The Smokin' Oak Barbeque Restaurant, Bar & Catering

501 Columbia St, Vancouver
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We moved to Vancouver from Portland about 10 months ago and we're looking for a BBQ spot. For reference, one of our favorite spots in Portland is Matt's BBQ. Unfortunately, this won't be our new spot.We heard great reviews so we went to check it out. We got a platter so that we could sample a bit of everything. I tried the ribs first and my girlfriend tried the sausage first. The ribs were perfectly cooked through and fell off the bone with each bite. But there was no flavor. My girlfriend stopped eating the sausage after one bite. I asked if it was good and she told me to try it. I took a bite and my immediate reaction was to spit it out. We agreed that it was horrible. Something was definitely wrong. The rest of the platter didn't have much flavor.We paid the tab, left a tip and on the way out mentioned to the server that he may want to check the sausages. It really tasted like something was wrong. His answer was basically, "there's nothing wrong with the sausages." We had already paid and weren't looking for a discount or anything. We just wanted to let him know that two people who eat a lot of BBQ thought one of the menu items was practically inedible. But he didn't care.

Tom V.

If you are near the waterfront separating Washington from Oregon, then you probably smell the smoke. No, it's not cause for alarm, just cause for a visit to Flavortown because that's white oak, smoking and smoldering and embedding flavor into a variety of meats at The Smokin' Oak (ask me how I know).There are plenty of friendly and inviting spots in the downtown Vancouver area, but if smoked meat is your thing, then this is your choice. They are bringing true central Texas-style BBQ to the Evergreen State and doing it all daily. We dropped in for lunch on an unseasonably warm Friday afternoon and both the sight and the scent of smoke drew us in. Since it was just myself & the boy, we sat at the bar on the 'all ages' side (open to all until 9PM) and watched the magic happen. Being a Texan, I have an appreciation for all things brisket, so that was my sample while the boy opted for the Brisket Mac n' Cheese, his form of testing a BBQ skill set.But. That. White. Oak! Wow, what a flavor, making for a phenomenal smoke ring and putting layer upon layer of flavor in the bark. My sandwich had a generous helping of sliced brisket, super juicy and fall-apart-good, and it was slathered in their house sauce. I generally judge a BBQ joint/spot by their brisket, beans, & sauce, and while I only had two of those things (our server suggested the potato salad as a side), I can unequivocally say that The Smokin' Oak is *killing* their brisket & sauce game (insert flexing emoji here).Awesome service, suggesting local beer (I had a sensational Pilsner from Crux) and treating us non-locals like we were regulars. Plenty of seating inside & out, first-come & first-seated, and like any BBQ spot worth their measure, they are open standing hours or until they sell out, which I could see happening here. Parking is normal for the waterfront, and prices are competitive without adjusting too much for the cost of their goods (brisket has skyrocketed). Great spot, an artisanal approach to their BBQ style, and friendly service will draw me back when I'm in that area again!

Tamzen C.

We visited this restaurant on a Thursday night, and despite it being fairly busy, we were still seated very quickly. The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly, and took our orders almost immediately. We decided to try the Texas Trinity, which consisted of mouthwatering brisket, ribs, and sausage, and also got an extra slice of cornbread. The flavors were exceptional--the meat was incredibly tender, the sauces provided a tangy kick, and the cornbread was served with a delightful side of soft honey butter. To top off our meal, we indulged in their homemade banana pudding, which was absolutely heavenly.I love the option to dine outside (especially in the summer), and this place had a great little patio. Overall, our experience was fantastic, and we have no doubt that we'll be returning in the future.

Gloria C.

Bomb The food and location os why you come here. The service is okay. The prices are reasonable for the amount of food.

Christina N.

The beef brisket itself was enjoyable, but unfortunately, the sides didn't quite meet expectations. Nonetheless, the service provided was friendly and welcoming.

kelly G.

