Arawan Thai Cuisine

700 SE 160th Ave, Vancouver
(360) 882-8118

Recent Reviews

Kat S.

Good service and nice portion sizes. I got the pad si, and it was amazing. Even got leftovers for tomorrow!

S P Ryan

We always love eating here! Their prices are great compared to other Thai eateries in Vancouver, and their location is close to literally everything! Service is great, portion sizes are great, ambiance is great... Everything is great! Which is maybe why we're repeat customersParking: It's located in a large shopping plaza, so there's plenty of free parking

Marissa L.

We ordered red curry with chicken and pineapple fried rice, which I like but my guy said it was decent. The curry lacked flavor, had too much chicken and not enough veggies for me. The fried banana with chocolate syrup and whip cream was good!

Faith W.

Not very flavorful, but a lot of food. Will have to try again to determine for sure if it's worth the money or not!


I came here with a friend and we were both very happy with how everything turned out. My friend is vegan and hasn't been to a Thai restaurant before, but our waitress was very kind and patient with her in discussing her options. The food itself was delicious and fairly priced. I was also given extra rice to take home with my leftover curry at no charge. Everything was wonderful, I'll definitely be back :)

Michael H.

Most delicious food. Fair price. Good service. Very accessible location. I have never been disappointed.

Fall Weather Gal

Great place and here's all my reasons why: First, it's very clean. Second, I had great service, starting with offering chopsticks before I could request them myself. She filled my iced tea before I could even think about asking, kept my table clear, brought spice when she offered and I accepted, and provided a full to-go iced tea all while not bugging me half to death like sime places do. Last, the food was good. I had the crab puffs, which were packed super full and were very tasty, and the pad Thai. Now normally I'm not a fan of pad Thai. I got it with the chicken, tofu, and shrimp and was fully prepared to painstakingly remove the tofu. She also asked if I like spicy, which I didn't expect, and I said yes. It arrived and the proteins were cut very small, to the point and was surprisingly good. Part way through she asked how I like the spice and asked if I wanted more. Yep! I like spicy. ?She brought a condiment thing and I tasted each first. By themselves, nothing to write home about. But mixing them, lordy, that brought the dish to a whole new level! I heaped on a lot of the red ketchupy consistency stuff, added fish sauce kind of stuff, and shook on a lot of red pepper. Instead of being volcanic hot, the combination developed into a flavor sensation what was fan- effing- tastic! So, to wrap up, go there, get great service, and add condiments to your order to increase its flavor profile. So worth your effort and $$.

Han Nguyen

ordered 3 orders of crab wontons and they all came in one box which is perfect because they were all for me. delicious, well made, and perfectly crispy. the only problem was that extra sauce is $2 which is ridiculous. i also paid cash ($30, order was $27 and change after tax) and it looks like the change from the transaction was taken out of the waitresses’ tips which is very much a red flag in my opinion. not sure why there was no money in the drawer but my change should not be taken out of tips, not even a dollar.

Jay W.

I had been wanting to come back to Arawan's. We had visited for Thai food when in the area quite a few years ago. So, this was the day and I was looking forward to it. At our table of 4 we had ordered the Pad Thai (different meats) and also the #93. The food was good but the service was just ok. We sat for quite a while until the server came to get our order. It's not that the place was packed. On our side of the restaurant there were two tables and on the other side there were also only two tables with guests seated. The water was filled once for two at our table but not refilled for the other two nor did server return to fill. We ordered the sticky rice for dessert. We did not receive it but we also were not charged for it. Again, we waited and waited for our bill. Our server definitely was not very attentive. Perhaps, she was busy in the kitchen -- no idea. The food was good but with the service not so good, not sure I would make a special trip to visit like we did this time.

Mia T.

My family and I visited here last Sunday and This was the first time in over 5 years of coming to this location that we had a bad experience. The service is great as always and same with the food. However this time we had a view of the cook and the to go order server. We noticed one of the cooks had her whole hand in her mouth picking something out of her teeth and at one point even licked her fingers tasting some of the food she's cooking and then proceeded to continue cooking. She didn't once stop to wash her hands after having her hand in her mouth. The to go server also had been picking at his teeth, handled his phone, touched his hair and was touching his nose then proceeded to handle the to go food. At one point he put his bare hand in a container of what looked like sesame seeds and put them on top of someone's meal for a To go order. He didn't once stop to wash his hands. This is absolutely disgusting. Anyone handling food should be wearing gloves and should not be touching anywhere on there face or handling there phone. We will not be back which saddens us as we love coming here but it is unsanitary and poses a health risk. Hopefully they make some changes as this is a health department violation/shut down! In response to the restaurant owner: We did mention the above listed complaints to our server but still felt that was not enough given the circumstances of what my family and I witnessed. If you do not believe me which it sounds like you do not, I would encourage you to review camera footage if you have a view of the kitchen area as I had a clear view and am not blind. There were no gloves being used by the cook (even if the cook would have had gloves a hand should never be in the mouth) and no spoon being used to handle the "peanuts". My family and I witnessed him scoop it barehanded. I have absolutely zero reason to make this up as I said we have been going here for years but given what I have seen there's not a chance we will be back regardless of any corrections that are made but that's our choice, which is saddening since we have been longtime customers. Thanks.

Sarah J.

Tasty & reliable / consistent spice level & quality. The menu has dropped some of our favorites since COVID but still one of our favorite Thai places.

Sheena P.

My favorite Thai spot. Everything is tasty and prepared well. Best Thai iced tea around as well. Highly recommend!

Food Critic

The food was good but the portions were very small for the price. The ratio of toppings for the lettuce wasn’t equal to the amount of lettuce. Making our own wraps was annoying and they were not full. Plus the lady brought me one soy sauce packet which was cheap and tried to charge me on sauce. The service is awful. Plus we had to constantly ask for things. Not a fan of this restaurant

Theresa Gross

I ordered chicken pad Thai, mild, to go. I got home to find out that there was no chicken, and no fresh bean sprouts on top and it was very cold, colder than it should have been. Took it back the next day because I didn’t eat it. And not only is it mushy, but there are very wilted bean sprouts mixed in there as if they took my old pad Thai and re-cooked it with just adding some chicken. Pad Thai base taste like ketchup. And it is very dry. I AM VERY Displeased! I’ve been going to this place for years and it used to be much better than it is now! Service was rather cold and unwelcoming. I give it two thumbs down! ????

Tru_ Champ

The food was on point we tried the fried rice with pork, and drunkards noddles and also tried the crab puffs everything was delicious and fresh. Best of all was our server Irene, she was amazing and super helpful with suggestions.Definitely coming back here again.

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