Mc Grath's Fish House

12501 SE 2nd Cir, Vancouver
(360) 514-9555

Recent Reviews

Gustavo Jimenez

First time at this location, the staff was nice and attentive. The food was really good, I had the poke tacos which had great flavor. Overall a great experience.

Dianna Schrock

The food was very well prepared and presentable, the servers where very attentive but not overly attentive so your are able to hold a conversation with your party with out being interrupted multiple times. The atmosphere warm and inviting and was very clean. We had the crab artichoke dip which did not last long between the two of us. Also the serving size of the dishes where perfect. I would have taken a photo but realized halfway through my meal I had forgotten to. But we will be going back for more.

Kehau Hori

Had the all you can eat prawns which was great. Service takes awhile so just make sure you're not in a rush. Food is consistently good.

Molly Bataluna

Delicious seafood menu. Spacious room for a Birthday party. Great service with Cheryl. Sufficient parking, central location in Vancouver Washington. We had a fun time there.

SueL Larimer

So dissappointed... went early at 5:20 for Happy Hour, but full price on drinks because Happy Hour is for the bar only and they did not tell us when we ordered the drinks only when the bill came. Also, my husband told the waiter we were celebrating my birthday. His response was "I'll get your bill". Definite birthday dinner downer!!!!! Food was okay.

David Hampton

I usually do not bother with negative reviews however this visit ( been here previously) left me so disillusioned that I may not be back. First off the service was just ok. The food arrived and mine was cold. I mean not even a little warm. The breading on the side oysters was soaked with oil and falling off. I expect better for the price.

Vinh D.

the bread warm up was delicious but my sesame chicken tenders were actually burnt. the bus boi was also blowing kisses. but for real, burnt chicken tenders.

Tim T.

We like the food. Nice atmosphere. Multiple visits and we have always enjoyed it. Excellent happy hour!

Johnny Fairchild

We Ordered a fairly large order online this past weekend. Besides a 15 wait beyond when they said the food would be ready, it was a great dining experience. The food was amazing and they nailed the order. Beyond that, the staff was incredibly friendly!

Darrin Opdycke

Good fish and chips however avoid the trout. You can't miss with the rest of the food. Very tasty!

Annie Cowing

This place has great coconut prawns and a happy hour. Large, roomy, and very nice decor. I will be back with my family.

Sondra Richards

Very good. Nice atmosphere. Good service.... nice lunch.


I was in Portland and wanted some good seafood. This place has fresh seafood all around. I went with the Wild Sockeye salmon and it was the best salmon I have ever had. The sides were really good too. It’s not far from Portland and totally worth it.

Shawn P.

Great place to eat. Lots of selections to chose from. They have happy hour 7 days a week. The outside seating is good and usually not crowded. Salads are fresh and the wait staff is pleasant.

Ashan Givens

First time going to this restaurant. My partner's dad told us about it. She and her sister made the reservations. It was awesome! I ordered the scallops. They melted in my mouth. Everyone was satisfied when we were done. Service was excellent. I will definitely go again. I will recommend it to anyone. Definitely worth the drive from Seattle.

Micheal Forder

Reasonable prices, but it took almost an hour for our drinks and then we got to order our food. I've had better sea food. The dessert was awesome!

Flory W.

We returned once again, and I'm giving them another 4 stars. Our waiter was very sufficient & attentive. The service was fast, the food was once again, good. DH had Cooper River Salmon, rice pilaf, green beans, side of clam chowder. I had the River Trout, green beans & rice pilaf. Great hot bread & butter came with the meal. Bathroom clean.

Jerry M.

I had been to a couple other McGrath's locations previously, and last night went to the one in Vancouver for the first time. All McGrath's seem to be consistent (in a good way) and always "dependable". Their seafood is very good and prices are reasonable. This location is nice looking. . .decorated in a rustic "waterfront" type theme with exposed brick walls and timber beams sort of like a dockside warehouse. I know that Copper River Sockeye Salmon from Alaska is in season now, and that was being touted on their chalkboard near the front entrance. So, of course, I ordered the wood-fired Sockeye Salmon since it was a seasonal special. It was very good. I liked the charred surface of the piece of fish, but it was still moist and flaky on the inside. The simple preparation was good too, allowing the flavor of the salmon to come through without being covered up with any heavy sauce. There was a wedge of lemon and a small scoop of herb butter, and that was all I needed. Our waitress was very friendly and efficient, and that made dinner all the more pleasant. I like McGrath's.

