Panera Bread

915 SE 164th Ave Suite 104, Vancouver
(360) 892-5322

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Jessi P

As we walked in we see that the fountain machine was out of order and only tea (with no ice) was available. After standing in line for 10 minutes, a person finally announces if your paying with a card, you can order on this little machine. Well we were next in line, but the ppl in front of us were in no hurry whatsoever and quite curious about every single thing on the menu. So we went up to the kiosk thing... I was trying to input my membership card for several minutes trying to get the woman's attention for help, who tried Hard to ignore me, then I am trying to order but the machine only gives certain options, no exceptions... again tried for the attention of the now (Finally) 2 employees on registers as 4 FoUR other ppl were helped. I finally just excepted defeat and paid, well it wouldn't take my card for the first 2 times, it Did however make me go through the arduous checkout process all the way through before deciding it couldn't read the card. ? We get our food, and my Sammy and soup was good, my son's mac n cheese ok, but I look at the grilled cheese they charged me $7 for... and it was a One Single slice of bread cut in half to make this sad little (cold) grilled cheese. Needless to say, my son wanted Nothing to do with it.

Spencer Frank

Literally the absolute worst Panera Bread years in a row, after today I'm officially no longer a customer. I'm so fed up with this store taking my order, and acting like I'm bothering them. Then when THEY MESS UP my order, they pull the, well, are you sure you ordered the bread bowl, I don't see it. Meanwhile the receipt says it plain as day. This happens, every... single.. time... they're rude, careless, and when you try to say something they glaze over. They need to have cleaned house 6 months ago!

J H.

Oh goodness they are painfully S-L-O-W. Food quality is inconsistent. I do mostly takeout and there's no easy way to rate their food quality. Sometimes the salad is good. Most of the times the salad looks and taste old. I once ordered a tuna salad sandwich. When I got it most of the tuna had squeezed out of the sandwich. Not all Panera Breads are as terrible this particular one in Vancouver; some Panera breads are really great and smartly managed. this is honestly the worst Panera bread restaurant I have ever been in. I keep hoping that they'll get better, but they don't care enough to want to improve. I recommend that you refrain from using their Curbside service unless you like, waiting and waiting and waiting for your meal to be delivered. Almost everybody... Actually, everybody has faster and more efficient. Curbside service in Panera Bread. Who's faster? Famous Dave's, Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer's, Home Depot, Best Buys.... You name it, everybody is faster, Panera, bread, restaurant..

maira Delgado

Takes a bit long to get food. Overall pretty good but the whole time I’m standing the employees are having full blown conversation about religion. Like whhyyyy?????? Asking other peers what they believe in. Just ask in the break room if you really want to know but why make a public announcement

Kristy Miller

There are no signs anywhere stating you place an order on the computer. I waited over 20 minutes for one cold item. New people in every position apparently. Sad, the " cashier" couldn't count the money I gave her or the change she owed me. I very nicely showed her how. So sad, Panera use to be good!

Wendell R.

I love this location right off mill plain. We especially like their outside eating options. I heard some compare their food to hospital food but that has never been our experience. This Panera serves excellent food with excellent service. We enjoyed tomato soup and their classic avocado BLT sandwich with a yummy salad. No complaints when consistency is their hallmark. Thanks

Michael Key

Expensive fast food. Kind of like Starbucks but with more food. Seems popular. Lot's of seating. I had a breakfast sandwich. Why is all fast-food bacon lame? I don't see myself coming back.


This is the third time, 3 times ... That we have ordered a turkey sandwich, picked it up, drove 20 minutes home, to discover they forgot to put TURKEY on the sandwich. Once was weird, twice was frustrating, three times ... I don't know what to say now. ??? I quietly complained the first few times, but they used to have the best customer service and quality here. Now everybody ignores you now while you wait and extra 20 minutes for your food. And apparently I need to start opening up the sandwiches before we drive home? Why?

Debra B.

This location leaves a lot to be desired. Long wait for ordering. Used their kiosk to order and there is no option telling you where to pick up bakery items. I have to ask for them each time. This time their Ceasar salad was wilted romaine with little dressing. It was not fresh lettuce and had brown limp pieces in it. Not even cold. This location has steadily gone downhill over the last year. Last time I ordered for curbside pickup I had to wait for 1/2 hour to get my pickup. Not going to return any time soon.

Velda Madison

I just had the sorriest "bowl" of soup EVER! Literally 4 noodles, 2 pieces of carrots and a few pieces of shredded chicken. Why didn't Panera just tell me they were out of chicken noodle soup instead of taking my money!! Probably won't go back there anytime soon (if ever)!

Nikki G.

The worst Panera Bread location ever! The clerk at the order counter didn't know how to order some of the items and he was extremely slow. His name tag stated that he was "team lead". Shocking, because he seemed like a new employee. He moved at a snails pace. We waited 23 minutes for our small order (3 items). The inside restaurant was so cold we were forced to sit outside in the hot sun. We could see into the cooking/prep area. Lots of very young employees, maybe high school age, working slowly as they chatted and joked around with one another. We will never go to this restaurant again, ever.

Ken C.

New self pay kiosk and no signage or explanation from staff. Very unorganized. Expect serious pain point here especially when there's a line. Manager not very friendly.

Alice W.

Two sandwiches and salads cost $45? Holy crap, their "deal" isn't a deal at all. Last visit here.

Jennifer Neitling

"Iced" coffee served warm, or steaming hot every day, all day. I cannot wrap my head around why they serve what is supposed to be cold coffee in a hot dispenser next to the hot drinks. I work in the complex and several of us would be coming for coffee instead of their sugared drinks... but warm "iced" coffee is weird. Too bad.

Sarah M.

I have been disappointed the last 3 times in a row I've been there. The food has been wrong and the customer service has been very disappointing.

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