Killer Burger

1525 SE 164th Ave, Vancouver
(360) 836-5274

Recent Reviews

Brittany Ward

Leila helped me out today and is a magical person! My food and experience was next level.

Danielle Smithson

The yougetrs running this killer burger are KILLIN IT!! Good job guys!!!

Bill York

Got the Red Molly burger. The French fries were amazing and the burger itself was really good. They did lose a star since the unsweetened ice tea tap was hooked up to the sweet tea tap and I'm not a fan of sweet tea.

Ashley Swanson

Always a go too for a big sloppy burger. Sloppy in a good way! We're always getting the peanut butter burger. ?

P Ndu

I asked for lettuce wrap.. I got shredded lettuce... The Patty was good. I'll come back another time and definitely check my food in the lot b4 I leave.

Jennifer L.

I ordered take out burgers and bought a container of their seasoning online and went to pick it up. Got home with no seasoning and the wrong burgers. I filled out a complaint on their website and was contacted by a manager who said they were gonna send me a gift card and a bottle of seasoning. Never got either and never heard back from the manager.

dan ervin

Ordered a peanut butter burger (light spread) a cider and some fries.The burger was cooked with a good sear and was still juicy. The cheese was just grill kissed on the edge and centered well, the bun was gently toasted and the peanut butter sealed the deal.Yes, the fries were cooked with a slightly exterior and perfectly cooked interior, but that burger really was the star.The cider I believe was a guava and was well balanced with a mild dry and semi sweet flavor.The staff was incredibly polite and even able to handle rowdy customers with ease. I felt comfortable and was delighted, thanks, I'll be back.

Chris Seams

Jose Mendoza burger Fatty Style (2 patties) gets 5 stars - Deeeeelicious! Restaurant requiring masks was silly.

grant c.

First off the food was very good. I ordered through Grub hub and had an item missing. I also felt like I had a lack of fries with my meal. I would suggest just dining in rather than takeout or grubhub.

Shannon B.

Seriously the worse customer service I have ever experienced. Don't answer phone or emails. Then in the middle of a chat they leave.. after MANY times sending messages.. spent $100 and 3 of the burgers were wrong. Check every order because you will not have any contact

Michael McLean

I just got a chance to try Killer Burgers,I’m happy with what I got,My lone issue was the “House Sauce “ was not my favorite thing,but that’s just me,The burger itself was great and the fries were amazing,Small menu but tasty lots of room to eat, drinks are refillable,

Tristina N.

I have never been disappointed the killer burgers food. My go to is the classic burger and fries and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried this place yet. I usually place my order to-go and have always gotten quick and polite service at the drive-up window.


The food was good as usual, but the mask requirement was almost reason enough to go elsewhere. C'mon guys, get up to speed please! You are losing customers left and right.

Terra Freeman

We did not bring masks because we no longer need them and got yelled at the front for not having them on. When we asked for a mask that we could use it we got yelled at again say that we don't have to provide it it is not our job and then we're told to go outside  and we could call in a takeout order. I guess it is just a matter of weather they would like to lose business and I guess the answer is yes. I understand them wanting masks but getting yelled at was completely out of line. Hopefully they will train their team to be polite about the situation in the future.

Niem Nguyen

I’ve encountered friendly staff. The menu is simple and straight to the point. I ordered the “Fun Guy” burger. It tastes better than most burgers, if not all, in Vancouver. The fries are prefect. The wait wasn’t that long when we were there at around 9pm. Having an outdoor place to eat is a plus. It is a little expensive. We paid about $30 for 2 burgers and fries. That’s basically Red Robin but the burgers here still taste better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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