Cactus Ya Ya

15704 SE Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver
(360) 944-9292

Recent Reviews

Juan O

The service was awesome, the place is lively. The food was ok, nothing great but not awful. It's a good place to hang out with friends.

Michele Anderson

Not a place for conversationMore like a noisy bar. Waitresses excellent!

Samantha Horner

We usually aren't disappointed here. I wish their kids menu was a bit better but nobody makes fried oysters like these guys. I get them anywhere that makes them and I'm always disappointed because they never compare to cactus yayas! Great service too!

James L.

The people here are so nice they gave my son a birthday ice cream taco when we didn't order it. Thoughtful of them. Everyone liked their food. Skewers were very tender. Great drinks.

Ingrid I.

Overpriced bland food. Had to add salt and pepper to my chicken tostada which had ONE Xlarge chip and mostly lettuce. The shredded chicken I paid extra for had NO flavor. Margarita was ok and the service was excellent! Nice hostess and server. Attentive staff and the meal came out quick. Sadly, I craved the tasty food from previous years. Will give it another try in a few more months since it could just be the challenges of running a restaurant during the pandemic. Complimentary chips and salsa when one is seated is a nice touch.

Robert Romero

Our first time here. We loved it. Great food and service.

Ashley Swanson

Fish tacos were delicious! Actually, everything we got was. The Yaya rolls, the fish n chips! Yum. ?

Ashley Shaffer

Cactus Ya Yas has been our favorite restaurant in Vancouver for years. I cannot believe I have never written a review. They are the BEST!! The food has always been amazing and the host and servers do a great job. We especially love the skewers, peanut chicken yaya rolls, and house quesadilla. The peanut sauce here is to die for...we would literally eat it with our forks if there was any left over. My sons loved the chips and beans.We moved to Texas a couple months ago and miss Ya Yas so much!!

Alicia L. Bisson

Great food!! Awesome servers

Jacque C.

I haven't eaten here in several years! I've moved so it was nice to revisit while visiting family. My brother used to work as a food prep person there - so, it has lots of memories and we frequently ate here. This visit I stopped in with my daughter who lives nearby. We stopped in for a quick meal before she had to work. She had some delicious soft tacos and I had the garlic mashed potatoes!! We dined on the patio because it was a pleasant evening. Our server was a young man that was very helpful and prompt in his service of the tables! I will be sure to stop back in while back in August!! Thanks Cactus YaYa for the great food and memories!!

Nancy Compton

good food, good service..

Rachel C.

I've been coming to this restaurant for decades lol and I don't care if this makes me sound old! This is a neighborhood spot. If you're from Vancouver you know it's all about the yaya rolls! (The peanut chicken is where it's at!!!) On this particular trip, my mom and I made a point while she was vacationing back home to hit one of our favorite spots in the 'Couve! I wanted to try something I don't always have here So I tried the fish tacos with a side Cesar add bay shrimp and YUM! I have yet to have something here I don't love. I also recommend the tortilla soup which is so rich and flavorful on a dreary day. My mom loves their mashed potatoes! She wasn't that hungry but had enough room for some side taters! Haha Thanks Cactus yaya for being a consistently great place to enjoy a unique and delicious meal.

Taylor Gaussoin

Should you go here? Ya ya you should. - A neighborhood staple for decades, ? Ya Ya is always a great choice for delicious food, great drinks and wonderful service. Get the Ya Ya rolls and just about anything else on the menu for a great meal.

Jerry D.

OK, first off, I've driven by this place many times on my way to someplace else. And I should have done just that the other night when my wife and I were hungry and jonesing for a bit of o'l Mexico cuisine. We were so surprised that this place works so diligently at extracting every last bit of flavor from it's dishes, I figured that maybe someone complained years ago about the spice and now they make damn certain that will never happen again. I won't go into the details just because the memories are somewhat traumatic and I'll just get mad all over again that I spent good money eating what could have been any cardboard box discarded behind the restaurant. And now that I think about that, most any cardboard would have been a real delight when compared to my bland meal. I mean there are bad flavors and plain old disgusting flavors, and then we have the Cactus Ya Ya total absence of flavor. I asked the waiter just how they accomplish such total flavor extraction, I mean it's so incredible to witness such poor cooking, let alone PAY for it.....

Jim Peters

A little slow to get initial service and it wasn't the friendliest, but the food was phenomenal. The peanut rolls are 5 star material. They were out of the first 2 dishes we asked for and the didn't have a couple of the alcohols that were requested. One was Honey Jack Daniels or any honey whiskey, so I would say the bar is limited. Overall, I really like the place and has wonderful outside seating by the ?.

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