Leon Eller

Mc Grath's is a restaurant dedicated to seafood. The servers are without a doubt there for you and the bar at the restaurant is busy durring happy hour. I myself have a limited taste for seafood so a good batch of halibut fish and chips is what brings me to a seafood restaurant. These are the best in town.

Nancy M.

Service is awful. Don't go if you are a single diner because you will be ignored. When I finally asked if there was service after 28 minutes without even a glass of water, i finally got served, The resulting dinner was mediocre at best . The manager expressed her dismay and apologized, but I still wonder just what happened to the dinner before it was served. It was not a busy night. Just plain rude. No offer of dessert. An hour later, I have some severe gastrointestinal distress. The Health Department needs to pay a visit, They need customer relations in a big way. Will never go back and will encourage business associates to stay clear as well.

Elsie c.

Went for a late lunch so we could have a conversation without having to yell. Turned on my sound app and it registered an average of 66, very amenable for a meal with conversation, ie, civilized. Waitress, Hailey, was sparky and nice. We were amused when she said the fish was fresh yesterday. Guess that sounds better than saying it was day old. It's all perception. Husband ordered a halibut sandwich and had a cup of clam chowder with it. He was very pleased with the clam chowder as well as the sandwich. I ordered honey garlic salmon and it was fine. I suspect the black specks on the top of the salmon was the burned garlic, a no-no. Sourdough was microwaved and too chewy, rubbery to eat. What I like about the place is it is reliable. It is a fish house so order seafood before anything else on the menu and you'll run less risk of disappointment. Most places don't wow me anymore and I'm tired of looking for the next well-reviewed place. On a side note, I think today's "chefs" or cooks are too into introducing the latest and greatest and combining unusual ingredients, pushing the envelope, so to speak, almost a steroidal impulse. I think a good chef can work wonders with less. That being said, I generally prefer my cooking over anything we have out. But if we have to go out, this is as reliable as any, warts and all.

Gary Messmer

Nice seafood restaurant and close to our hotel. Stopped in for lunch and had a great meal. Portion sizes were generous, our server was attentive without being disruptive. Prices are reasonable considering how well the food was prepared.

Air Stream

Very good but the fish platter was very greasy. All fried in deep grease. Next time I will try something else. Our waitress was a gem though ! Quick service at 12:30.

Rick Nyhan

Food was awesome. Service was even better! First visit. SO MUCH BETTER THAN RED LOBSTER! Definitely, check it out!

Tom P.

Excellent food. Excellent service. Attentive, fast and no issues what so ever. Will most definitely be back. No name on the bill but it was server 636. Great guy. Treated my children like young adults and was great with my wife's birthday. Prices were extremely reasonable and I couldn't finish my food there was so much. Great experience. Thank you.

Carolyn S.

Worst service I've experienced in a long time !! Our server treated us with obvious destain! We understand if you're busy but she treated us horribly from the minute we sat down! Served us the wrong appetizer.. practically dropped our entrees in front of us without a word and rolled her eyes at us when our baby dropped some crackers made a huge deal picking them up!! So uncomfortable! Very rude comments when we had questions about the menu.. needless to say we will never be back and yes I did convey all of this to the manager and got a mumbled apology!

Dee J.

We went on Monday around 3 in the afternoon. This was our first visit. We ordered the fried prawn with pasta and with the pear salad for me. My husband got the seafood combo with the potatoes and a cup of clam chowder. The chowder and the pear salad came with the bread. The bread was very good. The small pear salad was delicious. It was very filling. My husband's cup of clam chowder was very thick. He said that it was good, but not the best that he has had. Then we waited and waited and waited for our entrees. I thought that they must have forgotten us. I did not understand the wait, as the crowd had thinned out. Finally the entrees arrived. They looked nice on the plates. I took a bite of the fried prawn. It was soggy. I thought that it was not cooked all the way at first. It was cooked all the way. The prawns were just soggy on the bottom where it sat on the plate. There was a bit of grease under each prawn. My husband said that his was soggy too. His clams were soggy and tough.The only thing that could explain this was that the food just sat in the kitchen and got soggy. It was very disappointing.

Ellen P.

