Panda Express

6617 NE 84th St, Vancouver
(360) 574-5007

Recent Reviews

Justin Avery

Staff is always courteous. Best quality Chinese food for the money that you can find.

Jay Jung

Was in the drive through, two cars cut me and 3 other cars. Staff didn’t care, and I waited another 20 minutes in line inside. Everything took about 45 minutes to get 1 meal.

Mel Priest

When I got home and opened my dinned I was lucky to have MAYBE 1/4 cup of Kung Pao Chicken and Beijing Beef my dinner was mostly noodles. WILL NEVER USE THIS AGAIN!!!

Nicole Trad

Panda Express is considered fast food, right? Ya not the case at this location. They consistently have you park but this occasion took the cake. 8 cars waiting, over 20 mins, no warning so my toddler and baby are screaming and I’m sitting there waiting for an unknown amount of time.

Patrick King

Food is always the same, so I know what I'm getting. Staff is friendly. I generally order ahead on app. 90% it's ready when I get there.Food: 4/5

Shelby Strode

Placed an order on line pick upand had to wait 30 min after the pick up time to recieve my order. The service is terrible. Pick a different location

Max Melnik

I ordered 3 sides, one of which was broccoli beef. I had to wait 8 mins for them to make it. Not a big deal. What I got was a carton of 5 small pieces of beef and mostly broccoli.Food: 2/5

Debbie Morley/Pickle

All good including the seared veggies which I love. Love all the flavors. I have to say Panda Express has really gotten better in the last several years. Love all the newer dishes ?Food: 5/5

Kitty Mapes

Panda Express used to be one of my favorite places to eat since then their food has gotten cold hard and is difficult to eat with missing teeth.

Kyrylo S.

The only reason it's a 2 star because the food was alright the honey walnut shrimp was a little under cooked and the orange chicken did not taste like it at all. The workers just asked we what I wanted with a straight face no friendliness or kindness. I've been to better friendlier places than this. I'm ashamed of them at least could have showed me a little respect every person they were serving there was no hey or hello it was just "what do you want"

Ian Lennon

Do not do mobile orders here. We ordered two entray plate with a mix of chow mein and super greens. We got a tiny bit of chow mein and three pieces of broccoli. You must have to order in person to watch them make your food so they give you the right amount.


This the first one of PANDA EXPRESS TO HAVE A DRIVE-THRU.I had ate here about 3 weeks ago thats how I found it (its hide in away next to a Burger King in a mini mall across the street from Costco. Off of Padden. In Vancouver WashingtonFor 2 plates for under 15.00 you get 2 on entrees & chow mein or fried rice and 1 egg roll.Good food.They have out side seating and access to restrooms inside. Wheelchair approval too.

Charles Bessire

The place seemed understaffed. We were told several times to give them a minute. I don't think the food is meant to be amazing. It's pretty standard fast food. This place just wasn't that fast!

Roger P.

2/3 times I've told them I want WHITE rice an they give me FRIED. I only ordered 2 things and the ONE thing you could possibly mess up, you do.. Pretty sad you guys have to be told multiple times or I have to double check my order once received but I guess that's what is needed around here....

Little Kitten (The Mist)

The time said it was open so we came down to get some food to eat. Get there and the drive thru intercom asked if we wanted to try the special we thought it was an actual person and was trying to order but not getting a response from anyone so we go to the window and have to knock and ask why we are being ignored. Which they replied that they closed an hour before the hours said they were. The thing that got me really upset is the fact that they didn't have the intercom say that they were closed or not have it say anything at all why offer a special make it sound like you guys are open when you closed an hour before your stated hours.

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