The Grocery Cocktail & Social

115 W 7th St, Vancouver
(360) 258-1324

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Bruiser 22

Great service and very friendly staff. So why the three? We didn't order a whole lot but they were out of the two most important things we wanted (I guess some or most of their ingredients were not in stock) from their menu and neither of us liked any of the drinks we had. Taste is highly subjective but I thought "This Years Model" while done with with an excellent presentation, tasted really, really awful.

John B.

What a great place the vegan food they had was great. And the locally distilled burbons where awesome.

Rashi T.

If you do a quick search for bars in Downtown Vancouver The Grocery comes up in almost all the list and so it was an inevitable visit sooner or later . It doesn't seem to look that big but they have ample seating across two floors inside and a few outside. The weather was good so we took up one of the outdoor patio seats .The food/drinks have to be ordered at the bar and they get it out once they are ready . I had an Aperol Spritzer as I love them during the warm summer days . We also got another Cocktail but the name eludes me now . The Charcuterie board was alright - nothing stood out except for perhaps the presentation . Taste wise -the cheese selection was very uninspiring and the Smoked salmon and Salami were just not what I expected them to be , I would probably suggest a different appetizer . They only stock WA liquors and spirits so the choice of booze is limited here but the drinks were well-made.

Angelyka C

Wonderful atmosphere inside, even if you're just getting takeout! They have a good menu, and I would highly recommend their Alfredo macaroni and cheese, perfectly spiced with herbs, and sophisticated yet simple. The bartender who helped take my order was very friendly and provided good service. Also, the prices here are surprisingly reasonable for what you get.

R Todd Johnson

Awesome place. The drinks are delicious. I haven't tried the food yet. The staff are beautiful & immensely kind people. It sort of felt like drinking at home except I was able to wear pajamas or ill-matching rags. :). Vancouver needs more of this kind of bar!

Kenneth G.

Decided to check this place out on a whim last night, and it definitely did not let us down. The vibe and aesthetic are casual and a little moody. Great spot for a date. They've got a fairly short menu, but everything we got was absolutely amazing. The Alfredo Mac and cheese was so flavorful and creamy. The cocktails were definitely unique with a rotating "punch" on their rum punch (last night it tasted like tea). Service was great too. You order at the bar, and she never made us wait more than a quick moment even while helping out everyone else.

Alysia M.

This was my first experience here and it did not disappoint. Seating is limited, but we got a little table upstairs and a couple of fabulous drinks. I could drink the faerie water all night long. I came back another time and they were at capacity. I was sad because I wanted to order another of these.

Tom Fernwault

What a cool place, and tasty cocktails. I would recommend this place for sure, the menu looked great but didn’t actually have food just cocktails! We will be back

Nathan Thole

Great atmosphere! Valerie was a great bartender, conversationalist and very hospitable. Just had fries and beer, but both were great!

Michael Longo

A little spendy but worth it for the amazing cocktails! Love coming here for a drink or two while downtown.

Michael L.

A little spendy but worth it for the amazing cocktails! Love coming here for a drink or two while downtown.

Bong J.

This place is good to meet up with frie6or on a date. Food is good and drinks are real good. Located in downtown Vancouver.

Jon Macy

This establishment is super cool ?, you can feel the vibe when you walk in. I have been to many places for happy hour but none were like this at least not since the 70's. Let me explain, they were playing albums. The drinks that I saw ordered looked amazing and had names that I have never heard of before. I'm sure they had a unique taste and were awesome, nobody was complaining and everyone was chill. Great service too!!!!! Keep it up we will be back, just like school ( decor is awesome too)!

What De

Rudest people ever. Barely walked in and without any kind of 'welcome' we were slammed with a 'get your mask on'. I get that, but come on, do you really treat guests like that? I'm guessing you'll be 'that' place when the tides turn tomorrow in literally SIX HOURS. Beyond ridiculous and unprofessional way to treat guests when barely walking through your restaurants. When we decided to turn around and leave we got a lovely, 'LATER!'.

Michael V.

It's just --- ok. The food is acceptable, but nothing great. The drinks are really the high mark of this place. All of that is generally undone by rude, pretentious wait staff. I'm not sure why the people who work there are like this, but they are. It's off putting. If I end up here, it is usually as a last resort

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The Grocery Cocktail & Social

115 W 7th St, Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 258-1324