I have visited twice and have enjoyed both of my visits! Nick was the serve on both occasions and he is attentive and seems to arrive just at the right time to see if we wanted anything additional. The prawn cocktail is amazing and the crab stuffed mushrooms are the bomb! Unfortunately they didn't have tempura green beans the last time that I was there. Other than that, I would highly recommend this place!

james matthew

Having been to the one in Oregon I was excited to try this one for my birthday. The food was horrible here. My lobster was so over cooked it was tough like a muscle. None of the steaks in the party had identifier tags and were well done. Not medium as requested and lacked flavor. When two of the people in the group pointed out how done the steaks were before even eating them the server just sorta shrugged.

stevan pierce

So so ..the main dishes we had were not all the memorable. However the steamers were phenomenal. Wait staff and manager were good but don't warrant going back again

William Abernathy

For being out of town and suspecting that this is a chain restaurant much like a Red Robin, the food is reliable and the beer is cold. Decent portions for the price and service is more than adequate.

Jorge R.

I am so disappointed of the fish house , the service and the food quality went to the crap house , never again ..

Carol Cuff

It was the worse thing that I have experienced in a long time. For starters the table area, booth, was filthy. The woodwork looked like it hadn't been cleaned or dusted in months. Food, dust and who knows what else. It was gross. Further, my food looked like it had been cooked hours before and stuck in the refrigerator. I ordered scallops on a bed of pasta. The pasta looked like it had something else sitting on top of it while in the refrigerator and the scallops were raw. Totally unenjoyable meal. It used to be that we enjoyed Mc Grath's not anymore. I wouldn't recommend or go back again. Very dissatisfied and disappointing.

Bill F.

First time visit. Friendly, attentive staff. Full service bar. Pretty ordinary seafood menu. I had a cup of the Fishermans stew as an appetizer, very good. The house special crab cakes were my entree, I got 3 3 crab cakes served with fresh string beans and red potatoes. The crab cakes had shrimp bits mixed into them as an additional filler. Not much flavor, could have used more crab and spices in lieu of the shrimp. I'll give them another try hopefully I can add another star to this review.

Adam B.

The stars are for the waiter, who was pleasant and attentive and for them not charging me for my meal. The food, on the other hand was below average. I ordered the steak and prawns. The prawns were average. The steak arrived tough and over cooked. I ordered medium well, it was charred on the outside and not a speck of pink on the inside. We sent it back and waited for about 30 minutes for a new steak. In the interim, my husband and I finished the rest of the meal (clam chowder, veggies, etc.). Then, finally, the replacement steak came out. It looked and smelled terrible and it was very likely the worst tasting piece of meat I have ever tasted in my life. There was no flavor and had a texture that was gritty and artificial. My guess is that they use cheap meat that has processed to look like steak. We went to McGraths for our anniversary and it was a disappointing experience.

Alyssa Hamann

It was going to be a 5 star rating, until yesterday. Valentine’s Day I placed a to go order at 3:30 to be ready at 5. I showed up at 5 and my order wasn’t ready, and they forgot to deduct my $5 off. When I got home, my order was a mess. I waited about 15 minutes in the lobby for them to put my order together. I got home and my food was cold, they forgot my pasta, they didn’t include any sauce that I specified with the waitress on the phone prior I wanted included in the order, and they added potatoes to my order for no reason, yet didn’t include my sides. Then when actually eating the food, not a single thing was even warm. And it wasn’t from the drive home because I only traveled one mile from the location to eat.

Michael Lewis

This was our 1st time at this McGrath's. It was my wife's birthday and we were treated very well. Phoned in a reservation and we were seated immediately.

G F.

Was there a couple of days ago and I had the Maine lobster. It was good but, for the price, disappointing. It looked as if the lobster just made the legal size. Save your money.

Julie J.

Not a bad place. Yes, you will wait. Yes, there will be a lot of old people there. Get over it. The appetizers are amazing. I recommend the Irish Nachos. Potato skins to the next level! I personally always get the Mixed Grill, which is a medley of their famous "stuff". Crab cake, shrimp skewers, salmon, etc!! Their bread is delish! Don't pass this place up!

Helen S.

Not the place for lunch prices. Lunch menu is $13-25. Fish and chips were quite tasty but very small pieces. Service very friendly but left feeling it was a disingenuous. Had checked online for a coupon and mistakenly selected an expired coupon. Our server looked at it on my phone and assured me that any appetizer on the menu qualified. After serving the food, he returned to inform us that there was an issue with the coupon... despite a lovely setting and good food, left feeling disappointed.