5517 NE Gher Rd, Vancouver
(360) 253-8264

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AC Chabre

The drive-thru is rather tight in getting to the menu box, automobile are coming in by several directions. Otherwise the McDonald's crew is fast and courteous. Breakfast is an iced coffee and a quick snack.

Cody B

*Covid may have influenced part of my experience*The store was understaffed, so it seemed.The staff was a bit.. out of it.Chona was doing a good trying to keep the people in Check.They also have done away with refills of any kind. Not even giving you a new cup. It's just...1 soda, and that's it. So drink slowly friends. Unsure if this is happening at all locations or just this one.There also no soda fountain the lobby. Its just...gone.

Renee Lodmill

I ordered the deluxe crispy chicken meal. Was delicious. Fries were fresh and salted just right and the crispy chicken was on point with the lettuce and tomatoes. All and all, great crew. Good job y'all. Srry not photos a available smashed the meal in 5 min, by the time I thought about a photo it was gone. :P

nathan T

Its good most of the time. But the last time I ate there there was a think layer of salt on my burger patties. It was not even edible.

Frank Stowe

Same ole stuff(I'm being nice),Meat(?),too spicy,and questionable,chewy uncooked tortilla,not EVEN warm all.Other than that the service was unfriendly!


It was fast and efficient. Good employees and service....let's get fat ..

Teresa Daniels

The food here is always fresh, and their employees are very nice, rarely a problem with our order. The only thing is I like the deluxe burger, and for some reason, it always takes a while before our order is ready. But this burger is always worth the wait.

D. Singleton

Ordered fresh food. Waited 10 minutes for it; just to get half my food fresh. Went inside for fresh food and they took 5 more minutes.

Tyler Smith

Late night line. Completely smashed store. People are willing to wait 20 minutes or more. Go figure.

Starla Goldade

Super long wait in the drive thru but once I ordered, my time in line was much faster. Either someone in front ordered the entire menu or I don't know. The staff were pleasant.

Samantha Trost

Despite covid restrictions messing with the normal work flow, these employees are rock stars.

Britney S.

Tasty breakfast, used a coupon, service was good in the drive thru as they busted their line at 5:30AM.

Lisa Spigolon

It's been a while since I've been to macca,That's what's call it in Australia, it was good ,the service was good . Enjoyed it me and my dog Miss, she gets one too.

Victoria Mejia

Take a walk. Nice views. Any season...

Chris Thomas

Breakfast was decent. Hashbrowns were hot. The biscuits were a little stale.

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