Round Table Pizza

13503, 1 SE Mill Plain Blvd Ste1, Vancouver
(360) 253-4921

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The pizza tasted good but it greased through the entire pizza box and leaked all over. I would love if they cold put the pizza on a rack before putting it in the box?

Erika E.

I could have walked to this location and back to pick up my order. It has been three hours and three phone calls later. Scott the manager has assured me that I'm somehow wrong for not speaking to him sooner. Ashley his driver has been out at least twice to my knowledge with or without our ONE  large pepperoni pizza. He doesn't know. At this point I'm supposed to wait for Ashley to let them know what is going on.

I'm upset. I've had a rough week, due to mass Covid vaccinations at our community health clinic. I'm a health care worker. I didn't have the energy to cook dinner tonight so I preferred ordering pizza. These people are rude. Doesn't matter who you talk to, they are all rude. Not willing to be helpful AT ALL. If they were they would have listened to what I had to say the first two calls  before I spoke with Scott the manager. I have been made to feel as though I'm wrong. My order was $50 bucks with wings and twists. I pre tipped 10 bucks making it $60. I'm a good person, I work hard and treat all of my patients/clients/PEOPLE  with respect always.
I listen AND do my best. Round table has really gone down the tubes. I won't be ordering from this location in the future. Too bad they are less then a mile away. I'd rather go to blind onion for the impecable service.

Alicia Fletty

Great customer service. Great pizza

stephanie b.

I used to LOVE round table.  Today I went for a standard pepperoni pizza. Their crust has changed.  It has a big much of holes in it, so maybe it's frozen or something.  
The pizza dough used to be made fresh every day. I don't think that's true anymore..  

Also, This location on Millplain is not nice. It doesn't appear to be clean, and the employees look pretty rough. The gal who helped me cash out had filthy fingernails.

Adam Hall

This pizza. This pizza brings back memories of childhood. Always a great experience everytime I place an order.

Nlblynch 87

I usually would give 5 stars when it comes to Round Table Pizza but we ordered a lrg Pizza and 12 garlic cheesy twists (or whatever they're called) either way the twists were not completely cooked, the dough was still raw and very wet and this is not the first time this had happened from this RTP.. ? Pizza was great as usual!

Sennja Joyner

Was not good, service was not good, pizza was wrong, worst pizza I ever payed 42 dollars for, used to be good, not so much anymore

Tamara D.

Ordered on 8/14/20 at 5:05PM by phone. At 6:30PM we called the store and was told our pizza was "delivered a long time ago". We explained we have a Ring camera and no one delivered to our home. I asked for manager and the driver got on the phone and said she delivered at 5:00PM. She lied. Order wasn't placed until 5:05PM. She argued, said she would issue a refund. No refund issued.We drove around the neighborhood and found the pizza left on a neighbor's porch. We got the pizza and it was filled with ants crawling all over the pizza and inside of the box. Driver didn't even attempt to call us and correct address and phone number is on the receipt.ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Tiana T.

I ordered and paid for a pizza for delivery about an hour and a half before closing. I never received my order. I drove to the establishment right after close and told man I ordered a pizza and never got it delivered. He told me to leave because they were closed, but would not listen to what I had said and instead told me there were no orders.

Diane DeCastro

I picked up the pizza order and they forgot to I clue my Salad, by the time I got home I realize the salad wasnt included, I should have checked to make sure my orders were all there. I called Round Table and a nice lady refunded us for the salad

Kc Leach

I just paid $75 bucks for two cold pizzas that was almost a half hour late. Oh and let's not forget (like they did) my pepperoni pizza for our child. Thank you for making sure I had a horrible dinner! Never go to this location if you can help it

Steven Alexander

Pizza is great, top shelf. The service is bad. Whatever you do, don't make an online order.

Dan W.

I ordered using Door Dash. Paid $45 for a undercooked Hawaiian pizza. So disappointed! I will not be eating from this Round Table again. Not Happy at all.


Update: the pizza was comparable to Chuck E. Cheese. Was told my pizza would be brought out to me by 7:58. After ten minutes I went inside to see if maybe they had forgotten to bring it out. They told me it would be another five minutes. All I ordered was a pepperoni pizza. By 8:25 I got fed up and went inside the store again only to see the pizza with my name on it being placed into the warmer so the staff members could gossip. Worst service I have experienced in a very long time. Haven’t even tried the pizza yet but I don’t have high hopes at all. My one request was light sauce and the pizza is drenched in sauce.

O H.

Just picked up a pizza from this place for a family dinner. Started eating it only to discover a long hair baked in. Disgusting!

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