and they gave her eel sauce. Mind you there was no rush she and my son were the only ones ordering. I went back to order what she wanted and they lady couldn't even stand still long enough to take the order. Attended to the people who came in behind us twice. Then the man comes up and has no idea what the lady wrote. Only to have to ask again all the while he was on a call. Oh and I can't forget this guy picking his teeth and not washing his hand then handling people's food.

David A.

I like to go to the west side store.We always order the chicken fried rice,or pork fried rice. The restaurant is always clean. The portions are generous. It's overall a good experience.

Nick Manjarrez

The price here is now out of control. Just under $30 for a chicken bowl and 2 egg rolls. On top of being way over priced they are now only giving about have of their normal serving(bowl was only half full at most). I have been a customer for many many years and feel that I may never go back.?‍♂️ just dissapointed is all I guess......

Cathy Kopta

0 stars!! Waited forever for 2 beef bowls. We were the only people in and 2 others came in and were served their food 1st which was the same. Very small portion compared to the 72nd location. Very heavy teriyaki sauce on it. Will never visit this location.


Overpriced!! Used to like this place but after today we won't be going back. I get that everything is going up in prices but that price for 2 chicken teriyaki and the bag weighted so little I wasn't sure there was anything in there hehe why raised your price if you're reducing your portions significantly! Not nearly as good either. Dry and tasteless

Jacqueline Chavez

Place is extremely over priced and portions are getting smaller and smaller every time that I go. Customer service is terrible! Definitely not going back.

Ray Ayon

This place has gone so far down hill, never eat there again used to be a favorite ? so sad so sorry the portions of meat are not worth the money

Joshua Valles

Great staff and service. Super clean dinning room and prompt service.

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