Compass Coffee

817 Washington St, Vancouver
(888) 723-2007

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Roxana Gonzalez

I love this place because is great for working and also because of their cappuccinos! - (probably one of the bests cappuccinos in town... but I still need to try other coffee shops to say that for sure)They have a good bar height table, which is great if you like to stand while you work plus they have plugs in the walls if you need to recharge your computer. If you like tea, they also have a good selection.

Sara O

Fantastic drinks served up by friendly baristas. It was very busy the day we were there but the line was well managed and drinks kept flowing. The espresso drinks are made right and their specialty drinks aren't overly sweet like some coffee shops are. Unfortunately when it gets busy in there it's almost hard to move around due to the layout. Also, if it's cold out and you sit near the door expect a big draft.

Gagan N Kangovi

Great coffee. I had the woodblock mocha with toasted marshmallow. The cafe is pretty too and you get a good view of the outside street. You can buy some of the coffee beans. Great to sit down and work if needed. Located in the prime Vancouver area, it is close to the farmers market too.

Kathy Alyabyev

Beautiful coffee shop. The parking is decent, coffee is delicious, the atmosphere is cozy and the service is fantastic. Will be coming back with my friends ☺️

Anton Kovalenko

Stopped by early Saturday to grab some coffee. I’ve been to compass coffee before and was pleasantly surprised at how good their coffee was today. They had a single origin brewed coffee and it was delicious. They have a decent selection of sweet pastries and some savory bagels. I would definitely recommend stopping by and checking them out.

roman puzhlyakov

Coffee tastes good, pastry is even better! Monkey bread pastry is amazing!

Julie Ward

Such great coffee and service! And nice, new location right on the corner, with a big area to sit outside. A little pricey, but hey, it's downtown and crafty and delicious.Parking: All parking everywhere downtown is now metered. I believe until 6pm Mon-Sat.


I have visited here in the past, coffee was always pretty good but this time I was visiting with a friend who had traveled from the U.K., thought I would show her how we make coffee in Vancouver..she ordered a latte large I had a small, after drinking part of her coffee she said it was cold. I tasted it it was definitely colder than mine and mine wasn’t that hot. I took it back and told them it was not hot, the barista was so rude, telling me next time to bring the coffee back or ask for an extra hot coffee before I’d drank it all! Granted she had drank almost half but I tried to explain that the person was a visitor from another country..she didn’t want to know she said she tested the temperature ofthe coffee and that was how they serve their lattes which was a load of rubbish, I think I’ve had enough lattes to know how a hot one should be..anyway she was so rude I will not be going back.

Veronica Davis

I love finding new places to grab some delicious coffee and maybe catch up on some reading for class/personal interest. Outdoor seating available and plenty of outlets to get some work done as well. Supporting local is important to me, hope you check them out soon!

Mark Joseph Russell

We stopped briefly for a quick cold brew. Service was great. The place seemed like a lovely place to spend an afternoon chatting and/or working. Clean restrooms too! The coffee itself was not 100% to my liking, as it was more bitter than my preferred brew. ... but it's one of the best places I've visited in Vancouver.

Anita A.

I have been a customer for a few years and stop by when I get the chance whilst in town. Can definitely say that their coffee is always 100% and I've tried different things in their menu; I've never had any disappointments! Their staff is super friendly and is a really nice place to have a hangout with a few people or just to come and read a book! (:

MikeKristi Navarre

Nice little shop. Cool, rustic industrial meets plant parent that reads hardcover books vibes. Staff were friendly, drinks were good.

Nicolette S.

The coffee here is very very good and the food looks like it's definitely worthy of the try. I went on a Saturday morning around 9am and it was medium busy in there. Half the seats were being used and there were a few people in line. We ordered two lattes and it took about 25-30 mins from when we entered to get our drinks. That is way too long for only a few people in line and not being packed. The guy making drinks spent more time on his phone than preparing orders. They move at a very leisurely pace so I will potentially be back if I'm not in a rush but not somewhere you want to go when you have somewhere to be or want to stay on any sort of schedule.

Rashi T.

This has been my go-to in the neighborhood and seems to be for others too based on the number of people I see in there every time. Cute-relaxed vibe and there is plenty of space and seating. They have a good mix of industrial yet warm décor elements and makes the whole place look very inviting .The coffee is good albeit overpriced for the small size of cups they use. The staff is efficient even though I do not find them particularly friendly. The baked goods have been a hit or miss kind of situation for me here but I like that they have some fun and unique options to try .

Jasmine S.

Great coffee shop atmosphere and better coffee! Parking is easy, though it is metered. Close to the waterfront and very near the farmers market!

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