Georgie's Garage & Grill

606 Broadway St, Vancouver
(360) 597-3071

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Michael Brennan

I like the space and atmosphere, the bar seems like a good place to have a beer on a weekend night, especially if they have a band. I went for lunch and ordered a plain burger and was charged for a bacon cheeseburger. I asked about it and was told they don't have plain burgers in their system, so i would have to pay for toppings I didn't order. The server was friendly, the burger was average and the kitchen was VERY slow.

Angela P.

We were there on an off night so it wouldn't be loud and we could talk. The food was average. I got a Bloody Mary that was meh, another at our table ordered any lager on tap that turned out to be an IP. Nothing huge, but not memorable. On another note, the service was great!

Tchannin Dumas

The place has a "been around for decades" vibe to it. Spacious. Not your typical restaurant. It's a bar/mixed space venue with apparently a killer kitchen in the back out of view. I had the C.F.S. skillet with country potatoes. It was one of the better skillets I've had in a long time.

Jake Lemberg

This place is great! All day breakfast, great drinks, friendly service. I could see it being fun to see live music here! The atmosphere is nice and very "bar like". When we arrived I did not expect much from the food, but it impressed me! Prices were reasonable and the food was delicious! Will definitely be back.

Graham K.

hate to be that guy... Even at bogo-prices the food is not good at all, maybe if you adjusted your expectations to a middle school cafeteria it'd be ok. I had the biscuits and gravy, which were fine, pretty greasy and flavorless but i wasn't offended . Then i also had the chicken quesadilla, and this was just a miserable experience. maybe three small bites of chicken in each quesadilla piece. Almost no filling at all in the quesadilla. Mostly just tortilla. Avoid if possible . not worth the money even at a BOGO price .

Lorne Major

Wow. What a disappointment. Had a great club sandwich with fries, and an order of Jumbalaya previously. Club was great Jambalaya, not sure what it was. It wasn't Jambalaya, as that contains no corn, no carrots, and no cauliflower. This barely edible monstrosity did. Again, the club was good, so I reordered. This time inedible garbage. The Fries were completely undercooked, and set in the same container as the sandwich. Now I have microwaved inedible garbage. The first time I ordered, they were in separate cardboard containers. I could just keep my fries warm in the oven. Now I have to microwave garbage, to make it more garbage like to choke it down. Teach your kitchen staff basic, cooking and packaging skills, or prepare to lose lots of business. I demand a refund. Basic bar food, isn't that hard.

Angelyka C

It's a place with good vibes, excellent service, and what I assume would be great drinks as it seems customers enjoy going to the bar. I've only had their food during lunch. It's reasonably priced and comes out quickly, though I don't think their pastas are of the best quality. The Tuscan pasta was too sour for my liking, and the Alfredo was overwhelmingly cheesy. Still, it's an awesome place and would definitely come back.

Austin S.

f****** trash the service? horrible the bartenders ugly the food undercooked and to expensive. everyone there has a shitty f****** attitude

Isa N.

The BOGO deals are always risky. Used Postmates/UberEats and they sent me rubber noodles with hard cheese with no sauce.

Heather Legacy

First time I've ever ordered from here and I was not disappointed. The portions were huge and the food was great. Love the wide variety of dishes. I even had mine delivered and it was still crispy and delicious. My new fave for sure.

Anjie Furian

The Event was amazing, food was good, service was friendly and just sort of ok. They seemed especially understaffed. Not sure if it was due to poor planning or unforseen circumstances. I'd be willing to give them another try.

Patricia Randall

I have been to Georgie's several times. All of the food is amazing. They have the best Reuben that I have ever had. Also I am a psychic medium. The first time I went in I saw the spirit of a young boy. Did find out that a boy died in a fire there years before. So for all of you ghost hunters have a wonderful meal while you investigate. .I tell everyone about Georgie's.

Katie O.

I was so excited from their website/menu. I ordered the Mexican salad bowl for delivery. I received no salad dressing. The salad was mainly lettuce, barely any toppings. Very disappointed. :(


Usually restaurants might have one or two good items on their menu. Here at Georgie’s, I am happy to say there are so many amazing items on they offer. In fact one time I mentioned to my wife, “Georgie’s is dangerous, because the food is too good here, we are not going to be able to stop eating here”. Nachos fantastic! Breakfast fresh! Tequila Shrimp pasta, To die for! I can’t tell you how many times we have eaten here. So many I can’t remember. We highly recommend Georgie’s. Thank you team Georgie’s. We appreciate all your hard work. It’s so obvious they really care about what they prepare and their customers. Best of luck to entire team. Thank you.

Belinda Clark

Loved the vibe, food is good and staff is friendly. Had a great time for a friends birthday

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