I will never order pick up again! When I called they said it would be ready in 10 minutes. I told them I would be there in an hour, so to please wait to put in the order. Got there 55 minutes later and it wasn't ready. No problem, but then I waited 20 minutes. Obviously they didn't put the order in until I got there. This same thing happened one other time when we did pick up as well. Got home, and the order is missing my wedge salad. I called and was told they couldn't refund my card without having the card. They then gave me an option of having my 11.00 put on a gift card and I could get it on my next visit. Never once were the words "I'm sorry" said. I then said not I won't ever be coming back, so forget it.They need o take responsibility for their errors and not expect the customer to be inconvenienced for it to be corrected.

Bekah C.

The Smokin Oak knows how to barbecue. They've perfected all of their meats while also serving up excellent sides. I really can't describe it, you just have to try it. Our group loved eating here. From the drinks, to the food, the staff and the ambiance...this place is impressive. I would highly recommend you stop by The Smokin Oak in the not too distant future.

Karl A.

This was a great dining experience. The team was on point and was quick to take care of our table. Drinks were served fast. There were a lot of great happy hour options. The brisket Birria tacos were awesome! The flavor of the sauce was smooth and tangy at the same time. The corn dogs were interesting, I almost would prefer an all beef hot dog over the sausage they use, but that's just my pallet. Great food, great service!

Kelsey Betsill

I wish I had better things to say but just didn't have a great experience here. We were seated right away but then forgotten about. Took a long time to get our server back to order. Lots of waiting and our food finally came. The meat was good, cooked well but the portions were really small for the money you pay. The sides were only okay. Nachos were mostly just cheese. No one was out of their way rude or anything but maybe no service is the worst service?


I had pulled pork, collards and mac & cheese. I'm very picky about collards. These reminded me of the southern comfort food. I may be in the PCNW, but I felt like I was in Georgia. Collards were totally awesome with chunks of pork in it, and it was a decent size. Mac & Cheese was definitely homemade and not from CIsco. The pork was tender and wonderful. And I must also add the Nitro beer was wonderful as well. Definitely something I'd go back to next time I'm in town.

Sean P.

They say you eat with your eyes first... well at Smokin Oak, you eat with your nose first! The plumes pouring out of their smokers carry with them the delicious promises of food to come. It's truly the best advertisement for this restaurant. While I enjoy Smokin Oak, I only give it three stars because I've had a bad experience with slow service and sloppy food. That is not normal, but it left a negative taste in my mouth. Generally, it's a good experience with great food and a fun vibe.


Stopped in around 1 pm, not busy, ordered ribs, and asked for ones that are on the well done side. What showed up was not even luke warm, with lovely, congealed white fat and clearly less cooked than I consider reasonable. I will say their greens were excellent, but then, they were also steaming hot. Corn bread, well, congealed butter anyone? Yes, I could have complained, but honestly, I won't be going back. Whilst the restaurant has a great vibe, clearly the owner is not there enough to keep the quality where it should be.


We've been here quite a few times and the food is always super yummy. I recommend going for the brisket every time, it's always been great with every visit. The ribs are yummy, too, but aren't always "fall off the bone", that quality is hit or miss. I personally don't care for the sausage, would skip that and save room for the brisket. The sides are good, mac and cheese is my favorite. The corn bread comes with honey butter! One thing I wish they would add to the menu is corn fritters. Otherwise, definitely worth a visit if you're looking for good BBQ in Vancouver!

Gloria T.

I would say the happy hour menu is pretty good. I like the brisket sliders the most. The corn dogs with their house sausage is second best IMO. The mac & cheese is good if you can handle some spiciness as the cheese is made with red chili peppers. I don't recommend the tacos with the pork. The brisket from the regular menu had a soggy texture and barely any flavor except for the edges. The corn bread is ok, can also have more flavor. They do have a good drink menu. Juices and lemonade are allowed 1 free refill.

brad horner

My wife and I stopped in to give this place a try, it did not disappoint!! The ambiance is rustic. Outdoor seating available. Inside has decent seating options as well. BBQ is great. Enjoyed the brisket Mac & Cheese and jalapeño poppers. Great mixed drink options with legit bartenders.

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The Smokin' Oak Barbeque Restaurant, Bar & Catering

501 Columbia St, Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 433-2755