Pho Green Papaya

13215 SE Mill Plain Blvd # C2, Vancouver
(360) 891-1369

Recent Reviews

Samantha W.

OMG I miss Asian food! This is the D5 combination self roll plate it has sugar cane shrimp, spring rolls, spicy pork and beef in betel leaves. With all the goodies you could possibly want to wrap in rice paper. The rice paper comes with a stand with hot water so your ready To go . For &16.95 this is a great deal . Truly enough for 2 people.

John G.

Very good pho and great service. They are properly distancing tables, but are very nice about it. Food for the 4 of us was enjoyed by all. I had the large pho with a variety of beef types (E1). Lots of food but very tasty! Nice atmosphere too. I'll be back!

Larry M.

The food was very good and friendly service. Pho was tasty and I would recommend you eating at this restaurant

Hobz Coughlin

The pad thai was quite flavorful and best of all, the noodles were still a bit chewy like I prefer. Al dente, if you will. Not mushy and falling apart like 90% of the other places I've tried. Portion size was fair. Not skimpy, but not generous.

Jherryme Benologa

You guys provided our Adventist medical staff with 50 meals last night. The food was amazing! I had many staff members tell me how great the dinners were and asked for the name of the restaurant. I will definitely be showing my support and ordering takeout from you guys in the near future. Thank you soo much for your generosity and kindness, we at AMC can't thank you enough.

Kaila Anthony

This is my favorite local restaurant to go to. Whether I am getting take away, sitting down with friends or dining alone this is always my number one choice. The pho is the best in the Portland/Vancouver metro area. The staff is so friendly and if you become a regular they'll remember you and your order every time. I've tried so many things on the menu and I have never been disappointed.

Amanda Olsen

This place is so good! The service is excellent and the food ahhh-mazing! My husband and I love it so much that we usually do Pho Friday as our date night. He even proposed to me in the parking lot here and after our wedding, we ate here with a few of our close friends. This place is special to us. You should definitely give it a try. I think it'll become special to you too.

NW Smith

Been here tons of times over the years and the food is great, and service is great. I say food but i always get the curry, so thats what i can speak to. Price is a few bucks more than other places but it's worth it to get a clean environment and nice people. I'll be back. 5 stars.

S. Austin Davis

So good! The atmosphere was relaxed, everything was very clean, and the staff was friendly! I'm visiting from Spokane and will definitely be back if I'm out this way in the future!

Kalea T.

Got to-go banh mi and bubble tea from this restaurant because I wanted to try somewhere new. Not a good choice. First, they charge for to-go orders, which I never really understood that "to-go" fee. Second, the banh mi was not an authentic banh mi, it pretty much just tasted like soy sauce was slathered on it. I asked for extra meat and they charged $8. Crazy right? They did put a good amount of meat on it, so I will give them that. The bubble tea was beyond terrible. I ordered a lychee bubble tea and it tasted like a vanilla milkshake... too much dairy. I

Mama Angelina

We used to go to another Vietnamese place but we've recently started coming here and we've had a great experience and probably won't go back to the old place.The servers are very friendly, the food tastes fresh and the place itself looks very clean compared to most places like this! Their calamari

Storm Roundtree

I've been here twice and both times where the best of the best food I've had in a long time.

Heather J.

I have been coming here for the past few years now and the pho is always right on par. They are friendly and the owner (or owners son) will sometime visit the tables if he is in. Great food and their servers are getting much better. I just wish they wouldn't run out of taro boba so frequently.

Kayla W.

This place is the bomb diggity Best pho around Gotta get you some Salad roles are lit too

Dee R.

Really good I eat pho at least twice a week all over vancouver and portland. Really nice on the inside. Relaxing

Chenda K.

The food here is so good. Authentic, tasty, great atmosphere and friendly host and hostesses.

Ron S.

It has been a year since we dined at Pho Green Papaya. They have continued to get even better. We really enjoyed our whole experience.


Excellent .try bo' la lot and oxtail pho


I love this place. Their Buhn bowls are amazing. This is a family owned business. Try it. You'll like it!

Lindsay N.

The tofu saLad rolls are HUGE -- they could be a meal. I really enjoyed the vegan pho. It was different and much more flavorful than every other pho I've had. It's fairly expensive compared to other places I go, however. I was disappointed the papaya salad contained fish.

Mike R.

Thanks to all the great folks for the nice warming lunch on a cold rainy day! My wife had the Pho veg bowl and loved all the crispy fresh ingredients. Large serving so she brought enough home for us to enjoy for breakfast! I had Tofu vermicelli w/ stir fry onions/ bell pepper, well presented & plated in a bowl. The servers were very accommodating and professional. We're glad they are doing so well in our area as we will be repeating a visit no doubt.

