Chipotle Mexican Grill

915 SE 164th Ave Ste 100, Vancouver
(360) 256-2355

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Terra Yoder

They really need more hardworking employees. A couple people are working hard and th he rest are standing around. I'm still waiting for my online order 25 minutes after the pick up time. Management should step in soon.

Ryan Probstfeld

This place used to be great. They always had their grill going and had everything available. Now they rarely have steak, chicken, or veggies available. Tonight they only had ancient looking carnitas that I wouldn’t feed to my dog. Excuses about being short-handed don’t cut it anymore. Either pay people more or close your business; none of this nonsense. I’ll be going to Qdoba from now on. If this business can get its act together, I’ll come back, but it will be a while.

Andy D

Worthless and super rude customer service. When I asked if they had Fajita veggie, the girl just shook her head in a dismissive way (0 verbal communication). Spilled sour cream all over the cap and did not even attempt to clean it before she handed the bowl to me. Also, the cashier asked her what the order was and she was too busy making small talks he gave up and asked me instead. LOL wut?? How can you serve customers with so much ignorance and arrogance or are you just plain stupid?? Girl if you see this message, good luck in life because you definitely need it.I have been to more than 10 chipotle locations and this is the worst. Owner should address this type of behavior immediately.

truth wins

My buddy and I stopped in last night waited in line 15 minutes cuz the current employees are lazy. One girl filling orders while JACKIE the other girl present stood and yawned and the numerous other employees in the back.. After waiting 15 minutes for the 2 people ahead to order because JACKIE didn't help prepare orders instead stood at the register doing NOTHING. When I FINALLY got to order was informed no brown rice no chicken available no apologies no customer service absolutely none. I used to go here often before the pandemic the employees were friendly fast working very pleasant. I've been 2 times to this Chipotle in the last 2 weeks both experiences sucked but last night was it and will now travel down Mill Plain where they at least are competent. I would fire JACKIE on the spot if I were manager or would pay her below minimum wage. The number one concern should be customers but not at this dump.

Dario Miranda

Worst bean & rice burrito ever. Way to much rice, hardly any beans. Kid couldn't even roll up the burrito correctly. Tested like a cold, condiment filled tortilla. Not worth half of what I paid. Not even worth eating it. 2 bites & I threw it away. Better off hungry.

Lori C.

Something tells me that our experience tonight does not happen every night or they wouldn't still be in business. We LOVE our Kent Chipotle, so we were very excited to find one near us in Vancouver. There was only one person ahead of us and no one behind us when they announced there were no proteins left except sofritas (stir fry tofu) and steak. So we chose steak. Now there is about five parties behind us in line, uh oh lol. Wait, what do you mean I can't have extra cilantro? Oh you don't wash it anymore?!?! So if it's not cooked in rice it's not safe to serve....we'll that's yucky....Wait there's not quite enough steak for three orders, but they split what they have. Wait they are also out of stir fry veggies! Holy cow they're open to ten what the heck is their plan? Oh, they're starting to cook more now lol. There were four plus people in the kitchen and I've never seen our Kent store with more than one or two. Sorry Vancouver Chipotle, the short staff excuse ain't going to fly....should be one star, but we will give you another try eventually to see what you really deserve.

josh martyn

I have worked for chipotle before and know the procedures.They tonight have lacked in the basics of running the store.They were out of allot of basic items and you can tell the crew was being poorly managed, with how the dishes were backed up.I'm sure this is not how this store is often, but knowing the process... I felt obligated to point out how inadequate the service was tonight.Chipotle has great food, but horrible management across the board. Tonight was a good reminder of that.

Beth T

Not greeted or acknowledged by anyone until the one person building orders was in front of me even though one of the other workers stood in front of me at one point just to mix the food pans.. Kinda awkward to be right in front of people without them acknowledging my presence at all. They’re out of half of their ingredients, 15min-several hours to wait for them, so I paid $11 for a tiny bowl with most of my usual toppings missing. Not a good experience!

Inga T.

This is the only chipotle that is close near me, and I usually go here for a burrito. Every time I come here, I always get disappointed. They never have the grilled green peppers and onions, and always give small portions. Last time I went their grilled peppers and onions were burnt, and taste really bad, I always feed my kids with burrito, but I don't want them to get sick. One time my hubby found some plastic in his burrito, and it was really gross. I just don't understand why they don't improve on their flaws, because it's the same thing over and over again. I have ate few times at the chipotle in battle ground location, and every time I go, I get the best, fresh, good portion, burrito! And I am always so impressed how amazing they do there each time! It's 25 minutes drive for me, so I can't go there all the time. I really wish that this location chipotle will do so much better!


Needs some work. Expected me to pay full price for a kids meal when they didn’t even have the items to make the meal. Girl with the glasses acted annoyed we didn’t want to wait for 15 minutes or replace their lack of chicken with another meat - not sorry my kid only likes the chicken there. Definitely not paying $6 for short scoops of rice and beans, though!

Aaron S.

They're reviews you see below is always right! Either the card machines broke, or there outta rice or a protein, the portions are super small, and they barely give you any meat and if you say can I get a little more they charge you for double meat when the first one was half a spoonful, it's just terrible here .

Joel Peterson

What a joke! This store need a serious audit. The back counter was filth. Covered in beans and what appeared to be meat particles that were dried up. They never have fajitas. This time due to “well it takes a couple hours.” I went in thinking maybe things had changed. I am officially done-went to Baja Fresh instead.

Kevin P.

They're always out of certain items... like consistently some issue. Rice missing, dressing, certain protein options... like how does a multi billion dollar corporation not quality check a store to make sure they have what they need to serve their customers? I don't bother going to this one anymore.

Francis W.

It's clean and they're nice but man they skimp put on actually filling your bowl. I know it's not the standard on how much they are supposed to fill up the bowl. They've also been out of pretty much everything for the longest time. Corporate chipotle needs to lend a hand and help out this store. No reason they can't get some help.

Jules Doyle

I’ve eaten hundreds of veggie burritos since 2007. The one from Vancouver on 164th will be my last. Chipotle used to make their burritos with love. Somewhere along the way it appears to me that corporate forgot about that in favor of the the bottom line.

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