Taco Bell

8605 NE Andresen Rd, Vancouver
(360) 253-9237

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Renata Selleshiy

Been sitting in the drive thru lane for over 30 minutes. It’s not even rush hour. Next time you decide to use this Taco Bell as your convenience quick bite, order inside. Much faster this way. Also, if you’d like fresh food, I suggest you drive 3 more miles to the Taco Bell on 117th.Update: sat in line for 57 minutes. 3 people working on a Saturday, one was mopping floors so that makes just 1 person in the kitchen ? and one taking orders. Just WOW, horrible service.

Tegan Litterell

Called at 10:20p to ask if they were open and the lady said they were open until 1am. With that being said, I put in an online order and pulled up at 10:30a only to see that there was a sign blocking the drive thru. We drove up to the window anyways and told the lady we put in an online order. The lady told us that they were closing and weren't taking any online orders. Wasted my money and will never go back to this location again as there's always problems.

Isaac Anderson

Called 5 minutes before showing up and they said open til 1am, showed up at 10:15pm on a Friday night and drive thru blocked and all lights off, this place needs a whole new staff.

Brian M

Consistently the slowest service I have ever had at any drive thru in my life. They hold the record for all 10 of the top 10 slowest drive thru experiences. Please hire more people.

Jacob Davis

Showed up during the lunch rush and waited 45 minutes in the drive thru to get the wrong order. I brought it back and the staff was super apologetic and hoped on correcting the problem. Great staff, working super hard. Only 3 people on shift during lunch, obviously the owners care more about profits then employees but if it stays this way I'll continue to avoid this location.


Everytime I come here there's always something that goes wrong.im either missing food or drinks but this time takes the cake. I Came through the drive thru for a 12 pack of bean burritos and was refused at the drive thru and told to come inside. There was nobody behind us in line and only 1 person in front of us. We weren't asking for anything super extravagant so I don't understand why they refused to serve us at the drive thru.

Andy Bunch

We sat in the drive through for over 20 minutes. Super slow!!! They were nice when we got up to the window, but didn't acknowledge that it took way too long.

Tory Jaeger

I love this Taco Bell!!I’m a Portland girl so I’m used to some of the more rude Taco Bell employees, but the customer service here is always amazing, everyone here is always so friendly. Shoutout especially to the lady that calls you sweetheart, I love seeing her after a stressful day at work :’)The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because the past two times, all of the sour cream was in a giant glob one one side of the burrito. Like PLEASE spread it out because it almost made me throw up on the first bite. There also wasn’t enough beans or rice on the cheesy bean and rice burrito, so it was just a mouthful of tortilla, nacho cheese, and sour cream.I love y’all so much I’m just hoping the next time the ratio will be a little more balanced

Max Melnik

I would say this is one of the better Taco Bell's in the Vancouver area. The food is always great and I have never had trouble with my order. The only issue I have with this location is it's a hit or miss on whether they are open late.

:. “‪Skulduggery3455‬” .:

This location is close to my work. I don't normally eat here but every time I do they are horribly slow, always out of something, and until very recently their dining room was closed. Today I came in as I was pressed for time and needed food. I came to the counter, no one was even watching the front. Some guy curtly yelled to another one that there was someone at the counter while looking at me like he wanted to either kill me or fight me. The guy he yelled at comes to the counter and I attempt to order the "cravings box" wich is on their menu and on a board out front. I am told "we don't sell the boxes anymore". I left. I will NEVER give this location my money EVER again. Why would I pay for low quality food, terrible service, a disgusting wait time, and an inaccurate menu?!


Anytime I order from here, I get the wrong thing. No drinks included my order. 6 times in a row, Pickup and inside they didn't include my drink.. sauces and when I ordered a Toasted Chalupa combo today It wasn't toasted cheddar. :( Disappointed. Spent 6-7$ for a Frosty I never get?! This is consistent over months. 10+ times I try again and again and never works out.

Claire Connelly

lol. never open before noon yet they're all inside, gets my order wrong almost every time. I understand being short staffed, but come on. if you guys can't ever be open just shut it down.


It took 30 minutes to get through the drive-thru today on 6/25. I didn't see them park a single car to speed up the line.

Angelyka C

From my experience, it's a pretty standard Taco Bell. Fortunately, it tends to be slightly less busy than the other fast food establishments in this general area. Service is okay, fairly fast and nice. The food tastes like typical Taco Bell, you get what you expect.

Makenna Traffie

We put in a mobile order and went to the restaurant at 7pm, online they said they were open but the drive through and indoors was closed. We called and they said they had no workers but I saw at least 4 workers inside. They have done this at least 5 times to me in the past and I have never gotten a refund for my online order.

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