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Skyylar Pelous

I dont expect much from McDonald's but getting a 7 chicken nuggets (ordered 10), a 8 piece chicken nuggets (ordered 10), 2 half filled large fries. Hahaha but at least the burger was right!

Eden G.

before i came to this mcdonald's, i looked at the yelp and saw a shell in someone's mc sandwich.i didn't think it would happen to me, but it did. and it could happen to you too. pls don't get anything you want to consume at this location

brenda collins

The food was good and hot. But the remodel made it for lousy service and acknowledgement that people are standing at the counter. I was disappointed they took out the pop machine out of the dinning room


I personally don't like McDonald's food.. but I did get 2 Sundays and the kids love them

Martin Hernandez

Worst McDonald's in the nation. Attitude by the two people at the counter. No name tags. Cash only. Wouldn't provide code to bathroom until we pay for food. My aunt really needed to use it. My mother the only one that does not speaks fluently English, she was trying her best. As soon as my cousin said let's go to another place for breakfast both of them said we speak Spanish and proceeded to mention we understand you but it is our policy not to provide codes until order is ready. As my family was getting upset and decided to leave the place the two employees didn't make the situation better they were rude on our way out the door.

Jen C.

This review is for the parents! It's Mcdonald's, the food is fine, hot, and quick. But for parents looking for a place to bring the kids for some playtime if the weather sucks, this is a great location. I think it's the only McDonald's in the area that still has the play place open. It's a pretty large structure, and there are maybe half a dozen tables in the area. They do have a giant bottle of hand sanitizer to use, but that's about the only precaution that's left. Kids are germ buckets no matter what, so we wear masks while playing, but not while eating but we were the outliers. Next time we need to get some wiggles out, we will be back!

Zack S.

i worry sometimes that this particular MCDONALDS knows who i am at this point. i think to them i am the cookie tote guy. i am the guy who comes by multiple times a week just to buy a $5 pack of 13 freshly baked cookies at 11:00pm so i can take them home, eat them in the bathtub, and cry. i can hear the condescending tone mumbling, "well guess who it is..." as a former employee of the golden arches (for a resounding 19 days) i know how much of a pain it is to get those cookies done. when the guy who comes to order THIRTEEN of them, you have to bake a new batch. you can't just snag the ones you cooked 4 hours ago because there's only 7 there. so, i would like to express my deepest apologies to you mickey dee's. you make a mean cookie that only requires me to be in a snuggie and birkenstocks to come get. you don't judge and consistently deliver. as my good friend phil collins says in the hit disney film tarzan - you'll be in my heart. TL;DR: cookie :)

Kristal Drake

I love this mcd. They have updated the inside (took advantage of Covid) and have updated the play structure and seating. It looks very nice and the kids are having so much fun being able to play here again.


Spicy crispy chicken sandwich please! Is not what I got. I got this sad piece of dry chicken with no sauce and one pickle. Super cool yall. I don't expect much from fast food... but this? Seriously?

Darcee Leske

Once again I scammed out of my money from this location. I ordered a large fry and they gave me a small fry inside of a large container, also I ordered 10 pc nuggets for my daughter and they were not in the bag, on top of that I ordered a quarter pounder and they gave me a literally cheeseburger inside of a quarter pounder box. This is insane and I would’ve gone back if I didn’t live 30 min away and had a 2 year old I had to bring back and forth. Do NOT spend money here.

Maricela Moreno

Happy the playground is open again! My daughter was so happy! Food was great dining in. Just upsetting we were made to use kiosk and I couldn't get a refill on one of three drinks I bought. Bummer.

Maggy Marsh

We deal with this McDonald's weekly, as it's right down the road from Dutch Bros and just around the corner from where we get our laundry done. The phone/mobile orders have by far yielded the best and freshest results directly comparing drive thru and mobile.The fries are always fresh, there's no mistaking the order alterations I've requested and the added bonus of the points/rewards system is great. Not directly to this location but to McDonald's in general, I'd love to see the capacity of redeeming points and utilizing deals in the same transaction (maybe limit to one of each) as it does seem like I simply accumulate points and not ever use far.Thank you for always being prompt to bring out the order to our car. Anyone who has brought it to date of this post has always been kind and courteous, and we appreciate that.

ronald amy

They have Filet-O-Fish sandwich buy one get second one for a dollar , they won't give the second will have fish to you for adollar if you order one as a meal which is B's the total was $16. Should only be $11 I said no and went to Burger King and got 2 complete meals for $12 ha ha ha ? ? mc Donald's rip offs poor business

Ron Amy

poor sales tactics advertise my sandwich get second one for dollar if you buy one as meal they won't let you have the second one for a dollar so I said I don't need to eat here and went to Burger King and got two complete meals for $5 less the McDonald's wanted for one and a extra sandwich , rip off sale tactics at McDonald's

Shireela Kennedy

It was fast, hot, correct order, customer service was average , your normal everyday experience at McDonald's. Not my first choice, but the kids love it so its easy to make everybody happy .

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