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Connie Hernandez

Jazzaria or Jazz not sure how to spell her name, however she is a “manager” is absolutely the most disrespectful and rudest person I have honestly ever came encounter with at a McDonald’s, answered the phone with complete attitude, asked a simple question for something to be added to my order because “Uber” did not give the option, she was quick to respond with “oh too bad there is nothing on the screen” I said ok it says preparing and again a quick respond with “well that’s too bad” and I asked to speak with a different manager and she says “you won’t get any help with anyone here” and hangs the phone up. Such a shame to what this McDonald’s allows and I can guarantee if Matt or Val would of been there, she wouldn’t talk to customers that way.IF YOU DONT LIKE YOUR JOB, FIND A NEW ONE.

Christopher Boomhower

4/30/21 1:18am the girl on the back register was very gorgeous ? I loved her voice

Victoria Larkin

If you have a vehicle you are much better at being comfortable. I and this other girl had to sit on the curb to be in our spot of parking for pick up only. Otherwise you know McDonald's! We all want to go there because it's good and it's fast.

Laura C.

I went through the drive thru and as soon as I pulled away, I reached into my bag to grab a few hot fries to eat. They were lukewarm at best. When I got to my location that, I kid you not, was 2 minutes away, I opened my Big Mac and it was cold! Not even lukewarm. I know when you go through the drive thru that you can't expect your food to be piping hot when you get to your destination, but it couldn't have been hot when I got it! Plus there was more cold lettuce on it than burger! Very disappointed to have to eat a cold meal. Plus the cashier was very slow. The car in front of me was long gone from the pick up window by the time I was done paying.

Timothy R.

Drove into the drive thru after having just passed my driving exam at 16. Now, I have received my order and I'm applying for social security. The drive thru is that slow. If I could have escaped I would have...even if I had already paid. Repeat: it's that slow. Did I mention how slow the drive thru is? It's slow. Really slow.

Stanley Wilson

Love stopping here for breakfast with my woman. We love this mcdonald's, food is always hot and we get it in a timely manner.

Judith Lawson

I only go when they have fish sandwiches on sale. I love their fish sandwiches.

vincent teng

Oh my God! Last night I had Macchiken from McDonald's in fishers landing and it was so bad that I thought the employees for got to put the sauce on it so I threw everything away I was upset. Tonight I stop at another McDonald's at Mill plain ( I do not know the address) I ordered the same thing ( Mac chicken) and its was worse than the one I had last night. I don't know what to do anymore. So sad. So sad. I grew up with this foods I guess no more ha. No sad..

jacob luce

Honestly. One of the worst McDonald's I've gotten food from. They don't use the right lettuce on their deluxe quarter pounder and crispy buttermilk sandwiches. Most of the food I've gotten from here has just been lazily made. Foods edible.


I’ve never had a bad experience with this location but my boyfriend and I had to go though the drive through 5 times because they kept messing up our order... it was ridiculous


Worst location I've been to! Apparently the owner, managers and employees don't really care since they wont correct their mistakes. It's pure laziness. Close the location down if you don't want to do your job. The first time going my chicken nuggets tasted like they were sitting out for a long time. The second time my smoothie tasted like plastic. My friend who tagged along also had an issue with their order. They added barely any oreos in their McFlurry. It's fast food I know, but it shouldn't be inedible every single time. It was a waste of money and I'll be taking my money somewhere else. Most McDonald's I've gone to I rarely have an issue. What's wrong with this location? Ridiculous. I don't usually leave reviews like this but DANG!

Autumn Hintz

I just drove out of drive thru the first window there was someone nice , and then this loud chick takes over . got to the window same chick was so loud I might as well be deaf. 2nd window that chick pretty much gave old fries and rushed by hurrying me up with my food like they were busy it was only me and 1 car behind me. I tried caliing n no answers their store phone n I left there bout 3 min now it's 1:13am now , I worked for McDonald's once, for 5 years went into management training. N I can't believe the services I just had . also just cause your wearing a mask you can at least put a smile in your voice. If you don't want to be there then why work there.

Bradley Gloyd

One of the better McDonald's I've gone to. Amazing service and my food got to me hot

Sarah Tiedeman

Quick dip into the fast food chain hot fresh food and training new employees always a good sign

Ariel Hyde

you guys gave me a pink burger and didn't even give me a free fry or say anything about being sorry. TERRIBLE service had to be a karen

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