Thirsty Sasquatch & Hungry Sasquatch

2110 Main St, Vancouver
(360) 597-3223

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stacy Hall

Love it! The Hungry Sasquatch side is family and pet friendly with patio seating and arcade games. Their NY style pizza is pretty good and HUGE. The Thirsty side is dog friendly with a nice outdoor patio for drinking and smoking. Their spirit selection is good! Quite a few local companies to choose from. Their beer selection is ok and their bartenders are very nice! Will definitely go back!

Howard Watson

LOVE this spot! Great service, the food is excellent and the atmosphere... just WOW! If you wanna remember the days of pinball and Pac-Man, go here! Uptown Vancouver, right off of Fourth Plain on Main!


Super cool place since they expanded. Big outdoor patio. Lots of seating inside. Game room, and the pizza side has plenty of seating as well. Draft list is very nice. Great selection of all types of beers. And they had 3 or 4 fresh hop beers as well. Pizza is fantastic. Crispy crust and not heavy and dense. It was surprisingly light. Served by the slice or a 22 inch. Great weekend spot to hang out and play some games. Definitely would recommend.

mark allais

So I tried the Pie Hole across the street first:Cowabunga dude! Pizza toppings are legit and the service is amazing! Clean dining inside and room for your four legged friends outside. The Pizza Crust: Crust is nice and thin in the middle and thick at the crust..but the crust is chewy. Chewy like steak that's been cooked too long. This crust is so chewy that you'll want to toss it aside by the time you get to it. Nice and soft and chewy, chewy, and even more chewy.The drinks: full bar with a serious bar tender. No vodka soda with a slice of lime on the rim. NO! Not this restaurant. These Tenders MUDDLE your drink to perfection and add the slice of garnish to the rim for flare. Total drink and service perfection.The deal: $75.72 for one 16" pizza and two double vodka sodas + 20% tip.Now for the Hungry Sasquatch!Hungry and Thirsty Sasquatch:Big pizza and big slices. Still very chewy. But more of a thinner / less tipping NYC style so it's not as apparent.Price for comparison: $72.91A larger diameter pie with less weight of toppings.The drinks don't come muddled but they have a fresh squeezed lime bottle.The Sasquatch has a great back patio for four legged friends.The service is outstanding. The young man who is manager goes above and beyond to make sure you have been taken care of.The older man bartender who works once/ week is crass and boderline rude.The hungry Sasquatch tender has a " defund the police" tee shirt on. So That's the mentality there. I wonder when the last time she had to call 911 was?Over all, the Sasquatch and the Pie Hole are neck and neck.A definitive stance of no dogs and big open business inside the Pie Hole. They Serve dogs outside at the patio.The Sasquatch has dogs hanging out inside the bar. Health Department doesn't seem to care.There is gay pride flags everywhere which would be great if I was gay. But since I'm not, it makes me feel like an outcast. Which is human nature. We all want to fit in.The Sasquatch has pinball.The Pie Hole has a huge bar with wall to wall seating for friends and families.Try them both and make your own opinion!

Starla Goldade

The pizza is... massive! The pizza is good but not world changing. It's the novelty and the atmosphere that sell this place. They have so many interesting drink options that I sort of just wanted to sit and sample them all. They have a small arcade. It's the experience and I'm down for it.

Jennifer D.

First time in and loved the ambiance of the place. They sell pizza by the slice and pie. The salad was delicious, they recommended the vegan ranch and I tried it. Yummy. Thanks for the recommendation. The restaurant is separated into 3 sections with the middle section the arcade area. One of the other areas is where they serve alcohol(21+ over) and the other side is where you order pizza and can sit down and eat. I really liked this place and will be back. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is because it was very hot inside (July) and no AC with minimal fans running. Improve your AC situation. We noticed after we left they had outdoor seating in the back. Had we known, we'd have sat outside so give customers the heads up.

Andrew F.

Good beer, lovely patio, great staff. A plus experience here. Definitely recommend for a Sunday beer

Erick Nagy

Great vegan pizza. Order by slice, mushrooms, something else and cheese. But it was a delicious dough and sauce. I want to try other vegan flavors soon. Had a hefe and some fun with this amazing star wars pinball. Great place, will be back soon.

Gabriel Tindall

I love this place so much. My coworkers and I come here every Friday and I usually find an excuse to stop by on the weekend too. The staff is friendly and genuine. The beer selection is great, there's a decent variety on tap and an even wider variety in the cooler. Prices are fair especially on pizza by the slice. And the pinball! They have my favorite machine of all time: Medieval Madness! I can get a $5 slice of pepperoni and be full until dinner, they make them HUGE. Highly recommended, my favorite spot in Vancouver. My 3 year old approves.

Emily S.

This is a cool little spot in Vancouver. Definitely a fun hangout spot since they have a bunch of pinballs! I love the pizza by the slice options and that there was a few vegan ones to select from!

Kilani G.

This was a great bar I stumbled upon in Vancouver after climbing one day. They serve various beers from the Thirsty Sasquatch side, and pizza whole or by the slice from the Hungry Sasquatch side. It's all the same location, just on either side of the building. Vegan pizza with vegan ranch! Some of the better vegan pizza I've had, with options for cheese, pepperoni, and vegetarian(mushroom and red onions). They close at midnight and have a late night deal for slices. You can chose local craft draft beer or there is a wall lined with beers, ciders, and CBD drinks. I had a wonderful draft sour beer and a gose that had me coming back for more. Really hipster vibe with arcade games and lots of seating both indoors and out in back. A good stop if your in downtown Vancouver!


OMG. Terrible mixed drinks. The vodka tasted like olive juice. Weird setup. You order at the counter and then sit on the small back patio, or the grimy bar, or a pinball arcade room, or a fast food pizza room. Very odd. Don't bother

Nick F.

This pizza joint is absolutely awesome! The thin crust New York style pies taste great and are a surprisingly good value. The atmosphere is cool too. There are pinball machines and video games on one side and a section of tables on the other. A large number of available beers from multiple brewers rounds out a quirky and fun place. You can't go wrong here for great pizza and beer!

Praise Seitan ..

Some of the best vegan pizza I have had... Yes, even compared to Portland. We thought that it was pricey, not realizing how massive these were, but we wanted to try all the kinds, so we ordered two pizzas. They were huuuuuuge and well worth the price. It took us 3 days to eat it all. Really good combinations for all of the pizzas. We did 4 halves- vegan combo, vegan garden, vegan pepperoni with jalapeno and pineapple (the second favorite), and vegan artichoke (the favorite). Thank you for having so many options for us here in the Couve!

Steve Armistead

I like this place. They have a well-stocked bar, reasonably priced beers and ciders, and really good pizza over on the other side at the Hungry Sasquatch. I wish I'd known on Monday nights that they don't sell pizza, only Goonie burgers. The burgers are very good, but my friend is vegetarian and the only option available to him was an order of fries. They're good, too, just not really a meal. So make note that you might not want to eat here on Mondays if you're vegetarian. Nice ambience here, a good mix of ages, music volume was good for conversation. Good indoor and outdoor seating.

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Thirsty Sasquatch & Hungry Sasquatch

2110 Main St, Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 597-3223