Serna V

They have some of the best Pho around! My family and I have been coming here for not too long (4ish years) and they get pretty busy during rush hour, but they always manage to provide quick and friendly service. I really like the E1 & E2 as well as the E11 (chicken). I also really like their shrimp & pork salad rolls. The peanut sauce is not the best I’ve had, but it’ll do. We have also tried stir fried dishes and they’ve never disappointed. All their ingredients look and taste fresh and the price seems very reasonable in my opinion. My husband was not a big fan of Pho, but then he tried the E2 here and now he loves it!

Savannah W.

My husband and I have eaten here several times. We really enjoy the food. But after our latest experience there, we won't be going back. There's a young Asian man with glasses who "works" there and he was surly and either lazy or just didn't care about the customers. My order was made wrong, and after repeatedly staring at the guy to get his attention, we gave up and went to him asking for the check. There's more to the story, but bottom line, good food, poor service, waiter has a bad attitude. There's other Pho restaurants that we'll try.

Shawna L.

Terrible service. Ordered a glass of wine, took about 15 minutes for me to receive it. I waited almost a half an hour for my food, which was incorrect.. Was given the wrong bill, when I received the correct bill, they still left out my glass of wine (which I was honest enough to make them aware of the fact..) Very disappointing. I will not be back!

Sabrina E.

The beef soup tastes like you cooked it for hours you know grandma kinda good soup very good . The grilled pork rolls my favorite definitely a share portion good food good prices clean place friendly service

Denise S.

I like food. Tasty and they do party platters. Ordered 50 eggrolls and they had them ready and hot at pick up time. Great food. I recommend having a TV in the corner for those Sunday NFL games.

Jan Zibrik

Nice place nice people and so good Pho.

Aaron Reiter

If you've never had their wonton soup, do yourself a favor and go for lunch. Amazing. Friendly staff, great prices, and fantastic good. Trifecta.

Crystal Russell

Really good food great service but pricing is a little high however it's worth it

Jeannie D.

Good food & great service! The house tea was really tasty! (peanut sauce was kinda bland) the wait seemed a bit long for the food we ordered & being they weren't that busy, but we weren't in a rush...

Rachael Stinson

Clearly marked vegan options! Fresh and clean, friendly servers.

Riviani Ye

Came here during rush hour but they managed to give us a pretty quick service, was impressed ! My husband and I ordered pho number E1 on the menu, superbowl size so we could share. The portion was big and enough for us. The broth tasted delicious as well.


Great food and good prices. They are great at adjusting the menu for dietary needs.

Duc C.

For lunch I ordered the Mariated chicken leg quarter, steamed and fried served w/ chicken-sriracha flavored rice and my wife the Charbroiled minced beef wrapped in wild betel leaves. We thought the food was delicious. Definitely one of the places we will be returning. Food = excellent Seating area = clean Service = excellent Restroom = clean Wifi = need PW

Eligio M.

Amazing pho loved it here will be back, love the taste of the broth and also love they have bigger bowls called the Super Bowl.

robert and paul... W

We have been coming hete for many years and it just never disapoints! Great food, don't let the strip mall locatin discourge you from trying this gem inthe 'couve.

robert lord

I love this place! Pho is great. The staff is friendly. I would recommend this restaurant to any of my friends!!

Mark Johnson

The visit begins Mid day. Found a clean establishment, quick seating, polite and attentive service.


When I came the server pointed for me to sit at a dirty table but I prefer a booth as I have a back injury at the moment. Two booths were about to leave and I asked if i may have a booth I was told I couldn't have a booth right now there was no line or anyone waiting The server in the glasses and didn't care about my patronage.

M. D.

Daughter took me here because it's been cold and wet all day. Really nice relaxed atmosphere. We were sitted right away and was given a menu. The waiter was friendly and already have us our water. So many to choose from but we knew were going to eat Pho. Took awhile for me to decide but I'm the end, my daughter and I we're ordering the same. I can't remember the number but it was flanked steak and we added meat balls. I always eat my Pho with a sandwich. The waiter recommended to try grilled bbq pork. So I did. For appetizers we ordered shrimp spring rolls. It comes with peanut dipping sauce. I was already excited anticipating our meal! Within minutes, spring rolls were served. My kid and I dived right in. So yummy and refreshing! Light in the guts too. I had room for more that is coming lol... I didn't even count to 10 when my sandwich arrived! It was a pretty long sandwich like a sub. I had to cut it in half. It was toasted and warm. Now people, you must eat all your veggies that comes with the sandwich! It gives it that authentic flavor that is out of this world. Without the veggies, it'll be just an ordinary sandwich. So you must EAT the veggies! Finally the Pho. I must say, the broth itself is soothing for the soul. Ahhhhhh! Yummmm!! So much meat in it and this is by the way is a regular size bowl. Their servings are plentiful. Not unless you haven't eaten for a few days then I recommend you order much noodles and meat and the veggies again, you must eat all your veggies!! Overall, the service, the food and atmosphere will definitely make me come over and over again. Thank You Pho Green Papaya! I'm coming for more!