Brewed Awakenings

16318 SE 12th St, Vancouver
(360) 514-8111

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Chelsea Peterson

Omggg! I love this coffee spot so much. I haven’t been inside, but I’m basically here everyday in the drive thru lol to get my Belgian latte and sometimes my veggie burrito! I also love their smoothies as well. Their boysenberry tango is bomb. The people here are the SWEETEST!? I def 10/10 recommend.

Maria Morrison

I’ve been here a few times- this review is specific to my trip this morning and to only one of the team members, Jordan. Jordan was cheerful and friendly. I felt so bad for him and the way his coworker (I do not know her name, she was a smaller blonde girl with glasses) was treating him. She was incredibly rude and truly nasty towards him and the customers. I heard her say “I’m NOT putting whip on this” as she put the lid on a drink order that had asked for whip… The entire time I was waiting at the front to order, she didn’t say one word to me (or any of the other customers) but she kept snapping at Jordan to “get this, and do that.” I watched the poor guy run every which direction as she stood there rolling her eyes. At one point while I was standing at the register she yelled at Jordan and said “you need to get the front” while he was in the middle of taking the window order. I had stood there right in front of her one foot away for 10 minutes and she didn’t even greet me with a hi or hello. She did not acknowledge me at all. I couldn’t believe her blatant rudeness. I tipped an extra $5 just because I felt bad for Jordan. I told him she was not being kind to him and I could see that he was doing all the work and I wanted him to know he was doing a great job.I’m writing this because I have worked and owned coffee shops- I believe the most important part is your team. I really hope Jordan gets some sort of recognition as he remained kind, calm, and helpful. I hope your worker sees this and understands that as customers, we see everything going on and her behavior towards others was truly gross. If you don’t like customer service, you should not be working in a customer service position.Will be back- hope to see more friendly and kind workers who enjoy their job, their team, and their customers.

SoothSol Moksha

Was just visiting the area thought why not try some coffee.. got a peanut butter smoothie with hemp milk, was so good I ended up lathering myself like a little slug in this coffee the end

Stephen Alsop

Was just visiting the area thought why not try some coffee.. got a peanut butter smoothie with hemp milk, was so good I ended up lathering myself like a little slug in this coffee the end

Hector B.

This was a great treat. I just needed a little something to hold me over while I waited for my friends to land at PDX. Yes, it's in Washington and worthy of the drive. My service was funny and helped. Thank you! The drinks were very well made and enjoyable. I even got a biscotti that was HUGE and tasty. I would highly recommend this place to get your fix.

Lynn R.

Superb coffee with zillions of choices including MEXICAN MOCHA and BLACK FOREST COFFEE that came furnished with a chocolate covered cherry! I ordered a tea because I am not a coffee drinker and they had passion iced tea with a passion purée that was so delicious. They are willing and happy to concoct any drink you can imagine if they have the ingredients to do it. And believe me, they have lots of syrups and homemade purées, they have a wonderful place inside with pleasant music and it would be a fun place to just hang out and read or study or work. But the best part of this place besides the incredible drinks are the employees who are the most joyful people to be around. They will make your day happier!

Kevin O.

I was in the area, I've gotten a beverage everytime I drive by when I'm around there. But today I just needed a couple shots of coffee. Incredulously when I was told 4 shots of coffee cost almost 6$ I still paid. But before I left I asked the girl if that was normal, she just looked at me and didn't say a word. This is the most I've ever paid for 4 shots anywhere... back to my Dutch bros I go. Rude Awakenings, y'all sleeping on customer service.

Yasir Shnain

Very good coffee and drinks in general are good, quite place and friendly staff, the only downside is couches looks old and not clean, maybe it’s shop style but I didn’t like it.


If Bethany is there, this place us over the top!!If she isn't there, don't bother.Very inconsistent coffee one drink is the same as you got yesterday. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold and maybe sometimes Is the right temp. It's like there is NO drink recipe, no quality control or assurance...and nobody working there seems to care...EXCEPT Bethany.

Tiffany Conner

Filthy!! This place used to be my go to spot for coffee and work, but now it is a last resort. The baristas are extremely loud and do not use their inside voices, their music choices are typically not befitting of a cafe environment, and it’s just a very dirty place. Crumbs are left on tables, carpets frequently unvacuumed, floors do not look like they’ve been mopped in months and let’s not even get started on the bathrooms!

Andrea M.

Need an early morning pick me up? Missy delivers the very best customer service long before the sun comes up! She is so friendly and always has a smile. I come every week at the same time and she always remembers what we talked about the week previous. She knows my drink of choice and is always ready with a treat for my pup!

Erin N.

Love this place! The coffee is amazing and love their scones! Friendly staff, especially Missy! she always has a smile to greet you and makes you feel welcomed!

Audriana Zehra

I visited this place for the first time and I was genuinely impressed! They have several different options for alternative milk. My matcha was really delicious! (Although FYI it does contain some dairy). But the place is full of comfy chairs and seats making it a great place to sit, read, journal, etc.

Sky Rausch

Didn't order anything.after standing around waiting for 5 minutes the skinny blonde girl come over and pretended she didn't see me.I asked what drinks were what, and she acted like I was d*** for asking.Kahlua, white cow, tahitian, extreme cooler? I just don't know what some of those are.Left and went across the street to Thai tea place instead.

Odette Nudera

Good coffee, I like mine 'Bold' and snacks yummy. Very friendly staff, remembers my drink as I always make the stop on the way to work, which conveniently is right next door. They remember my favorite choice of drink - white mocha. Thanks for great service & smiles too!

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