Terrain Coffee Project

106 W 6th St, Vancouver
(360) 694-5601

Recent Reviews

Tom A

My favorite coffee shop in Vancouver. Run by an extremely kind couple who often work the counter and greet you with a cheerful smile and hello when you enter. They obviously care about their craft (unlike most chain coffee shop employees) and produce varied, balanced, and high quality drinks. I had a great time hearing Marty explain the whole bean in-house roasts they sell for my home set-up. The walls are beautiful exposed brick and the music is just the right volume for focus or having a chat. I highly, highly recommend this spot.

Patrick Thomas

Hey this place is rippin. The owner and staff are always super nice and the coffee is always fresh. Haven’t had the breakfast sammies yet but I just ordered one and I’m preeeeetty sure it will also be good as hell, I’ll keep y’all posted. Either way five whole stars, go get a cupUpdate: the food slaps.

danielle juarez

Terrain curates such an excellent selection of coffees, we love visiting when we are in the area! Had a seasonal matcha lemonade yesterday, sooo good! Bought a bag of beans and making our first aero press of it prompted this review. This is some of the juiciest coffee we’ve had since having Revel’s wush (out of Billings, Mt). Just exceptional IMO. Terrain is a coffee gem, highly recommend!

Jay B

I have to be honest…this is a pretty great coffee spot. The barista was great. The drip coffee was surprisingly wonderful. But I have to give them 3 stars because I just can’t see why a medium coffee is only 12oz and costs $3.80… To put that in perspective, compare to the one place you can guarantee to have high mark-ups: the airport. A medium sized 16oz coffee at Portland Coffee Roasters at PDX is $3.50. That’s 32% cheaper per ounce (23.5% if you take into account sales tax differences). I can’t say I wouldn’t go back to Terrain — it was great coffee — but I’ll really think hard about the price premium.

David R.

Stopped by terrain while in Vancouver because I was recommended by a friend. Great matcha and coffee aswell as the overall atmosphere of the shop is great. Owner was awsome and had a cool story aswell. Highly recommend

Steve A.

Best coffee in Vancouver. Tasty crafted coffee, friendly staff, and is located in the heart of downtown...my go to before the farmers market. Enjoy!

Tessa Lester

best matcha!!! unsweetened so you can add honey/flavor to the sweetness of your liking and it’s just really high quality which i struggle to find. also some of my favorite espresso. overall really like this shop

Travis W.

Stopped in here after getting pizza next door at Nonavo. Got a cup of filter coffee, which was delightful. The baristas were super friendly and the coffee very good. Plus the interior is airy and welcoming. Will definitely be back! Also they are a LGBTQ friendly business, so that's a huge bonus :)

Angelyka C

Such an awesome, friendly coffee shop in downtown Vancouver, not far from where I work! The first time I went in, the service I received was so welcoming and made me want to come back even before I tasted the drinks. Their menu isn't large, but they have really good specialties that you can't get anywhere else, such as their homemade salt-topped bourbon caramel latte that I was recommended by the barista. In addition, the atmosphere is really nice, there's such a good atmosphere. It is on the pricey side, but you definitely get what you're paying for. Parking can be quite difficult too, but it's not their fault.

Sierra W.

Great coffee & even better barista! So happy to have Terrain in my new neighborhood! Also the bagels are to die for.

Glade C.

I will revise this review if I should go back. But let me start with the "spicy chai". I flew the quotes because the lose interpretation of spicy. My children say something is spicy, but it doesn't mean what we think it does. Anyways, I would hope that if asking for a spicy chai I would get something at least as "spicy" as tazo boxed chai? Maybe. Maybe I do. So the chai was some weaksauce iced milk disaster that I poured into my tea later that morning just to salvage it. Waste not. I also ordered the cherry danish something. I mean I know the kid doesn't make this in the back, I get that he's got a guy that drops off to the coffees in the area. But maybe this was dropped off a day or 2? Ago. So yea, 10 bucks for 2-fisted disappointment. I will pass this place Every Single Day on my way to the office and decide if this is the day I'm willing to be let down like this again.

Jordan Swetnam

Coffee was tasty at this Specialty Coffee Shop. The crew was friendly, and they didn’t appear to be overly controlling with table time limits like other popular shops that limit your usage.They have a flagship espresso blend and another offering available for espresso shots. Without asking I received a pallet cleanser as well. A quad shot ran $4 plus tax/tip. It’s a stylish urban spot with exposed brick. A little tight space wise if you plan to stay a while. They also offer bean subscription delivery. You can check them out on their website and follow them on Instagram. They don’t currently have a FB page… a similar brand in Europe came up, but nothing local.Furthermore, I am curious as to what the “Project” is within their name, as I could not find anything referencing a “project” on their website. Perhaps some clarification of this within their about me or mission statement would be necessary.Note: parking is a bit tough with popular restaurants nearby. I had to do several circles to find a spot. I used parking kitty for ease of payment.

Jessica P.

Great coffee! (I got a vanilla latte with oat milk). Perfect amount of sweetness without being overpowering so you could still taste the coffee). Dare I say maybe my new favorite coffee spot in Vancouver! Friendly staff and very inviting and cute ambiance. The doors roll up so you can get fresh air in the summer and Parking was pretty easy to find

Sarah Summerhill

Had their matcha today and it was really delicious, smooth, and honestly exactly what I want in a matcha! Cute place in a cute space.

Patrick Tabor

Ordering was to the point, the barista friendly. FYI there is no sugar added to lattes, which is a plus for me.There have pastry too- the raspberry danish that I ordered was great. There's chai mix and quality beans for sale as well.Expect to pay about $10 for a latte+pastry+tip, and it was $19/bag for high end Ethiopian beans.I would love to see some stickers or merch for sale with their cool logo design!Apparently they are set up with the RDY app, but not listed on it yet, so I hope to try it next time.

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