8720 NE Centerpointe Dr Suite 201, Vancouver
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Teddy Feldmann

Treylin,Did a great job and made my self and my wife a really good sandwich!!! He was all alone and it was busy. He did a good job keeping up with the steady flow of customers that continued to come in.I am very impressed and would recommend this Subway over others just because of him.

Daniel Hulegaard

Great new Sandwiches, great worker at counter.No issues,we well very back.

Barry Tonn

I go to Subway often and this particular one is the preferred option. They're always willing to cater to my odd tastes. Good people

TeamMufasa #Simbaswildlife

Went in for a BLT with quac Got double charged and the blond girl had attitude the entire time then when I got ready to pay she said it was almost 21 dollars for a sandwich will not be coming back?

Michael Sigler

I have been enjoying the food and friendly service for 20 years at this Subway. Every year at inventory time we have a few sandwich platters and chips for the crew. it's always ready for us on time and everything is fresh. I'm glad they are keeping the service consistently great through out the years.

Jessica pyper

So first the app was not working properly. I had to go to the store which was fine since I was going to order pick up anyways. They're was no employees. I waited for about a minute. Then two employees were standing in the back. They have this privacy glass that's dark. Two employees were talking to each other directly in front of the glass. I can hear their conversation. Plus all they had to do was walk 2 steps to the left to be at the cash register. They didn't acknowledge me even when I said excuse me. So I walked out.

Skylar A.

Meatball subbbbbsss. I could eat 5 a day. This subway is the same as every subway. But customer service is cool, everyone I have talked to seems rad. I come here quite a bit and never have been disappointed. Good spot.

Crystal Russell

Not impressed with the lack of customer service. Don't know the lady's name since she didn't provide it. I ordered off of uber eats, subway forgot 2 items uber went back to grab them and said she was treated badly by subway. When I called I was treated rudely and was told that I was a liar in not so many words. I have witnesses as to what was and wasn't in my oder. I won't be back to this store. Management needs to retrain their people.

Heather Brooks

Employee restocking the food without a mask on. I prefer my sandwiches without Covid, thanks.

Glenda fadiya

Workers had very good customer service and place was very organized and clean


Subway is great... But as of 6-4-21 still no inside dining.... So I gave them 4* was great

Lola Eat

Don't order from the app they don't listen to what u want or need on ur sandwich / Wrong meat not a melt like ordered wrong vegetables and it's either the app or the incompetent staff working at that location

Debbie Griffis

Great sandwich....staff could work on friendliness though!

Bridgette Plett

This location is in the same mall as my work. We have gone in here only for convenience but will never go again. This day in particular they had a special on the sandwich melt buy a 6” get a footlong for $1.00 more. I ordered my sandwich and the blonde didn’t ask me if I wanted a footlong or not but made it a footlong which I was ok with thinking twice the sandwich for the $1.00 more. So as I watch her make it she barely fills the scoop with meat says I can only choose 2 vegetables lays each half in a bag to toast picks it up right then lays it down to toast well it was a jumbled mess when I opened it to eat. I was charged for a full footlong not the deal because she ( her job) didn’t ask if 6” or footlong I said you didn’t ask me and she said well you should have told me. Apparently you have to order the 6” then ask for the special in order to get it cheaper. I questioned them and they couldn’t understand what I was saying so I said never mind I won’t be back and their response was to laugh. You get more Fred than food and the service sucks!!!! I manage a retail store so I know how customer service should be. I wouldn’t give any stars but that’s not a option.

Chris Heilman

Quick, easy and friendly staff

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